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Willie Smit

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank UCI (CQ/old)
2017 Team RoadCover ---
2016 Team U Nantes Atlantique 4086(0 pts)--
2016 Team RoadCover 4086(0 pts)--
2015 South-Africa National Team 1887(16 pts)--
2014CONT Vini Fantini - Nippo - De Rosa 1423(27 pts)--

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-02-19CCRR Luxor19.021169.0 km CC Africa RR-
2017-02-16CCTT Luxor16.024 43.0 km CC Africa ITT M.Teshome
2017-02-12CNWellington12.023179.5 km CN South-Africa RR R.Janse Van Rensburg
2017-02-09CNWellington09.022 39.8 km CN South-Africa ITT D.Impey
2017-01-29NEOne-day race29.01397.0 km The Value Logistics Fast One-Meyerton D.Impey
2017-01-21NEOne-day race21.011 Mpumalanga Championships-ITT-
2017-01-17NEStage race12.01-17.011 Mpumalanga Tour-
2017-01-17NE06.stage17.012 85.2 km Mpumalanga Tour B.Davids
2017-01-16NE05.stage16.013 121 km Mpumalanga Tour C.Hendricks
2017-01-15NE04.stage15.011 109 km Mpumalanga Tour-
2017-01-14NE03.stage14.012 140 km Mpumalanga Tour R.Butler
2017-01-13NE02.stage13.015 99 km Mpumalanga Tour J.Nel
2017-01-12NE01.stage12.011 197 km Mpumalanga Tour-


Nation South Africa

Born24 year, Dec 29th 1992