Logan Owen

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2019 PRT Team EF Education First - Drapac - - 0 0 0.0
2018 PRT Team EF Education First - Drapac 3031(3 p) - 45 0 6501.9
2017 CONT Axeon - Hagens Berman 748(108 p) - 40 1 5842.8
2016 CONT Axeon - Hagens Berman 716(117 p) - 44 1 6229.7
2015 CONT Axeon Cycling Team 655(135 p) - 51 1 7429.3
2014 CONT Bissell Development Team 1858(18 p) - 41 0 5261.6
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-09-091.WT1One-day race09.09DNF 195.2 km GP Montreal M.Matthews
2018-09-071.WT1One-day race07.09110 201.6 km GP Quebec M.Matthews
2018-08-261.WT2One-day race26.08DNF 253.9 km Bretagne Classic O.Naesen
2018-08-192.WT2Stage race13.08-19.08DNF BinckBank Tour M.Mohoric
2018-08-102.WT2Stage race04.08-10.08104 Tour de Pologne M.Kwiatkowski
2018-07-23KPOne-day race23.07DNF 164.0 km GP Raf Jonckheere J.Wallays
2018-07-19KPOne-day race19.07103 166.0 km GP Beeckman T.Van Asbroeck
2018-07-142.1Stage race07.07-14.07111 Österreich-Rundfahrt B.Hermans
2018-06-24CN Knoxville24.06DNF 193.1 km CN USA RR J.Brown
2018-05-192.WT3Stage race13.05-19.05103 Tour of California E.Bernal
2018-05-192.WT3Youth13.05-19.0536 Tour of California E.Bernal
2018-05-192.WT3Mountains13.05-19.0521 Tour of California T.Skujins
2018-04-151.WT1Ardenne15.04DNF 263.0 km Amstel Gold Race M.Valgren
2018-04-062.1Stage race03.04-06.0473 Circuit Sarthe G.Martin
2018-04-062.1Youth03.04-06.0410 Circuit Sarthe W.Paredes
2018-04-062.1Mountains03.04-06.0420 Circuit Sarthe T.Deruette
2018-03-252.1Stage race22.03-25.0384 Coppi e Bartali D.Rosa
2018-03-252.1Youth22.03-25.0318 Coppi e Bartali P.Sivakov
2018-03-041.HCOne-day race04.03107 199.2 km GP Industria & Artigianato M.Mohoric
2018-02-241.WT3One-day race24.02DNF 196.2 km Omloop Het Nieuwsblad M.Valgren
2018-01-212.WT1Stage race16.01-21.01117 Tour Down Under D.Impey
2018-01-212.WT1Youth16.01-21.0131 Tour Down Under E.Bernal
2018-01-212.WT1Points16.01-21.0128 Tour Down Under P.Sagan
2018-01-212.WT1Mountains16.01-21.0116 Tour Down Under N.Dlamini
2018-01-141.CRTCriteritum14.0122 50.6 km People's Choice Classic P.Sagan
2018-08-192.WT207.stage19.08DNF 212.7 km BinckBank Tour M.Matthews
2018-08-182.WT206.stage18.0887110 182.2 km BinckBank Tour G.Muhlberger
2018-08-172.WT205.stage17.08125100 204.4 km BinckBank Tour M.Cort
2018-08-162.WT204.stage16.08132107 166.3 km BinckBank Tour J.Stuyven
2018-08-152.WT203.stage15.08110102 174.9 km BinckBank Tour T.Van der Hoorn
2018-08-142.WT202.stage14.088483 12.7 km BinckBank Tour S.Küng
2018-08-132.WT201.stage13.08143143 169.8 km BinckBank Tour F.Jakobsen
2018-08-102.WT207.stage10.0894104 136 km Tour de Pologne S.Yates
2018-08-092.WT206.stage09.08126128 129 km Tour de Pologne G.Preidler
2018-08-082.WT205.stage08.08131131 152 km Tour de Pologne M.Kwiatkowski
2018-08-072.WT204.stage07.0895116 179 km Tour de Pologne M.Kwiatkowski
2018-08-062.WT203.stage06.08145144 139 km Tour de Pologne A.Hodeg
2018-08-052.WT202.stage05.08146147 144.3 km Tour de Pologne P.Ackermann
2018-08-042.WT201.stage04.08149149 134 km Tour de Pologne P.Ackermann
2018-07-142.108.stage14.07108111 163.2 km Österreich-Rundfahrt G.Visconti
2018-07-132.107.stage13.07107109 129.3 km Österreich-Rundfahrt A.Nibali
2018-07-122.106.stage12.07113116 176.9 km Österreich-Rundfahrt A.Lutsenko
2018-07-112.105.stage11.07115119 92.9 km Österreich-Rundfahrt P.Weening
2018-07-102.104.stage10.0788121 143 km Österreich-Rundfahrt G.Visconti
2018-07-092.103.stage09.07122128 133.7 km Österreich-Rundfahrt B.Hermans
2018-07-082.102.stage08.07132129 180.5 km Österreich-Rundfahrt G.Visconti
2018-07-072.101.stage07.07119119 149.8 km Österreich-Rundfahrt M.Mohoric
2018-05-192.WT307.stage19.0593103 143 km Tour of California F.Gaviria
2018-05-182.WT306.stage18.0582104 196.5 km Tour of California E.Bernal
2018-05-172.WT305.stage17.0591104 176.5 km Tour of California F.Gaviria
2018-05-162.WT304.stage16.0593107 34.7 km Tour of California T.Van Garderen
2018-05-152.WT303.stage15.0593100 197 km Tour of California T.Skujins
2018-05-142.WT302.stage14.057792 157 km Tour of California E.Bernal
2018-05-132.WT301.stage13.055356 134.5 km Tour of California F.Gaviria
2018-04-062.104.stage06.048973 183.9 km Circuit Sarthe D.McLay
2018-04-052.103.stage05.046273 199 km Circuit Sarthe G.Martin
2018-04-042.102.stage04.047773 183.7 km Circuit Sarthe M.Sarreau
2018-04-032.101.stage03.041922 193.6 km Circuit Sarthe J.Jules
2018-03-252.105.stage25.037584 12.5 km Coppi e Bartali J.Tratnik
2018-03-242.104.stage24.0310886 171.4 km Coppi e Bartali C.Lawless
2018-03-232.103.stage23.039177 130 km Coppi e Bartali B.Mollema
2018-03-222.102.stage (TTT)22.03725 13.3 km Coppi e Bartali P.Sivakov
2018-03-222.101.stage22.033333 97.8 km Coppi e Bartali P.Eenkhoorn
2018-01-212.WT106.stage21.01124117 90 km Tour Down Under A.Greipel
2018-01-202.WT105.stage20.0185110 151.5 km Tour Down Under R.Porte
2018-01-192.WT104.stage19.01107116 128.2 km Tour Down Under P.Sagan
2018-01-182.WT103.stage18.01109116 120.5 km Tour Down Under E.Viviani
2018-01-172.WT102.stage17.01118117 148.6 km Tour Down Under C.Ewan
2018-01-162.WT101.stage16.013841 145 km Tour Down Under A.Greipel


Nation USA

Born23 year, Mar 25th 1995

Stage victories

1x Tour of Utah, Volta ao Alentejo


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