Simone Velasco

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2019 PROF Wilier Triestina - Selle Italia - - 0 0 0.0
2018 PROF Wilier Triestina - Selle Italia 344(229 p) - 53 0 8291.9
2017 PROF Bardiani - CSF 1186(53 p) - 56 0 9356.7
2016 PROF Bardiani - CSF 1239(49 p) - 24 0 4049.0
2015 Zalf Euromobil Desiree 482(194 p) - 18 2 2693.2
2014 Zalf Euromobil Desiree 1212(51 p) - 13 0 1824.7
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-09-231.1One-day race23.095 195.0 km Trofeo Matteotti D.Ballerini
2018-09-221.1One-day race22.0921 199.8 km Memorial Pantani D.Ballerini
2018-09-201.1One-day race20.0914 195.9 km Coppa Sabatini J.Lobato Del Valle
2018-09-191.1Stage race19.0926201.8 km Giro della Toscana G.Moscon
2018-09-161.1One-day race16.0913 194.7 km Coppa Bernocchi S.Colbrelli
2018-09-151.1One-day race15.09DNF 199.9 km Coppa Agostoni G.Moscon
2018-09-021.HCOne-day race02.0937 205.0 km GP de Fourmies P.Ackermann
2018-09-011.HCOne-day race01.0923 201.4 km Brussels Classic P.Ackermann
2018-08-261.WT2One-day race26.0816 253.9 km Bretagne Classic O.Naesen
2018-08-242.1Stage race21.08-24.0828 Poitou-Charentes A.Démare
2018-08-242.1Youth21.08-24.086 Poitou-Charentes M.Gogl
2018-08-242.1Points21.08-24.0837 Poitou-Charentes A.Démare
2018-08-122.1Stage race09.08-12.0833 Czech Cycling Tour R.Zoidl
2018-08-122.1Points09.08-12.086 Czech Cycling Tour R.Zoidl
2018-08-122.1Mountains09.08-12.0823 Czech Cycling Tour S.Baldauf
2018-06-30CN Darfo Boario Terme30.0646233.8 km CN Italy RR E.Viviani
2018-06-242.1Stage race20.06-24.0631 Adriatica Ionica Race I.Sosa
2018-06-242.1Youth20.06-24.069 Adriatica Ionica Race I.Sosa
2018-06-242.1Points20.06-24.0629 Adriatica Ionica Race E.Viviani
2018-06-071.HCOne-day race07.0617 185.9 km GP Kanton Aargau A.Kristoff
2018-06-031.1One-day race03.0620 185.2 km Gran Premio di Lugano H.Pernsteiner
2018-04-221.1One-day race22.0437 194.8 km Giro dell'Appennino G.Ciccone
2018-04-202.HCStage race16.04-20.0455 Tour of the Alps T.Pinot
2018-04-202.HCYouth16.04-20.0410 Tour of the Alps B.O'Connor
2018-03-252.HCStage race18.03-25.0321 Tour de Langkawi A.Ovechkin
2018-03-252.HCPoints18.03-25.0323 Tour de Langkawi A.Guardini
2018-03-252.HCMountains18.03-25.0322 Tour de Langkawi A.Duarte
2018-03-152.1Stage race11.03-15.0330 Tour de Taiwan Y.Arashiro
2018-03-152.1Points11.03-15.0348 Tour de Taiwan E.Avila
2018-02-251.2One-day race25.0239 106.5 km GP Izola D.Rajovic
2018-02-182.1Stage race17.02-18.0230 Tour du Haut Var J.Hivert
2018-02-182.1Youth17.02-18.029 Tour du Haut Var V.Madouas
2018-02-111.HCOne-day race11.02DNF 203.0 km Trofeo Laigueglia M.Moser
2018-01-282.1Stage race21.01-28.0190 Vuelta a San Juan G.Najar
2018-08-242.105.stage24.081528 156.6 km Poitou-Charentes A.Démare
2018-08-232.104.stage23.084637 22.9 km Poitou-Charentes A.Démare
