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Enrique Sanz Unzue

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 PROF Euskadi Basque Country - Murias - - 0 0 0.0
2017 CONT Team Raleigh - GAC 710(114 p) - 14 0 2123.2
2016 PROF Wilier Triestina - Southeast 1239(49 p) - 29 0 4594.3
2015 PRT Movistar Team 580(159 p) - 58 0 8832.0
2014 PRT Movistar Team 664(125 p) - 60 0 9364.6
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2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-08-06NEOne-day race06.0811 The Ryedale Grand Prix O.Wood
2017-07-21NEOne-day race21.075 East Yorkshire Classic B.Jones
2017-07-16NEOne-day race16.0729 Stockton Velo29-Altura Grand Prix B.Jones
2017-07-14NEOne-day race14.072 Stockton Velo29-Altura Town Centre Race B.Jones
2017-07-091.1One-day race09.075 172.1 km Velothon Wales I.Bibby
2017-07-02NEStage race01.07-02.0717 Tour of Reservoir T.Stewart
2017-06-25CN Soria25.06DNF207.3 km CN Spain RR J.Herrada Lopez
2017-06-181.2One-day race18.0663 185.6 km Beaumont Trophy P.Williams
2017-05-29NEOne-day race29.055 Tour Series 10-Stevenage C.Swift
2017-05-26NEOne-day race26.0510 Tour Series 8 - Aberdeen J.Pullar
2017-05-23NEOne-day race23.052 Tour Series 7-Motherwell B.Jones
2017-05-20NEOne-day race20.056 Tour Series 6-Bath C.Swift
2017-05-18NEOne-day race18.057 Tour Series 5-Croydon G.Briggs
2017-05-16NEOne-day race16.052 Tour Series 4-Wembley S.von Hoff
2017-05-14NEOne-day race14.059166.0 km Lincoln International GP I.Bibby
2017-05-12NEOne-day race12.051 Tour Series 3-Northwich-
2017-05-11NEOne-day race11.052 Tour Series 2-Stoke on Trent B.Jones
2017-05-09NEOne-day race09.053 Tour Series 1-Reddicht C.Opie
2017-04-302.1Stage race28.04-30.0464 Tour de Yorkshire S.Pauwels
2017-04-302.1Points28.04-30.0426 Tour de Yorkshire C.Ewan
2017-04-231.2One-day race23.0415 188.3 km Rutland - Melton Classic D.Fleeman
2017-04-15NEOne-day race15.0411186.6 km Chorley GP I.Bibby
2017-04-09NEOne-day race09.0410 Tour of the Wolds B.Jones
2017-04-02NEOne-day race02.042 Klondike GP C.Latham
2017-02-052.1Stage race01.02-05.0278 Comunitat Valenciana N.Quintana
2017-01-291.1One-day race29.018 161.5 km Trofeo Palma D.McLay
2017-01-271.1One-day race27.0181 153.9 km Trofeo Serra Tramuntana T.Wellens
2017-01-261.1One-day race26.0115 161.8 km Trofeo Porreres A.Greipel
2017-07-01NE01.stage01.0716 - Tour of Reservoir K.Domagalski
2017-04-302.103.stage30.046964 194.5 km Tour de Yorkshire S.Pauwels
2017-04-292.102.stage29.041513 122.5 km Tour de Yorkshire N.Bouhanni
2017-04-282.101.stage28.041011 174 km Tour de Yorkshire D.Groenewegen
2017-02-052.105.stage05.02978 49.5 km Comunitat Valenciana B.Coquard
2017-02-042.104.stage04.0211683 180 km Comunitat Valenciana N.Quintana
2017-02-032.103.stage03.02567 161 km Comunitat Valenciana M.Cort
2017-02-022.102.stage02.021474 180.6 km Comunitat Valenciana T.Martin
2017-02-012.101.stage (TTT)01.0222149 37.9 km Comunitat Valenciana M.Senni


Nation Spain

Born28 year, Sep 11th 1989


Height1,71 m


Tour Series 3-Northwich (2017)

Stage victories

1x Vuelta a Madrid