Colin Joyce

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2017 CONT Rally Cycling 778(103 p) - 43 0 5914.5
2016 CONT Axeon - Hagens Berman 522(170 p) - 42 1 5571.7
2015 USA National Team 931(80 p) - 42 0 5893.0

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-09-242.2Stage race23.09-24.09DNF Tour du Gévaudan G.Martin
2017-09-161.1One-day race16.0991 189.8 km Memorial Pantani M.Zamparella
2017-09-141.1One-day race14.09117 192.5 km Coppa Bernocchi S.Colbrelli
2017-09-131.1One-day race13.09DNF 199.9 km Coppa Agostoni M.Albasini
2017-09-101.2One-day race10.0921 184.5 km GP Judendorf A.De Vos
2017-09-042.1Stage race01.09-04.097 Tour of Alberta E.Huffmann
2017-09-042.1Points01.09-04.094 Tour of Alberta W.Wippert
2017-09-042.1Mountains01.09-04.0927 Tour of Alberta A.Cowan
2017-08-132.HCStage race10.08-13.0854 Colorado Classic M.Senni
2017-08-062.HCStage race31.07-06.0884 Tour of Utah R.Britton
2017-08-062.HCPoints31.07-06.0816 Tour of Utah T.McCabe
2017-07-02CNOne-day race02.079 90.0 km CN USA Criterium T.McCabe
2017-06-25CN Knoxville25.065 179.0 km CN USA RR L.Warbasse
2017-06-182.NRCStage race14.06-18.061 North Star Grand Prix -
2017-05-202.WT3Stage race14.05-20.0595 Tour of California G.Bennett
2017-05-202.WT3Youth14.05-20.0533 Tour of California L.Morton
2017-04-232.2Stage race19.04-23.0479 Tour of the Gila E.Huffmann
2017-04-232.2Points19.04-23.048 Tour of the Gila T.McCabe
2017-04-022.2Stage race30.03-02.0470 Joe Martin Stage Race R.Carpenter
2017-04-022.2Points30.03-02.0426 Joe Martin Stage Race R.Carpenter
2017-02-262.1Stage race22.02-26.02DNF Volta ao Alentejo C.Barbero Cuesta
2017-02-192.HCStage race15.02-19.02DNF Volta ao Algarve P.Roglic
2017-02-111.1One-day race11.0230 182.7 km Vuelta a Murcia A.Valverde
2017-09-242.202.stage24.09DNF 146 km Tour du Gévaudan A.Perez
2017-09-232.201.stage23.098383 133 km Tour du Gévaudan G.Martin
2017-09-042.104.stage04.0937 124.1 km Tour of Alberta W.Wippert
2017-09-032.103.stage03.0937 116 km Tour of Alberta A.Howes
2017-09-022.102.stage02.09427 139 km Tour of Alberta W.Wippert
2017-09-012.101.stage01.0977 162 km Tour of Alberta E.Huffmann
2017-08-132.HC04.stage13.082154 120.1 km Colorado Classic M.Raim
2017-08-122.HC03.stage12.084958 130 km Colorado Classic S.Tvetcov
2017-08-112.HC02.stage11.087359 103 km Colorado Classic A.Howes
2017-08-102.HC01.stage10.0889 150.4 km Colorado Classic J.Murphy
2017-08-062.HC07.stage06.083684 117.8 km Tour of Utah M.Canola
2017-08-052.HC06.stage05.086396 97.8 km Tour of Utah G.Ciccone
2017-08-042.HC05.stage04.0810399 185.4 km Tour of Utah T.McCabe
2017-08-032.HC04.stage03.08483 201.1 km Tour of Utah J.Murphy
2017-08-022.HC03.stage02.0812087 9 km Tour of Utah R.Britton
2017-08-012.HC02.stage01.0810366 151.1 km Tour of Utah B.Bookwalter
2017-07-312.HC01.stage31.072728 212.3 km Tour of Utah T.Magner
2017-06-182.NRC06.stage18.062 - North Star Grand Prix D.Sunderland
2017-06-172.NRC05.stage17.061 - North Star Grand Prix -
2017-06-162.NRC04.stage16.0613 - North Star Grand Prix J.Williams
2017-06-152.NRC03.stage15.066 - North Star Grand Prix C.Huff
2017-06-142.NRC01.stage14.065 - North Star Grand Prix B.McNulty
2017-05-202.WT307.stage20.053695 125 km Tour of California E.Huffmann
2017-05-192.WT306.stage19.05109113 24 km Tour of California J.Dibben
2017-05-182.WT305.stage18.05103113 125.5 km Tour of California A.Talansky
2017-05-172.WT304.stage17.05126106 159.5 km Tour of California E.Huffmann
2017-05-162.WT303.stage16.053760 192.5 km Tour of California P.Sagan
2017-05-152.WT302.stage15.056157 144.5 km Tour of California R.Majka
2017-05-142.WT301.stage14.051416 167 km Tour of California M.Kittel
2017-04-232.205.stage23.047979 161.9 km Tour of the Gila J.Narvaez
2017-04-222.204.stage22.0410186 69.5 km Tour of the Gila E.Young
2017-04-212.203.stage21.0410886 26 km Tour of the Gila E.Huffmann
2017-04-202.202.stage20.0410076 122.6 km Tour of the Gila E.Young
2017-04-192.201.stage19.0433 143.4 km Tour of the Gila M.Dal-Cin
2017-04-022.204.stage02.044970 58.2 km Joe Martin Stage Race R.Carpenter
2017-04-012.203.stage01.0497103 181.4 km Joe Martin Stage Race E.Young
2017-03-312.202.stage31.03122115 176.2 km Joe Martin Stage Race L.Haedo
2017-03-302.201.stage30.033535 4.8 km Joe Martin Stage Race A.De Vos
2017-02-252.104.stage25.02DNS 175.2 km Volta ao Alentejo L.Owen
2017-02-242.103.stage24.0212757 208 km Volta ao Alentejo J.Molano
2017-02-232.102.stage23.02361 171.3 km Volta ao Alentejo J.Ariesen
2017-02-222.101.stage22.027575 158 km Volta ao Alentejo R.Nocentini
2017-02-192.HC05.stage19.02DNF 179.2 km Volta ao Algarve A.Antunes
2017-02-182.HC04.stage18.0247161 203.4 km Volta ao Algarve A.Greipel
2017-02-172.HC03.stage17.02192175 18 km Volta ao Algarve J.Castroviejo
2017-02-162.HC02.stage16.02168155 189.3 km Volta ao Algarve D.Martin
2017-02-152.HC01.stage15.023033 182.9 km Volta ao Algarve F.Gaviria


Nation USA

Born23 year, Aug 6th 1994


North Star Grand Prix (2017)

Youth jerseys

Tour of Alberta (2016)

Points jerseys

Tour of Alberta (2016)


Second Coming (season fantasy)