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Davide Ballerini

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2017 PROF Androni Giocattoli 736(38 pts) - 25 0 3978.9
2016 PRT Tinkoff (Trainee) 1508(30 pts) - 22 0 3533.7
2016 Hopplà- Petroli Firenze -Tinkoff 1508(30 pts) - 22 0 3533.7
2015 CONT Unieuro - Willier 1486(29 pts) - 38 0 5520.2
2014 CONT Team Idea 628(123 pts) - 25 1 3816.7

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-04-212.HCStage race17.04-21.04DNF Tour of the Alps G.Thomas
2017-04-091.1One-day race09.04DNF 199.0 km Giro dell'Appennino D.Celano
2017-03-262.1Stage race23.03-26.03DNF Coppi e Bartali L.Calmejane
2017-03-181.WT1Monument18.03140 291.0 km Milano - Sanremo M.Kwiatkowski
2017-03-142.WT1Stage race08.03-14.0392 Tirreno Adriatico N.Quintana
2017-03-142.WT1Youth08.03-14.0313 Tirreno Adriatico B.Jungels
2017-03-142.WT1Points08.03-14.0320 Tirreno Adriatico P.Sagan
2017-03-142.WT1Mountains08.03-14.031 Tirreno Adriatico-
2017-03-051.HCOne-day race05.0350 199.2 km GP Laricano A.Yates
2017-03-041.WT3One-day race04.03DNF 175.0 km Strade Bianche M.Kwiatkowski
2017-02-261.1One-day race26.02DNF 200.0 km La Drome Classic S.Delfosse
2017-02-251.1One-day race25.0295 200.0 km Classic sud Ardeche M.Finetto
2017-02-232.1Stage race21.02-23.0276 Tour de Provence R.Dennis
2017-02-232.1Youth21.02-23.0221 Tour de Provence L.Vincent
2017-02-232.1Points21.02-23.0231 Tour de Provence R.Dennis
2017-02-192.1Stage race18.02-19.0262 Tour du Haut Var A.Vichot
2017-02-192.1Youth18.02-19.028 Tour du Haut Var T.Bohli
2017-02-192.1Points18.02-19.0220 Tour du Haut Var A.Vichot
2017-02-121.HCOne-day race12.0259 192.5 km Trofeo Laigueglia F.Felline
2017-02-051.1One-day race05.0227 190.6 km GP della Costa Etruschi D.Ulissi
2017-04-212.HC05.stage21.04DNF 192.5 km Tour of the Alps T.Pinot
2017-04-202.HC04.stage20.044966 165.3 km Tour of the Alps M.Montaguti
2017-04-192.HC03.stage19.049873 137.5 km Tour of the Alps G.Thomas
2017-04-182.HC02.stage18.04367 140.3 km Tour of the Alps R.Dennis
2017-04-172.HC01.stage17.049999 142.3 km Tour of the Alps M.Scarponi
2017-03-262.105.stage26.03DNF 160 km Coppi e Bartali L.Calmejane
2017-03-252.104.stage25.03139146 171.4 km Coppi e Bartali T.Boudat
2017-03-242.103.stage24.03126148 130 km Coppi e Bartali T.Skujins
2017-03-232.102.stage (TTT)23.035151 13.3 km Coppi e Bartali B.Samoilau
2017-03-232.101.stage23.03158158 97.8 km Coppi e Bartali L.Pichon
2017-03-142.WT107.stage14.039592 10 km Tirreno Adriatico R.Dennis
2017-03-132.WT106.stage13.0310494 168 km Tirreno Adriatico F.Gaviria
2017-03-122.WT105.stage12.0310897 209 km Tirreno Adriatico P.Sagan
2017-03-112.WT104.stage11.036180 171 km Tirreno Adriatico N.Quintana
2017-03-102.WT103.stage10.03110103 204 km Tirreno Adriatico P.Sagan
2017-03-092.WT102.stage09.03107119 228 km Tirreno Adriatico G.Thomas
2017-03-082.WT101.stage (TTT)08.0319117 23 km Tirreno Adriatico D.Caruso
2017-02-232.103.stage23.029776 168.2 km Tour de Provence M.Cattaneo
2017-02-222.102.stage22.022216 169.6 km Tour de Provence A.Geniez
2017-02-212.101.stage21.021212 205.9 km Tour de Provence J.Jules
2017-02-192.102.stage19.025262 206 km Tour du Haut Var J.Simon
2017-02-182.101.stage18.026566 145 km Tour du Haut Var S.Dumoulin


Nation Italy

Born22 year, Sep 21st 1994

Stage victories

1x An Post Ras

Youth jerseys

Solidarnosc Champions (2014)

Mountain jerseys

X Tirreno Adriatico (2017)