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Alessandro Bazzana

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2015 PROF UnitedHealthcare 481(195 p) - 55 0 8779.9
2014 PROF UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis 318(284 p) - 66 0 10725.5
2013 PROF UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling 409(214 p) - 55 0 8047.3
2012 PROF Team Type 1 - Sanofi 278(336 p) - 59 1 10040.6
2011 PROF Team Type 1 - Sanofi 694(119 p) - 49 0 7912.0
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2015 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2015-10-112.1Stage race08.10-11.1062 Abu Dhabi Tour E.Chaves
2015-10-112.1Points08.10-11.104 Abu Dhabi Tour E.Viviani
2015-10-112.1Sprint08.10-11.101 Abu Dhabi Tour-
2015-10-041.WT1Monument04.10DNF 245.0 km Il Lombardia V.Nibali
2015-09-301.HCOne-day race30.0957 198.5 km Tre Valli Varesine V.Nibali
2015-08-162.HCStage race13.08-16.0843 Arctic Race of Norway R.Taaramäe
2015-08-021.HCOne-day race02.08113 200.0 km Ride London Classic J.Drucker
2015-06-27CN Legnano27.06DNF219.0 km CN Italy RR V.Nibali
2015-06-212.1Stage race18.06-21.0670 Tour de Slovénie P.Roglic
2015-06-072.HCStage race03.06-07.0624 Tour de Luxembourg L.Gerdemann
2015-06-072.HCPoints03.06-07.0621 Tour de Luxembourg E.Gasparotto
2015-05-242.1Stage race23.05-24.055 World Ports Classic K.Boeckmans
2015-05-242.1Points23.05-24.059 World Ports Classic K.Boeckmans
2015-05-032.HCStage race26.04-03.0575 Tour of Turkey K.Durasek
2015-05-032.HCPoints26.04-03.0547 Tour of Turkey M.Cavendish
2015-05-032.HCMountains26.04-03.0521 Tour of Turkey J.Valencia
2015-04-221.WT2Ardenne22.04DNF 205.5 km La Flèche Wallonne A.Valverde
2015-04-151.HCOne-day race15.0493 205.4 km Brabantse Pijl B.Hermans
2015-04-121.WT1Monument12.0455 253.5 km Paris - Roubaix J.Degenkolb
2015-04-081.HCOne-day race08.0457 200.0 km Scheldeprijs A.Kristoff
2015-03-292.HCStage race28.03-29.0378 Critérium International J.Péraud
2015-03-261.1One-day race26.0383 203.8 km Classica Corsica T.Boudat
2015-03-211.1One-day race21.03DNF196.1 km Ronde van Zeeland I.Keisse
2015-03-201.1One-day race20.03105 198.6 km Handzame Classic G.Meersman
2015-03-181.1One-day race18.0370 197.7 km Nokere Koerse K.Boeckmans
2015-03-151.1One-day race15.0347 196.8 km Dwars door Drenthe M.Belletti
2015-03-141.1One-day race14.038 197.9 km Ronde van Drenthe E.Theuns
2015-03-082.1One Day Race06.03-08.03110 Dwars West-Vlaanderen Y.Lampaert
2015-03-041.1One-day race04.03DNF 201.0 km Le Samyn K.Boeckmans
2015-03-011.1One-day race01.0380 201.0 km La Drome Classic S.Dumoulin
2015-02-281.1One-day race28.0233 198.0 km Classic sud Ardeche E.Sepulveda
2015-02-222.1Stage race18.02-22.02DNF Vuelta a Andalucía C.Froome
2015-02-151.1One-day race15.0283 190.0 km Clasica de Almeria M.Cavendish
2015-02-141.1One-day race14.02DNF 198.1 km Vuelta a Murcia R.Taaramäe
2015-02-072.HCStage race04.02-07.026 Dubai Tour M.Cavendish
2015-02-072.HCPoints04.02-07.026 Dubai Tour M.Cavendish
2015-02-072.HCSprint04.02-07.021 Dubai Tour-
2015-10-112.104.stage11.101662 110 km Abu Dhabi Tour E.Viviani
