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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2008 CONT Team RACE Pro 3483(4 p) - 23 0 2542.2
2005 CONT Jet Fuel Coffee c/b Sympatico 3721(1 p) - 8 0 1094.8
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2008 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2008-08-102.2Stage race08.08-10.0849 Rochester Criterium D.Rollin
2008-06-292.2Stage race24.06-29.0637 Tour of Pennsylvania D.Veilleux
2008-06-152.2Stage race10.06-15.0655 Tour de Beauce S.Tuft
2008-05-041.2Stage race04.05DNF162.5 km US Air Force Classic L.Haedo
2008-03-302.2Stage race24.03-30.03DNF Tour de Normandie A.Dalibard
2008-03-191.1One-day race19.03DNF 196.9 km Nokere Koerse W.Weylandt
2008-03-161.2One-day race16.0326 191.0 km Omloop het Waasland N.Eeckhout
2008-03-12KPOne-day race12.0336 170.0 km Wanzeel Koerse J.Hoogerland
2008-08-102.203.stage10.0847 161.8 km Rochester Criterium A.Cruz
2008-08-092.202.stage09.0852 90 km Rochester Criterium D.Rollin
2008-08-082.201.stage08.0859 6.4 km Rochester Criterium R.Roth
2008-06-292.207.stage29.0620 80.5 km Tour of Pennsylvania D.Holloway
2008-06-282.206.stage28.0619 146 km Tour of Pennsylvania D.Veilleux
2008-06-272.205.stage27.0648 95.8 km Tour of Pennsylvania D.Veilleux
2008-06-262.204.stage26.0643 167.7 km Tour of Pennsylvania J.Driscoll
2008-06-252.203.stage25.0625 146 km Tour of Pennsylvania K.Lacombe
2008-06-242.202.stage24.0661 50 km Tour of Pennsylvania D.Holloway
2008-06-242.201.stage24.0623 3.5 km Tour of Pennsylvania S.Van Vooren
2008-06-152.207.stage15.0647 125.1 km Tour de Beauce M.Wilson
2008-06-142.206.stage14.0667 144 km Tour de Beauce A.Schillinger
2008-06-132.205.stage13.0694 60 km Tour de Beauce E.Elken
2008-06-132.204.stage13.0650 20 km Tour de Beauce S.Tuft
2008-06-122.203.stage12.0673 152.6 km Tour de Beauce M.Martinez
2008-06-112.202.stage11.0662 166 km Tour de Beauce Y.Metlushenko
2008-06-102.201.stage10.0655 165 km Tour de Beauce B.Colex Tepoz
2008-03-282.205.stage28.03DNF 175 km Tour de Normandie S.Caethoven
2008-03-272.204.stage27.0387 201 km Tour de Normandie D.Galimzyanov
2008-03-262.203.stage26.0346 76 km Tour de Normandie A.Ravard
2008-03-262.202.stage26.0368 90 km Tour de Normandie A.Ravard
2008-03-252.201.stage25.03111 198 km Tour de Normandie A.Ravard
2008-03-242.2Prologue24.03111 5.8 km Tour de Normandie M.Bouet


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