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Johim Ariesen

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Year Date # What Km Race
2015-04-19201519.041.2One-day race 202.6 km Profronde van Noord-Holland
2015-07-04201501.07-04.072.2GC Course Cycliste de Solidarnosc et des Champions
2015-08-09201509.08NEOne-day race 170.0 km KOGA Slag om Norg
2016-04-30201630.041.2One-day race 198.1 km GP Viborg
2016-05-01201601.051.2One-day race 177.7 km Rent Liv Løbet Skive
2016-09-11201611.09NEOne-day race80.0 km Ronde van Hank
2017-06-18201718.06NEOne-day race80.0 km Ronde van Elden


Year Date # What Km Race
2013-05-18201313.05-18.052.2Mountains Olympia's Tour
2014-07-05201402.07-05.072.1Points Course Cycliste de Solidarnosc et des Champions
2015-06-14201511.06-14.062.2Points Ronde de l'Oise
2015-07-04201501.07-04.072.2Points Course Cycliste de Solidarnosc et des Champions
2015-10-09201502.10-09.102.1Points Tour of China I

Stage victories

Year Date # What Km Race
2015-03-27201527.032.203.stage 189.6 km Volta ao Alentejo
2015-03-29201529.032.205.stage 175.1 km Volta ao Alentejo
2015-06-11201511.062.201.stage 131.2 km Ronde de l'Oise
2015-07-01201501.072.201.stage 126 km Solidarnosc Champions
2015-07-01201501.072.202.stage 87.8 km Solidarnosc Champions
2015-07-03201503.072.204.stage 154 km Solidarnosc Champions
2015-07-04201504.072.205.stage 180.9 km Solidarnosc Champions
2015-10-05201505.102.103.stage 125.6 km Tour of China I
2016-03-18201618.032.203.stage 186.6 km Volta ao Alentejo
2016-05-18201618.052.201.stage 193.9 km Baltyk - Karkonosze
2016-05-21201621.052.204.stage 173.6 km Baltyk - Karkonosze
2017-02-23201723.022.102.stage 171.3 km Volta ao Alentejo
2017-03-24201724.032.205.stage 157.8 km Tour de Normandie
2017-05-17201717.052.201.stage 140.8 km Baltyk - Karkonosze
2018-03-21201821.032.203.stage 134.8 km Tour de Normandie

Riding now..

CN Netherlands RR (01.07) Extra


Nation Netherlands

Born30 year, Mar 16th 1988

Points jerseys

Ronde de l'Oise (2015)
Solidarnosc Champions (2014, 2015)
Tour of China I (2015)

Mountain jerseys

Olympia's Tour (2013)