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Kris Dahl

Info Calendar Team mates Victories 2016 2015 2014 2013


Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2017 CONT Silber Pro Cycling Team - - 0 0 0.0
2016 CONT Silber Pro Cycling Team 825(90 pts) - 21 1 2712.2
2015 CONT Team SmartStop 2940(4 pts) - 21 0 2507.1
2014 CONT Team SmartStop - - 13 0 1694.1
2013 CONT Team SmartStop p/b Mountain Khakis (Trainee) 2326(2 pts) - 14 0 1988.0

2016 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2016-09-052.1Stage race01.09-05.0914 Tour of Alberta R.Carpenter
2016-09-052.1Points01.09-05.099 Tour of Alberta C.Joyce
2016-08-072.HCStage race01.08-07.08DNF Tour of Utah L.Morton
2016-07-101.2One-day race10.0755 157.8 km Delta Road Race R.Roth
2016-06-28CN Gatineau28.067 36.0 km CN Canada ITT R.Roth
2016-06-26CN Ottawa26.0611180.0 km CN Canada RR B.Langlois
2016-06-051.1One-day race05.06DNF 178.2 km Philly Cycling Classic E.Prades
2016-05-301.1One-day race30.05DNF 177.0 km Winston Cycling Classic R.Roth
2016-05-082.2Stage race04.05-08.0561 Tour of the Gila L.Morton
2016-05-082.2Points04.05-08.053 Tour of the Gila T.McCabe
2016-04-242.2Stage race21.04-24.0456 Joe Martin Stage Race N.Powless
2016-04-242.2Points21.04-24.0415 Joe Martin Stage Race N.Powless
2016-09-052.105.stage05.09614 124.1 km Tour of Alberta F.Mancebo
2016-09-042.104.stage04.091815 12.1 km Tour of Alberta B.Mollema
2016-09-032.103.stage03.09312 181.2 km Tour of Alberta E.Huffmann
2016-09-022.102.stage02.09735 182 km Tour of Alberta T.Putt
2016-09-012.101.stage01.097171 106.9 km Tour of Alberta C.Joyce
2016-08-072.HC07.stage07.08DNF 125.7 km Tour of Utah L.Morton
2016-08-062.HC06.stage06.0810087 183.1 km Tour of Utah A.Talansky
2016-08-052.HC05.stage05.0810886 186 km Tour of Utah K.Reijnen
2016-08-042.HC04.stage04.081455 154 km Tour of Utah T.McCabe
2016-08-032.HC03.stage03.0810354 191.8 km Tour of Utah L.Morton
2016-08-022.HC02.stage02.08333 159 km Tour of Utah R.Carpenter
2016-08-012.HC01.stage01.0811 134.3 km Tour of Utah-
2016-05-082.205.stage08.056161 161.9 km Tour of the Gila D.Jaramillo
2016-05-072.204.stage07.05368 69.5 km Tour of the Gila E.Marcotte
2016-05-062.203.stage06.052272 26 km Tour of the Gila T.Zirbel
2016-05-052.202.stage05.05984 122.6 km Tour of the Gila T.McCabe
2016-05-042.201.stage04.059292 148.1 km Tour of the Gila L.Morton
2016-04-242.203.stage24.046356 64 km Joe Martin Stage Race T.McCabe
2016-04-232.202.stage23.04527 169.1 km Joe Martin Stage Race C.Alzate Escobar
2016-04-222.201.stage22.043526 173.9 km Joe Martin Stage Race L.Haedo
2016-04-212.2Prologue21.042525 4.8 km Joe Martin Stage Race J.Acevedo


Nation Canada

Born24 year, Jul 7th 1992

National championships

ITT U23 (2014)