2015-10-102.103.stage10.108762 140 km Abu Dhabi Tour E.Chaves
2015-10-092.102.stage09.10584 130 km Abu Dhabi Tour E.Viviani
2015-10-082.101.stage08.10206 159.5 km Abu Dhabi Tour A.Guardini
2015-08-162.HC04.stage16.082643 165 km Arctic Race of Norway S.Dillier
2015-08-152.HC03.stage15.0810679 183 km Arctic Race of Norway B.Hermans
2015-08-142.HC02.stage14.084340 162.5 km Arctic Race of Norway S.Bennett
2015-08-132.HC01.stage13.083939 213.5 km Arctic Race of Norway A.Kristoff
2015-06-212.104.stage21.061870 165.5 km Tour de Slovénie M.Kump
2015-06-202.103.stage20.068874 178.5 km Tour de Slovénie P.Roglic
2015-06-192.102.stage19.066370 182 km Tour de Slovénie P.De Negri
2015-06-182.101.stage18.06100100 8.8 km Tour de Slovénie A.Ovechkin
2015-06-072.HC04.stage07.061924 156 km Tour de Luxembourg S.De Bie
2015-06-062.HC03.stage06.06837 161.3 km Tour de Luxembourg A.Greipel
2015-06-052.HC02.stage05.063546 186.3 km Tour de Luxembourg L.Gerdemann
2015-06-042.HC01.stage04.067277 212.6 km Tour de Luxembourg A.Greipel
2015-06-032.HCPrologue03.068787 2.7 km Tour de Luxembourg A.Petit
2015-05-242.102.stage24.0535 164 km World Ports Classic K.Boeckmans
2015-05-232.101.stage23.053032 195 km World Ports Classic A.Guardini
2015-05-032.HC08.stage03.051875 124 km Tour of Turkey L.Mas Bonet
2015-05-022.HC07.stage02.056586 166.3 km Tour of Turkey M.Cavendish
2015-05-012.HC06.stage01.0510299 184 km Tour of Turkey P.Bilbao
2015-04-302.HC05.stage30.0412397 159.9 km Tour of Turkey S.Modolo
2015-04-292.HC04.stage29.0410698 131.9 km Tour of Turkey A.Greipel
2015-04-282.HC03.stage28.04102101 165.3 km Tour of Turkey D.Rebellin
2015-04-272.HC02.stage27.04144137 182.3 km Tour of Turkey M.Cavendish
2015-04-262.HC01.stage26.04130130 144.8 km Tour of Turkey M.Cavendish
2015-03-292.HC03.stage29.037478 189.5 km Critérium International J.Péraud
2015-03-282.HC02.stage28.03100101 7 km Critérium International F.Felline
2015-03-282.HC01.stage28.03102102 92.5 km Critérium International B.King
2015-03-082.102.stage08.03111110 184.5 km Dwars West-Vlaanderen D.Van Poppel
2015-03-072.101.stage07.03144159 174.1 km Dwars West-Vlaanderen Y.Lampaert
2015-03-062.1Prologue06.03163164 7 km Dwars West-Vlaanderen A.Vorobyev
2015-02-222.106.stage22.02DNF 170.9 km Vuelta a Andalucía J.Lobato Del Valle
2015-02-212.105.stage21.02122109 202.4 km Vuelta a Andalucía C.Froome
2015-02-202.104.stage20.0212394 159.8 km Vuelta a Andalucía A.Contador
2015-02-192.103.stage19.029777 194.7 km Vuelta a Andalucía J.Lobato Del Valle
2015-02-182.102.stage18.0212959 8.2 km Vuelta a Andalucía J.Moreno
2015-02-182.101.stage18.025960 121.3 km Vuelta a Andalucía P.Ligthart
2015-02-072.HC04.stage07.02206 128 km Dubai Tour M.Cavendish
2015-02-062.HC03.stage06.02185 205 km Dubai Tour J.Degenkolb
2015-02-052.HC02.stage05.02807 185 km Dubai Tour E.Viviani
2015-02-042.HC01.stage04.02805 145 km Dubai Tour M.Cavendish


Nation Italy

Born34 year, Jul 16th 1984

Stage victories

1x Österreich-Rundfahrt

Points jerseys

Österreich-Rundfahrt (2012)

Sprint jerseys

Abu Dhabi Tour (2015)
Brixia Tour (2011)
Dubai Tour (2015)