Ivan Terenine

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2006 CONT Omnibike Dynamo Moscow 873(102 p) - 33 0 4816.2
2005 CONT Omnibike Dynamo Moscow 991(76 p) - 46 2 6073.0
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2006 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2006-08-201.1One-day race20.085 200.0 km Châteauroux Classic N.Vogondy
2006-08-092.1Stage race06.08-09.08DNF Tour de l'Ain C.Dessel
2006-08-032.1Stage race02.08-03.08DNF Paris - Correze D.Rous
2006-07-301.1One-day race30.0755 157.0 km Polynormande A.Charteau
2006-07-232.HCStage race15.07-23.0780 Tour of Qinghai Lake M.Tjallingii
2006-06-25CN Penza25.0616205.0 km CN Russia RR A.Khatuntsev
2006-06-041.2One-day race04.065 161.5 km Riga - Jurmala GP S.Kolesnikov
2006-05-271.1One-day race27.0519 180.0 km SEB Tartu GP W.Pawlak
2006-05-261.1One-day race26.0515 179.2 km Tallinn-Tartu GP J.Tombak
2006-04-161.1One-day race16.0446 191.7 km Tro-Bro Léon M.Renshaw
2006-04-151.1One-day race15.04DNF 188.0 km Tour du Finistère S.Kolesnikov
2006-03-262.2Stage race20.03-26.0359 Tour de Normandie K.Reus
2006-03-171.2One-day race17.0345 185.5 km Classic Loire Atlantique S.Kolesnikov
2006-03-121.2One-day race12.0323 183.3 km Paris - Troyes Y.Trofimov
2006-03-051.2One-day race05.038 160.0 km Les Monts Luberon R.Mandri
2006-02-091.1One-day race09.02130 148.3 km Trofeo Calvia/Maga. D.Kopp
2006-02-061.1One-day race06.0216 159.4 km Trofeo Alcudia I.Gálvez
2006-02-051.1One-day race05.0231 100.0 km Trofeo Palma I.Gálvez
2006-08-082.103.stage08.08DNF 144 km Tour de l'Ain N.Lelarge
2006-08-072.102.stage07.0845 147 km Tour de l'Ain I.Abakoumov
2006-08-062.101.stage06.0893 154 km Tour de l'Ain C.Dessel
2006-08-032.102.stage03.08DNF 186.5 km Paris - Correze M.Ljungqvist
2006-08-022.101.stage02.0851 188.9 km Paris - Correze D.Rous
2006-07-232.HC09.stage23.0716 84 km Tour of Qinghai Lake B.Bondariev
2006-07-222.HC08.stage22.0776 168.6 km Tour of Qinghai Lake J.Martinez Castillo
2006-07-212.HC07.stage21.0747 150.5 km Tour of Qinghai Lake M.Tjallingii
2006-07-202.HC06.stage20.0720 208.1 km Tour of Qinghai Lake B.Bondariev
2006-07-192.HC05.stage19.0758 114.1 km Tour of Qinghai Lake D.McCann
2006-07-182.HC04.stage18.0771 163.6 km Tour of Qinghai Lake D.Lloyd
2006-07-172.HC03.stage17.0778 147 km Tour of Qinghai Lake D.Kostyuk
2006-07-162.HC02.stage16.07116 152.4 km Tour of Qinghai Lake R.Weissinger
2006-07-152.HC01.stage15.07125 121 km Tour of Qinghai Lake R.Weissinger
2006-03-262.208.stage26.0345 142 km Tour de Normandie S.Petilleau
2006-03-252.207.stage25.0375 170 km Tour de Normandie M.Mederel
2006-03-242.206.stage24.0312 56 km Tour de Normandie N.Terpstra
2006-03-242.205.stage24.0376 74 km Tour de Normandie K.Reus
2006-03-232.204.stage23.0347 201 km Tour de Normandie J.Van Emden
2006-03-222.203.stage22.0317 74 km Tour de Normandie M.Maaskant
2006-03-222.202.stage22.0358 77.3 km Tour de Normandie J.Roelandts
2006-03-212.201.stage21.0361 211 km Tour de Normandie C.Huff
2006-03-202.2Prologue20.0374 5.8 km Tour de Normandie K.Reus


Nation Russia

Born36 year, Jun 22nd 1982


Five rings of Moscow (2001, 2004)
Mainfranken-Tour (2002)
Mayor Cup (2005)
Tour du Cameroun (2003)