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Brendan Rhim

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2017 CONT Holowesko - Citadel p/b Hincapie Sp 2364(9 p) - 14 0 1638.6
2016 CONT Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team - - 5 0 548.9
2015 USA National Team 4462(0 p) - 3 0 316.5

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-09-09NEOne-day race09.095 High Point Cycling Classic A.Martz
2017-09-042.1Stage race01.09-04.0925 Tour of Alberta E.Huffmann
2017-09-042.1Youth01.09-04.093 Tour of Alberta J.Burke
2017-08-191.NCCStage race19.085 Rochester Criterium C.White
2017-07-232.2Stage race19.07-23.07DNF Cascade Cycling Classic R.Carpenter
2017-07-091.2One-day race09.0772 155.5 km Delta Road Race J.Murphy
2017-07-02CNOne-day race02.07DNF 90.0 km CN USA Criterium T.McCabe
2017-07-01CN Louisville01.073177.0 km CN USA RR-U23 N.Powless
2017-06-29CN Louisville29.06734.0 km CN USA ITT-U23 B.McNulty
2017-06-25CN Knoxville25.0670 179.0 km CN USA RR L.Warbasse
2017-06-24CN Knoxville24.0614 30.7 km CN USA ITT J.Rosskopf
2017-06-182.NRCStage race14.06-18.0613 North Star Grand Prix C.Joyce
2017-05-29NEStage race27.05-29.058 Killington Stage Race K.Boorsma
2017-04-301.NCCOne-day race30.0416 Dana Point GP I J.Williams
2017-04-232.2Stage race19.04-23.0499 Tour of the Gila E.Huffmann
2017-04-232.2Youth19.04-23.0428 Tour of the Gila J.Narvaez
2017-04-091.NRCOne-day race09.0412 Fort McClellan Road Race D.Jaramillo
2017-04-081.NCCOne-day race08.044 Sunny King Criterium J.Murphy
2017-02-26NEOne-day race26.023 Hendersonville Historic 7th Ave Criterium B.Wolfe
2017-01-08CX: CN Hartford08.0113 CX - CN USA u23 L.Haidet
2017-09-042.104.stage04.093925 124.1 km Tour of Alberta W.Wippert
2017-09-032.103.stage03.095427 116 km Tour of Alberta A.Howes
2017-09-022.102.stage02.096124 139 km Tour of Alberta W.Wippert
2017-09-012.101.stage01.092424 162 km Tour of Alberta E.Huffmann
2017-07-232.205.stage23.07DNF 131.3 km Cascade Cycling Classic A.Howes
2017-07-222.204.stage22.07153116 48.9 km Cascade Cycling Classic S.Kline
2017-07-212.203.stage21.0779117 172.7 km Cascade Cycling Classic P.Stetina
2017-07-202.202.stage20.0715161 23 km Cascade Cycling Classic E.Huffmann
2017-07-192.201.stage19.07169169 174 km Cascade Cycling Classic A.Howes
2017-06-182.NRC06.stage18.0620 - North Star Grand Prix D.Sunderland
2017-06-172.NRC05.stage17.0622 - North Star Grand Prix C.Joyce
2017-06-152.NRC03.stage15.0629 - North Star Grand Prix C.Huff
2017-06-142.NRC01.stage14.0615 - North Star Grand Prix B.McNulty
2017-05-28NE03.stage28.053 - Killington Stage Race W.Cooper
2017-05-27NE02.stage27.0513 - Killington Stage Race K.Boorsma
2017-05-032.NRC01.stage03.0524 - Redlands Classic S.Tvetcov
2017-04-232.205.stage23.049899 161.9 km Tour of the Gila J.Narvaez
2017-04-222.204.stage22.04128118 69.5 km Tour of the Gila E.Young
2017-04-212.203.stage21.0417117 26 km Tour of the Gila E.Huffmann
2017-04-202.202.stage20.04126126 122.6 km Tour of the Gila E.Young
2017-04-192.201.stage19.04138138 143.4 km Tour of the Gila M.Dal-Cin


Nation USA

Born21 year, Dec 19th 1995


Tour de I'Abitibi Juniors (2013)

Stage victories

1x Redlands Classic

Points jerseys

Redlands Classic (2015)