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Tom Danielson

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2015 PRT Team Cannondale - Garmin 826(97 p) 182(2 p) 49 0 7252.6
2014 PRT Garmin - Sharp 165(490 p) - 55 2 7835.3
2013 PRT Garmin - Sharp 88(720 p) 73(64 p) 73 1 11349.0
2012 PRT Garmin - Sharp 143(555 p) 103(30 p) 56 1 8530.0
2011 PRT Garmin-Cervélo 58(899 p) 74(61 p) 81 0 11869.5
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2015 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2015-08-092.HCStage race03.08-09.08DNF Tour of Utah J.Dombrowski
2015-06-212.WTStage race13.06-21.0643 Tour de Suisse S.Spilak
2015-05-31GT2Grand Tour09.05-31.05DNF Giro d'Italia A.Contador
2015-05-032.WTStage race28.04-03.0520 Tour de Romandie I.Zakarin
2015-04-112.WTStage race06.04-11.0433 Vuelta Pais Vasco J.Rodríguez
2015-04-112.WTPoints06.04-11.0414 Vuelta Pais Vasco J.Rodríguez
2015-04-112.WTMountains06.04-11.043 Vuelta Pais Vasco O.Fraile
2015-04-112.WTSprint06.04-11.043 Vuelta Pais Vasco L.Vervaeke
2015-03-292.WTStage race23.03-29.0328 Volta Catalunya R.Porte
2015-03-292.WTMountains23.03-29.031 Volta Catalunya-
2015-03-292.WTSprint23.03-29.032 Volta Catalunya L.Mas Bonet
2015-01-252.1Stage race19.01-25.0129 Tour de San Luis D.Diaz
2015-01-252.1Mountains19.01-25.0118 Tour de San Luis R.Torres
2015-01-252.1Sprint19.01-25.0114 Tour de San Luis J.Arango
2015-08-032.HC01.stage03.08DNS 212.5 km Tour of Utah K.Reijnen
2015-06-212.WT08.stage21.068843 38.4 km Tour de Suisse T.Dumoulin
2015-06-202.WT07.stage20.068542 152.5 km Tour de Suisse A.Lutsenko
2015-06-192.WT06.stage19.067838 164.6 km Tour de Suisse A.Kristoff
2015-06-182.WT05.stage18.0610537 193.1 km Tour de Suisse P.Sagan
2015-06-172.WT04.stage17.062838 237.3 km Tour de Suisse T.Pinot
2015-06-162.WT03.stage16.067454 193.2 km Tour de Suisse M.Matthews
2015-06-152.WT02.stage15.067454 117.3 km Tour de Suisse P.Sagan
2015-06-142.WT01.stage14.064046 161.1 km Tour de Suisse K.Durasek
2015-06-132.WTPrologue13.06147147 5.1 km Tour de Suisse T.Dumoulin
2015-05-24GT215.stage24.05DNF 165 km Giro d'Italia M.Landa
2015-05-23GT214.stage23.0514385 59.4 km Giro d'Italia V.Kiryienka
2015-05-22GT213.stage22.0512382 147 km Giro d'Italia S.Modolo
2015-05-21GT212.stage21.0510181 190 km Giro d'Italia P.Gilbert
2015-05-20GT211.stage20.0511480 153 km Giro d'Italia I.Zakarin
2015-05-19GT210.stage19.0514071 200 km Giro d'Italia N.Boem
2015-05-17GT209.stage17.058271 215 km Giro d'Italia P.Tiralongo
2015-05-16GT208.stage16.053674 186 km Giro d'Italia B.Intxausti
2015-05-15GT207.stage15.059884 264 km Giro d'Italia D.Ulissi
2015-05-14GT206.stage14.0517286 183 km Giro d'Italia A.Greipel
2015-05-13GT205.stage13.056581 152 km Giro d'Italia J.Polanc
2015-05-12GT204.stage12.054489 150 km Giro d'Italia D.Formolo
2015-05-11GT203.stage11.05112126 136 km Giro d'Italia M.Matthews
2015-05-10GT202.stage10.05175169 177 km Giro d'Italia E.Viviani
2015-05-09GT201.stage (TTT)09.0519130 17.6 km Giro d'Italia S.Gerrans
2015-05-032.WT06.stage03.053220 17.3 km Tour de Romandie T.Martin
2015-05-022.WT05.stage02.051816 166.1 km Tour de Romandie T.Pinot
2015-05-012.WT04.stage01.055428 169.8 km Tour de Romandie S.Küng
2015-04-302.WT03.stage30.044630 173.2 km Tour de Romandie M.Albasini
2015-04-292.WT02.stage29.044831 166.1 km Tour de Romandie M.Albasini
2015-04-282.WT01.stage (TTT)28.04949 19.2 km Tour de Romandie G.Thomas
2015-04-112.WT06.stage11.045033 18.3 km Vuelta Pais Vasco T.Dumoulin
2015-04-102.WT05.stage10.04332 155.5 km Vuelta Pais Vasco M.Landa
2015-04-092.WT04.stage09.044442 162.2 km Vuelta Pais Vasco J.Rodríguez
2015-04-082.WT03.stage08.044442 170.7 km Vuelta Pais Vasco J.Rodríguez
2015-04-072.WT02.stage07.047357 175.4 km Vuelta Pais Vasco F.Felline
2015-04-062.WT01.stage06.044848 162.7 km Vuelta Pais Vasco M.Matthews
2015-03-292.WT07.stage29.038128 123.5 km Volta Catalunya A.Valverde
2015-03-282.WT06.stage28.03929 197.7 km Volta Catalunya S.Chernetski
2015-03-272.WT05.stage27.036530 197 km Volta Catalunya A.Valverde
2015-03-262.WT04.stage26.032132 191 km Volta Catalunya T.Van Garderen
2015-03-252.WT03.stage25.036855 159.6 km Volta Catalunya D.Pozzovivo
2015-03-242.WT02.stage24.035867 195.5 km Volta Catalunya A.Valverde
2015-03-232.WT01.stage23.038081 191 km Volta Catalunya M.Paterski
2015-01-252.107.stage25.0111029 122.4 km Tour de San Luis M.Cavendish
2015-01-242.106.stage24.016029 117.5 km Tour de San Luis K.Silva
2015-01-232.105.stage23.013121 17.4 km Tour de San Luis A.Malori
2015-01-222.104.stage22.012826 142.5 km Tour de San Luis D.Diaz
2015-01-212.103.stage21.019328 176.3 km Tour de San Luis F.Gaviria
2015-01-202.102.stage20.012927 185.3 km Tour de San Luis D.Diaz
2015-01-192.101.stage19.014040 186.8 km Tour de San Luis F.Gaviria


Nation USA

Born40 year, Mar 13th 1978


Height1.76 m

Banned results

10.Oct 2012-1.Mar 2013
USADA vs Armstrong

Mountain jerseys

X Volta Catalunya (2015)