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Anton Ivashkin

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 CONT Minsk Cycling Club 1806(17 p) - 24 0 3447.8
2017 CONT Minsk Cycling Club 1412(38 p) - 40 0 5373.7
2016 CONT Minsk Cycling Club 1818(21 p) - 41 0 5099.3
2015 CONT Minsk Cycling Club 3301(3 p) - 16 0 1926.4
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-08-121.2One-day race12.0820 186.1 km Puchar Uzdrowisk M.Paterski
2018-08-111.2One-day race11.0853 175.8 km Mem.Henryka Lasaka M.Grabis
2018-07-282.2Stage race25.07-28.0775 Dookola Mazowska S.Sajnok
2018-07-282.2Youth25.07-28.0733 Dookola Mazowska S.Sajnok
2018-07-15CCU Zlín15.07DNF140.4 km CC Europe RR-U23 M.Hirschi
2018-07-072.2Stage race04.07-07.0744 Solidarnosc Champions S.Janiszewski
2018-07-072.2Youth04.07-07.0721 Solidarnosc Champions A.Van Poucke
2018-06-30CN Mazyr30.065 CN Belarus RR S.Bazhkou
2018-06-212.2Stage race18.06-21.0619 Tour of Torku Mevlana O.Balkan
2018-06-212.2Points18.06-21.0611 Tour of Torku Mevlana M.Ganjkhanlou
2018-06-032.1Stage race01.06-03.06120 Szlakiem Hubala M.Taciak
2018-06-032.1Youth01.06-03.0635 Szlakiem Hubala F.Maciejuk
2018-05-262.1Stage race25.05-26.0552 Tour of Estonia G.Stepniak
2018-05-262.1Youth25.05-26.0522 Tour of Estonia A.Stokbro Nielsen
2018-05-021.2One-day race02.05DNF 162.9 km Memorial R. Sieminskiego A.Kankovsky
2018-05-011.2One-day race01.0511 168.8 km Mem. A.Trochnowskiego A.Kankovsky
2018-04-292.1Stage race28.04-29.0482 Belgrade Banjaluka G.Katrasnik
2018-04-292.1Youth28.04-29.0419 Belgrade Banjaluka A.Marinozzi
2018-07-282.203.stage28.077575 168 km Dookola Mazowska A.Kankovsky
2018-07-272.202.stage27.076683 166.5 km Dookola Mazowska S.Sajnok
2018-07-262.201.stage26.079087 165 km Dookola Mazowska S.Sajnok
2018-07-252.2Prologue25.079090 2.4 km Dookola Mazowska S.Sajnok
2018-07-072.205.stage07.075344 185 km Solidarnosc Champions S.Janiszewski
2018-07-062.204.stage06.077649 197.9 km Solidarnosc Champions A.De Decker
2018-07-052.203.stage05.079351 145.6 km Solidarnosc Champions M.Stash
2018-07-042.202.stage04.074651 100.3 km Solidarnosc Champions A.De Decker
2018-07-042.201.stage04.078484 91.5 km Solidarnosc Champions S.Janiszewski
2018-06-212.203.stage21.063719 110.3 km Tour of Torku Mevlana A.Orken
2018-06-202.202.stage20.061017 193.5 km Tour of Torku Mevlana M.Ganjkhanlou
2018-06-192.201.stage19.06417 140.4 km Tour of Torku Mevlana I.Balykin
2018-06-182.2Prologue18.062020 8 km Tour of Torku Mevlana A.Orken
2018-06-032.104.stage03.0678120 176.2 km Szlakiem Hubala F.Fortin
2018-06-022.103.stage02.06146134 22.2 km Szlakiem Hubala F.Maciejuk
2018-06-022.102.stage02.06109124 126.7 km Szlakiem Hubala L.Schlemmer
2018-06-012.101.stage01.06121121 194.8 km Szlakiem Hubala K.Zielinski
2018-05-262.102.stage26.055452 173 km Tour of Estonia A.Stokbro Nielsen
2018-05-252.101.stage25.055858 194 km Tour of Estonia Y.Karaliok
2018-04-292.102.stage29.046682 180 km Belgrade Banjaluka G.Katrasnik
2018-04-282.101.stage28.04124128 175.8 km Belgrade Banjaluka G.Katrasnik


Nation Belarus

Born22 year, Apr 14th 1996

Stage victories

1x Coupe President Juniors

Youth jerseys

Tour de Serbia (2017)