Jure Kocjan

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2016 CONT Lupus Racing Team - - 0 0 0.0
2015 CONT Team SmartStop 621(147 p) - 38 1 5163.1
2014 CONT Team SmartStop 423(216 p) - 44 4 5822.2
2013 PRT Euskaltel-Euskadi 2245(12 p) - 26 0 3674.9
2012 PROF Team Type 1 - Sanofi 373(250 p) - 51 2 8350.5
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2014 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2014-09-28WCRR Ponferrada28.09DNF254.8 km World Championship M.Kwiatkowski
2014-09-072.1Stage race02.09-07.0926 Tour of Alberta D.Impey
2014-08-242.HCStage race18.08-24.08100 USA Challenge T.Van Garderen
2014-08-102.1Stage race04.08-10.0854 Tour of Utah T.Danielson
2014-08-102.1Points04.08-10.081 Tour of Utah-
2014-06-29CN Gabrje29.066165.0 km CN Slovenia RR M.Mugerli
2014-06-152.2Stage race11.06-15.0622 Tour de Beauce T.Skujins
2014-06-152.2Points11.06-15.065 Tour de Beauce T.Skujins
2014-06-082.2Stage race05.06-08.061 GP Saguenay-
2014-06-082.2Points05.06-08.061 GP Saguenay-
2014-06-011.1One-day race01.062 193.0 km Philly Cycling Classic K.Reijnen
2014-04-27NEStage race24.04-27.0428 Joe Martin Stage Race I.Crane
2014-04-27NEPoints24.04-27.043 Joe Martin Stage Race I.Crane
2014-04-181.2One-day race18.0441 171.0 km Winston Cycling Classic T.McCabe
2014-03-092.2Stage race04.03-09.0342 Vuelta a Mexico J.Villegas
2014-02-272.2Stage race20.02-27.0236 Vuelta Independencia E.Sanchez Anzola
2014-02-272.2Points20.02-27.023 Vuelta Independencia N.Kulimbetov
2014-09-072.105.stage07.092326 124.1 km Tour of Alberta D.Impey
2014-09-062.104.stage06.09339 163.5 km Tour of Alberta T.Bos
2014-09-052.103.stage05.096039 157.9 km Tour of Alberta S.Vanmarcke
2014-09-042.102.stage04.091733 145.3 km Tour of Alberta J.Ahlstrand
2014-09-032.101.stage03.091533 143 km Tour of Alberta R.Zepuntke
2014-09-022.1Prologue02.097575 4 km Tour of Alberta T.Dumoulin
2014-08-242.HC07.stage24.0868100 126 km USA Challenge A.Howes
2014-08-232.HC06.stage23.0885111 16.1 km USA Challenge T.Van Garderen
2014-08-222.HC05.stage22.0885110 168 km USA Challenge L.Didier
2014-08-212.HC04.stage21.086113 113 km USA Challenge E.Viviani
2014-08-202.HC03.stage20.08116118 155 km USA Challenge T.Van Garderen
2014-08-192.HC02.stage19.0899118 169 km USA Challenge R.Carpenter
2014-08-182.HC01.stage18.08125126 98 km USA Challenge K.Reijnen
2014-08-102.107.stage10.085654 125.5 km Tour of Utah C.Evans
2014-08-092.106.stage09.088254 172.5 km Tour of Utah C.Evans
2014-08-082.105.stage08.08239 163.1 km Tour of Utah E.Young
2014-08-072.104.stage07.088641 168.5 km Tour of Utah T.Danielson
2014-08-062.103.stage06.0861 190.3 km Tour of Utah M.Hofland
2014-08-052.102.stage05.0821 210.3 km Tour of Utah M.Schär
2014-08-042.101.stage04.0822 182.6 km Tour of Utah M.Hofland
2014-06-152.205.stage15.06722 124.8 km Tour de Beauce T.Skujins
2014-06-142.204.stage14.06338 130.5 km Tour de Beauce L.Pinizzotto
2014-06-132.203.stage13.067242 20 km Tour de Beauce S.Schumacher
2014-06-122.202.stage12.063838 172 km Tour de Beauce T.Skujins
2014-06-112.201.stage11.0657 196 km Tour de Beauce L.Benedetti
2014-06-082.204.stage08.0611 149.8 km GP Saguenay-
2014-06-072.203.stage07.0673 74.2 km GP Saguenay J.Haedo
2014-06-062.202.stage06.0633 170.4 km GP Saguenay E.Young
2014-06-052.201.stage05.0644 166.1 km GP Saguenay E.Young
2014-04-27NE04.stage27.04228 52 km Joe Martin Stage Race C.Huff
2014-04-26NE03.stage26.04336 175 km Joe Martin Stage Race T.McCabe
2014-04-25NE02.stage25.043849 177 km Joe Martin Stage Race J.Haedo
2014-04-24NE01.stage24.047575 4 km Joe Martin Stage Race I.Crane
2014-03-092.206.stage09.03442 101.2 km Vuelta a Mexico E.Young
2014-03-082.205.stage08.035244 2.5 km Vuelta a Mexico J.Villegas
2014-03-072.204.stage07.03245 109.6 km Vuelta a Mexico J.Villegas
2014-03-062.203.stage06.035247 201.2 km Vuelta a Mexico D.Ochoa Camargo
2014-03-052.202.stage05.037057 144.8 km Vuelta a Mexico I.Prado
2014-03-042.201.stage04.037072 81.6 km Vuelta a Mexico J.Villegas
2014-02-262.208.stage26.027636 137 km Vuelta Independencia N.Kulimbetov
2014-02-252.207.stage25.024636 10 km Vuelta Independencia W.Marentes
2014-02-252.206.stage25.02136 111 km Vuelta Independencia-
2014-02-242.205.stage24.024438 112 km Vuelta Independencia C.Galviz
2014-02-222.203.stage22.02110 135.8 km Vuelta Independencia-
2014-02-212.202.stage21.02732 170 km Vuelta Independencia J.Dakteris
2014-02-202.201.stage20.028787 142 km Vuelta Independencia E.Marcotte


Nation Slovenia

Born33 year, Oct 18th 1984

Banned results

8.Mar 2012-8.Mar 2014
EPO / Tampering or Attempted Tampering

28.Jan 2016-27.Jan 2020
EPO / Tampering or Attempted Tampering


GP Pino Cerami (2010)
GP Saguenay (2014)
Tour of Vojvodina I (2006)

Points jerseys

GP Saguenay (2014)
Tour of Utah (2014)