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Laurens De Plus

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2017 PRT Quick-Step Floors 252(72 pts) - 18 0 2540.3
2016 PRT Etixx - Quick Step 1014(63 pts) - 51 0 8162.8
2015 Lotto - Soudal U23 556(148 pts) - 42 1 5897.3
2014 Lotto - Belisol u23 2488(1 pts) - 15 0 1843.9

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-03-262.WTStage race20.03-26.0326 Volta Catalunya A.Valverde
2017-03-262.WTYouth20.03-26.038 Volta Catalunya M.Soler
2017-03-262.WTMountains20.03-26.0313 Volta Catalunya A.Valverde
2017-03-051.1One Day Race05.03DNF 203.6 km Dwars West-Vlaanderen J.Van Emden
2017-03-011.1One-day race01.03DNF 202.0 km Le Samyn G.Van Keirsbulck
2017-02-192.HCStage race14.02-19.0213 Tour of Oman B.Hermans
2017-02-192.HCYouth14.02-19.023 Tour of Oman M.Kudus
2017-02-192.HCPoints14.02-19.0222 Tour of Oman A.Kristoff
2017-02-052.1Stage race01.02-05.0241 Comunitat Valenciana N.Quintana
2017-02-052.1Youth01.02-05.025 Comunitat Valenciana M.Senni
2017-02-052.1Mountains01.02-05.022 Comunitat Valenciana C.Gautier
2017-03-262.WT07.stage26.034326 139 km Volta Catalunya A.Valverde
2017-03-252.WT06.stage25.033325 190 km Volta Catalunya D.Impey
2017-03-242.WT05.stage24.037658 182 km Volta Catalunya A.Valverde
2017-03-232.WT04.stage23.031766 134 km Volta Catalunya N.Bouhanni
2017-03-222.WT03.stage22.038571 181 km Volta Catalunya A.Valverde
2017-03-212.WT02.stage (TTT)21.031059 41.3 km Volta Catalunya R.Dennis
2017-03-202.WT01.stage20.036666 179 km Volta Catalunya D.Cimolai
2017-02-192.HC06.stage19.026313 130.5 km Tour of Oman A.Kristoff
2017-02-182.HC05.stage18.021613 152.5 km Tour of Oman B.Hermans
2017-02-172.HC04.stage17.02228 118 km Tour of Oman A.Kristoff
2017-02-162.HC03.stage16.0247 162 km Tour of Oman S.Andersen
2017-02-152.HC02.stage15.021211 145.5 km Tour of Oman B.Hermans
2017-02-142.HC01.stage14.025558 176.5 km Tour of Oman A.Kristoff
2017-02-052.105.stage05.026541 49.5 km Comunitat Valenciana B.Coquard
2017-02-042.104.stage04.024144 180 km Comunitat Valenciana N.Quintana
2017-02-032.103.stage03.024975 161 km Comunitat Valenciana M.Nielsen
2017-02-022.102.stage02.029776 180.6 km Comunitat Valenciana T.Martin
2017-02-012.101.stage (TTT)01.02316 37.9 km Comunitat Valenciana M.Senni


Nation Belgium

Born21 year, Sep 4th 1995


Staden - Staden (2015)

Stage victories

1x Valle d'Aosta, U23

Youth jerseys

Ronde de l'Isard (U23) (2015)

Points jerseys

Ronde de l'Isard (U23) (2015)
Valle d'Aosta, U23 (2015)


Armju, letanders
JuhaMieto (season fantasy)