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Christos Delidimtriou

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2005 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2005-04-222.2Stage race18.04-22.0442 Tour of Hellas V.Dmitriyev
2005-04-222.204.stage22.0435 123 km Tour of Hellas A.Deligannis
2005-04-212.203.stage21.0437 158.2 km Tour of Hellas G.Eisaks
2005-04-202.202.stage20.0442 130 km Tour of Hellas M.Pawlyta
2005-04-192.201.stage19.0460 144 km Tour of Hellas N.Jovanovic
2005-04-182.2Prologue18.0410 4.6 km Tour of Hellas N.Lasis


Nation Greece

Born34 year, Apr 14th 1984