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Carlos Ramirez

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Former team mates

Year Name Nation
3Jaime Alberto Castaneda Colombia
3Cristian Talero Colombia
2Jairo Alonso Cano Colombia
2Alex Cano Ardila Colombia
2Wilson Fernando Cepeda Colombia
2Yuber Contreras Colombia
2Alvaro Duarte Colombia
2Angel Alexander Gil Colombia
2Jose Tito Hernandez Colombia
2Edward Stiven Ortiz Caro Colombia
2Jhonatan Ospina Colombia
2Walter Pedraza Colombia
2Brayan Stiven Ramirez Chacón Colombia
2Edwin Sanchez Anzola Colombia
2Jose Cayetano Sarmiento Colombia
2Oscar Soliz Bolivia
1Janier Alexis Acevedo Colombia
1Oscar Alvarez Colombia
1Camilo Ardila Colombia
1Mauricio Ardila Cano Colombia
1Edwin Avila Colombia
1Félix Barón Colombia
1Jader Betancur Ortiz Colombia
1Wilson Cardona Colombia
1Edwin Carvajal Colombia
1Camilo Castiblanco Colombia
1Alexis Castro Colombia
1Yeison Chaparro Colombia
1Jose Leonel Diaz Colombia
1Edward Fabian Diaz Colombia
1Fabio Duarte Colombia
1Leonardo Duque France
1Alvaro Galvis Becerra Colombia
1Juan Sebastian Gaviria Colombia
1Luis Fernando Jimenez Colombia
1Daniel Martinez Colombia
1Sergio Martinez Colombia
1Luis Miguel Martinez Colombia
1Omar Mendoza Colombia
1Sebastian Molano Colombia
1Freddy Montana Colombia
1Rafael Anibal Montiel Colombia
1Juan Guillermo Montoya Colombia
1Santiago Ordoñez Carmona Colombia
1Mauricio Ortega Colombia
1Alejandro Osorio Colombia
1Carlos Alberto Ospina Colombia
1Darwin Ferney Pantoja Tovar Colombia
1Jonathan Paredes Colombia
1Heiner Parra Colombia
1Carlos Quintero Colombia
1Juan Diego Ramirez Colombia
1Alejandro Ramirez Colombia
1Juan Pablo Rendon Colombia
1Miguel Angel Reyes Colombia
1Yeison Reyes Colombia
1Jhon Anderson Rodriguez Colombia
1Miguel Angel Rubiano Colombia
1Brayan Sanchez Colombia
1Yors Anderson Santofimio Velosa Colombia
1José Serpa Colombia
1Jaime Gustavo Suaza Colombia
1Christian Tamayo Colombia
1Rodolfo Torres Colombia
1Juan Pablo Valencia Colombia
1Adrian Vargas Colombia
1Cesar Villegas Colombia


Name Carlos Ramirez

Nation Colombia

Born24 year, Oct 26th 1994


CN Colombia ITT-U23 (2014, 2016)

Stage victories

1x Clásico RCN