2018-08-232.103.stage23.085016 97.9 km Poitou-Charentes A.Démare
2018-08-222.102.stage22.082616 189 km Poitou-Charentes A.Démare
2018-08-212.101.stage21.081417 194.2 km Poitou-Charentes A.Démare
2018-08-122.104.stage12.08533 147.9 km Czech Cycling Tour F.Fortin
2018-08-112.103.stage11.08335 178 km Czech Cycling Tour M.Kukrle
2018-08-102.102.stage10.0873103 197.7 km Czech Cycling Tour R.Zoidl
2018-08-092.101.stage (TTT)09.083120 18.2 km Czech Cycling Tour C.Pfingsten
2018-06-242.105.stage24.061631 116.8 km Adriatica Ionica Race E.Viviani
2018-06-232.104.stage23.061232 223.2 km Adriatica Ionica Race E.Viviani
2018-06-222.103.stage22.063836 153 km Adriatica Ionica Race I.Sosa
2018-06-212.102.stage21.06739 152.5 km Adriatica Ionica Race E.Viviani
2018-06-202.101.stage (TTT)20.061376 23.3 km Adriatica Ionica Race E.Viviani
2018-04-202.HC05.stage20.043655 164.2 km Tour of the Alps M.Padun
2018-04-192.HC04.stage19.046565 134.3 km Tour of the Alps L.Sánchez
2018-04-182.HC03.stage18.046361 138.3 km Tour of the Alps B.O'Connor
2018-04-172.HC02.stage17.046454 145.5 km Tour of the Alps M.Lopez
2018-04-162.HC01.stage16.045858 134.6 km Tour of the Alps P.Bilbao
2018-03-252.HC08.stage25.033621 141.1 km Tour de Langkawi A.Guardini
2018-03-242.HC07.stage24.031427 222.4 km Tour de Langkawi M.Belletti
2018-03-232.HC06.stage23.033328 108.5 km Tour de Langkawi L.Pacioni
2018-03-222.HC05.stage22.032628 169.4 km Tour de Langkawi A.Ovechkin
2018-03-212.HC04.stage21.035434 183.8 km Tour de Langkawi R.Minali
2018-03-202.HC03.stage20.035545 166 km Tour de Langkawi A.De Vos
2018-03-192.HC02.stage19.033442 208.3 km Tour de Langkawi R.Minali
2018-03-182.HC01.stage18.036166 147.9 km Tour de Langkawi A.Guardini
2018-03-152.105.stage15.037430 192.8 km Tour de Taiwan L.Pacioni
2018-03-142.104.stage14.033730 166.6 km Tour de Taiwan C.Bayly
2018-03-132.103.stage13.031424 156.3 km Tour de Taiwan E.Avila
2018-03-122.102.stage12.033737 120 km Tour de Taiwan R.Hucker
2018-03-112.101.stage11.035758 83.2 km Tour de Taiwan H.Okamoto
2018-02-182.102.stage18.023830 188.5 km Tour du Haut Var J.Hivert
2018-02-172.101.stage17.022525 169.7 km Tour du Haut Var J.Hivert
2018-01-282.107.stage28.016490 141.3 km Vuelta a San Juan G.Nizzolo
2018-01-272.106.stage27.014696 152.6 km Vuelta a San Juan J.Wallays
2018-01-262.105.stage26.01119116 169.5 km Vuelta a San Juan G.Najar
2018-01-242.104.stage24.017479 182.8 km Vuelta a San Juan M.Richeze
2018-01-232.103.stage23.017761 14.4 km Vuelta a San Juan R.Mullen
2018-01-222.102.stage22.016158 149.9 km Vuelta a San Juan R.Villalobos
2018-01-212.101.stage21.015252 148.9 km Vuelta a San Juan F.Gaviria


Nation Italy

Born22 year, Dec 2nd 1995

Stage victories

1x Giro Delle Pesche


Troy The Trader (season fantasy)