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Serguei Smirnov

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2007 CONT Premier - - 8 0 1022.3
2006 CONT Premier - - 33 0 4298.6
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2006 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2006-09-102.2Stage race09.09-10.09DNF Triptyque des Barrages J.Van Emden
2006-08-282.2Stage race24.08-28.0855 GP Wilhelm Tell M.Eibegger
2006-07-292.2Stage race25.07-29.07DNF Dookola Mazowska T.Kiendys
2006-06-112.2Stage race06.06-11.06DNF Baltyk - Karkonosze B.Matysiak
2006-05-212.2Stage race13.05-21.05DNF Olympia's Tour T.Veelers
2006-05-092.2Stage race05.05-09.0569 Five rings of Moscow A.Khatuntsev
2006-04-262.2Stage race22.04-26.0445 GP Sochi S.Kolesnikov
2006-01-202.2Stage race07.01-20.0165 Vuelta al Tachira M.Medina
2006-09-102.203.stage10.09DNF 112.8 km Triptyque des Barrages M.Paas
2006-09-102.202.stage10.0992 14.7 km Triptyque des Barrages J.Van Emden
2006-09-092.201.stage09.0957 180 km Triptyque des Barrages H.Duyn
2006-08-272.204.stage27.0868 154.7 km GP Wilhelm Tell T.Stamsnijder
2006-08-262.203.stage26.0859 149 km GP Wilhelm Tell N.Graf
2006-08-252.202.stage25.0862 142.7 km GP Wilhelm Tell P.Velits
2006-08-242.201.stage24.0832 139.3 km GP Wilhelm Tell J.Van Emden
2006-08-232.2Prologue23.0870 1.8 km GP Wilhelm Tell J.Van Emden
2006-07-252.201.stage25.07DNF 175 km Dookola Mazowska K.Jezowski
2006-06-112.207.stage11.06DNF 121.2 km Baltyk - Karkonosze M.Sapa
2006-06-112.206.stage11.0638 11.6 km Baltyk - Karkonosze S.Firsanov
2006-06-102.205.stage10.0647 203.2 km Baltyk - Karkonosze D.Kostyuk
2006-06-092.204.stage09.0645 117.3 km Baltyk - Karkonosze P.Szaniawski
2006-06-082.203.stage08.0639 207.3 km Baltyk - Karkonosze P.Zaradny
2006-06-072.202.stage07.0647 246.4 km Baltyk - Karkonosze B.Matysiak
2006-06-062.201.stage06.0641 149.5 km Baltyk - Karkonosze M.Pawlyta
2006-05-202.207.stage20.05DNF 148 km Olympia's Tour B.Bozic
2006-05-192.206.stage19.0595 181 km Olympia's Tour T.Veelers
2006-05-182.205.stage18.0580 169 km Olympia's Tour T.Veelers
2006-05-172.204.stage17.0576 157 km Olympia's Tour W.Stroetinga
2006-05-162.203.stage16.05108 183 km Olympia's Tour M.Bos
2006-05-152.202.stage15.0593 168 km Olympia's Tour B.Bozic
2006-05-142.201.stage14.0582 158 km Olympia's Tour B.Bozic
2006-05-132.2Prologue13.05141 4.8 km Olympia's Tour R.Flens
2006-05-092.205.stage09.0543 129.6 km Five rings of Moscow N.Trusov
2006-05-082.204.stage08.0561 163.2 km Five rings of Moscow A.Khatuntsev
2006-05-072.203.stage07.0542 153 km Five rings of Moscow N.Trusov
2006-05-062.202.stage06.0551 164 km Five rings of Moscow N.Trusov
2006-05-052.201.stage05.0568 100 km Five rings of Moscow N.Trusov
2006-05-052.2Prologue05.05112 3 km Five rings of Moscow N.Trusov
2006-04-262.205.stage26.0449 10 km GP Sochi A.Khatuntsev
2006-04-252.204.stage25.0448 140 km GP Sochi S.Kolesnikov
2006-04-242.203.stage24.0473 161 km GP Sochi I.Seledkov
2006-04-232.202.stage23.0466 157 km GP Sochi A.Khatuntsev
2006-04-222.201.stage22.0458 106.4 km GP Sochi A.Khatuntsev
2006-01-082.202.stage08.0160 140.1 km Vuelta al Tachira J.Perez Silva
2006-01-072.201.stage07.0151 133 km Vuelta al Tachira J.Perez Silva


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