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James Ibrahim

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2011 CONT Letua Cycling Team 4844(0 p) - 4 0 432.9
2010 CONT Letua Cycling Team 2891(7 p) - 19 0 1903.6
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2012 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2012-10-13NEOne-day race13.10DNF 262.0 km Melbourne-Warrnambool F.Goesinnen
2012-10-07NEStage race02.10-07.10107 Tour of Tasmania L.Norris
2012-06-102.2Stage race04.06-10.06DNF Tour de Singkarak O.Pujol
2012-05-162.2Stage race11.05-16.0568 Tour of Iran J.Ramirez
2012-05-012.2Stage race27.04-01.0551 Tour of Borneo M.Torckler
2012-10-07NE09.stage07.1090 56 km Tour of Tasmania J.McCarthy
2012-10-06NE08.stage06.10114 75.4 km Tour of Tasmania C.Flakemore
2012-10-06NE07.stage06.10117 24 km Tour of Tasmania B.Grenda
2012-10-05NE06.stage05.1096 78.5 km Tour of Tasmania W.Walker
2012-10-05NE05.stage05.10113 36 km Tour of Tasmania B.Grenda
2012-10-04NE04.stage04.1060 96.7 km Tour of Tasmania L.Norris
2012-10-04NE03.stage04.10129 42 km Tour of Tasmania J.Taylor
2012-10-03NE02.stage03.10123 123.4 km Tour of Tasmania D.Lapthorne
2012-10-02NE01.stage (TTT)02.1013 22.2 km Tour of Tasmania B.Dyball
2012-06-042.201.stage04.06DNF 78 km Tour de Singkarak M.Ito
2012-05-162.206.stage16.0562 80 km Tour of Iran V.Hacecky
2012-05-152.205.stage15.0572 188 km Tour of Iran J.Chacon Quesada
2012-05-142.204.stage14.0521 194 km Tour of Iran Y.Metlushenko
2012-05-132.203.stage13.0573 155 km Tour of Iran A.Kankovsky
2012-05-122.202.stage12.0582 174 km Tour of Iran A.Kankovsky
2012-05-112.201.stage11.0587 141 km Tour of Iran J.Ramirez
2012-05-012.205.stage01.0566 112 km Tour of Borneo V.Zagorodny
2012-04-302.204.stage30.0452 215 km Tour of Borneo N.Earle
2012-04-292.203.stage29.0431 182 km Tour of Borneo A.Giacoppo
2012-04-282.202.stage28.0460 147 km Tour of Borneo N.Earle
2012-04-272.201.stage27.0436 103 km Tour of Borneo M.Torckler


Nation Egypt

Born30 year, Oct 14th 1987