Bilal Akgui

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2011 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2011-10-062.2Stage race09.10-06.1024 Tour of Alanya G.Kazsa
2011-07-032.2Stage race30.06-03.07DNF Tour of Cappadocia M.Mutlo
2011-06-052.2Stage race02.06-05.06DNF Tour of Isparta M.Sayar
2011-10-092.204.stage09.1018 114.7 km Tour of Alanya H.Ozcan
2011-10-082.203.stage08.1011 95.6 km Tour of Alanya G.Kazsa
2011-10-072.202.stage07.1026 133 km Tour of Alanya A.Bajc
2011-10-062.201.stage06.1043 7.5 km Tour of Alanya I.Aksoy
2011-07-022.203.stage02.07DNF 141 km Tour of Cappadocia M.Kal
2011-07-012.202.stage01.0736 125.7 km Tour of Cappadocia M.Carsi
2011-06-302.201.stage30.0639 8 km Tour of Cappadocia M.Mutlo
2011-06-042.203.stage04.06DNS 117.8 km Tour of Isparta D.Petrov
2011-06-032.202.stage03.0632 125 km Tour of Isparta N.Bakirci
2011-06-022.201.stage02.0654 8 km Tour of Isparta M.Sayar


Nation Turkey

BornOct 13th 1982