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Romain Bardet

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 PRT AG2R La Mondiale 11(1053 p) 11(1080 p) 29 1 4338.6
2017 PRT AG2R La Mondiale 18(1687 p) 18(1464 p) 75 1 11920.9
2016 PRT AG2R La Mondiale 7(2287 p) 8(374 p) 71 1 11625.4
2015 PRT AG2R La Mondiale 23(1416 p) 24(196 p) 74 2 11820.1
2014 PRT AG2R La Mondiale 16(1705 p) 20(237 p) 75 1 12964.4
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2016 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2016-12-31-Challenge31.121 Velo d'Or francais-
2016-10-011.WT1Monument01.104 240.0 km Il Lombardia E.Chaves
2016-09-281.HCOne-day race28.099 186.0 km Milano - Torino M.Lopez
2016-09-241.HCOne-day race24.092 213.0 km Giro dell'Emilia E.Chaves
2016-09-221.1One-day race22.0944 195.9 km Coppa Sabatini S.Colbrelli
2016-09-111.WT2One-day race11.0920 205.7 km GP Montreal G.Van Avermaet
2016-09-091.WT2One-day race09.0922 201.6 km GP Quebec P.Sagan
2016-09-041.HCOne-day race04.0996 205.0 km GP de Fourmies M.Kittel
2016-08-06WCRR Rio de Janeiro06.0824237.5 km Olympic Games G.Van Avermaet
2016-07-24GT1Grand Tour02.07-24.072 Tour de France C.Froome
2016-07-24GT1Points02.07-24.0721 Tour de France P.Sagan
2016-07-24GT1Mountains02.07-24.0720 Tour de France R.Majka
2016-06-26CN Vesoul26.0610248.9 km CN France RR A.Vichot
2016-06-122.WTStage race05.06-12.062 Critérium Dauphiné C.Froome
2016-06-122.WTPoints05.06-12.066 Critérium Dauphiné E.Boasson Hagen
2016-06-122.WTMountains05.06-12.065 Critérium Dauphiné D.Teklehaimanot
2016-05-012.WTStage race26.04-01.0527 Tour de Romandie N.Quintana
2016-05-012.WTPoints26.04-01.0552 Tour de Romandie M.Albasini
2016-05-012.WTMountains26.04-01.0520 Tour de Romandie S.Armee
2016-04-241.WT1Monument24.0413 253.0 km Liège-Bastogne-Liège W.Poels
2016-04-222.HCStage race19.04-22.046 Tour of the Alps M.Landa
2016-04-222.HCMountains19.04-22.046 Tour of the Alps M.Landa
2016-03-272.WTStage race21.03-27.036 Volta Catalunya N.Quintana
2016-03-272.WTMountains21.03-27.0314 Volta Catalunya T.De Gendt
2016-03-272.WTSprint21.03-27.0319 Volta Catalunya T.De Gendt
2016-03-132.WTStage race06.03-13.039 Paris - Nice G.Thomas
2016-03-132.WTPoints06.03-13.0324 Paris - Nice M.Matthews
2016-02-281.1One-day race28.028 203.8 km La Drome Classic P.Vakoc
2016-02-271.1One-day race27.025 182.6 km Classic sud Ardeche P.Vakoc
2016-02-212.HCStage race16.02-21.022 Tour of Oman V.Nibali
2016-02-212.HCPoints16.02-21.025 Tour of Oman E.Boasson Hagen
2016-01-311.1One-day race31.0128 132.8 km GP la Marseillaise D.Devenyns
2016-07-24GT121.stage24.07312 113 km Tour de France A.Greipel
2016-07-23GT120.stage23.07102 146.5 km Tour de France I.Izagirre
2016-07-22GT119.stage22.0712 146 km Tour de France-
2016-07-21GT118.stage21.0755 17 km Tour de France C.Froome
2016-07-20GT117.stage20.07135 184.5 km Tour de France I.Zakarin
2016-07-18GT116.stage18.07136 209 km Tour de France P.Sagan
2016-07-17GT115.stage17.07176 160 km Tour de France J.Pantano
2016-07-16GT114.stage16.07737 208.5 km Tour de France M.Cavendish
2016-07-15GT113.stage15.07307 37.5 km Tour de France T.Dumoulin
2016-07-14GT112.stage14.07145 178 km Tour de France T.De Gendt
2016-07-13GT111.stage13.07296 162.5 km Tour de France P.Sagan
2016-07-12GT110.stage12.07617 197 km Tour de France M.Matthews
2016-07-10GT109.stage10.07176 184.5 km Tour de France T.Dumoulin
2016-07-09GT108.stage09.0749 184 km Tour de France C.Froome
2016-07-08GT107.stage08.071614 162.5 km Tour de France S.Cummings
2016-07-07GT106.stage07.075514 190.5 km Tour de France M.Cavendish
2016-07-06GT105.stage06.071314 216 km Tour de France G.Van Avermaet
2016-07-05GT104.stage05.073418 237.5 km Tour de France M.Kittel
2016-07-04GT103.stage04.077022 223.5 km Tour de France M.Cavendish
2016-07-03GT102.stage03.072417 183 km Tour de France P.Sagan
2016-07-02GT101.stage02.075656 188 km Tour de France M.Cavendish
2016-06-122.WT07.stage12.0632 151 km Critérium Dauphiné S.Cummings
2016-06-112.WT06.stage11.0623 141 km Critérium Dauphiné T.Pinot
2016-06-102.WT05.stage10.06611 140 km Critérium Dauphiné C.Froome
2016-06-092.WT04.stage09.061119 176 km Critérium Dauphiné E.Boasson Hagen
2016-06-082.WT03.stage08.062422 187.5 km Critérium Dauphiné F.Aru
2016-06-072.WT02.stage07.065122 168 km Critérium Dauphiné J.Herrada Lopez
2016-06-062.WT01.stage06.06247 186 km Critérium Dauphiné N.Bouhanni
2016-06-052.WTPrologue05.0677 4 km Critérium Dauphiné A.Contador
2016-05-012.WT05.stage01.059827 172 km Tour de Romandie M.Albasini
2016-04-302.WT04.stage30.041530 173.2 km Tour de Romandie C.Froome
2016-04-292.WT03.stage29.049972 15.1 km Tour de Romandie T.Pinot
2016-04-282.WT02.stage28.047570 173 km Tour de Romandie N.Quintana
2016-04-272.WT01.stage27.042426 100.5 km Tour de Romandie M.Kittel
2016-04-262.WTPrologue26.042828 4 km Tour de Romandie I.Izagirre
2016-04-222.HC04.stage22.0486 160.9 km Tour of the Alps T.Kangert
2016-04-212.HC03.stage21.0435 204.6 km Tour of the Alps T.Kangert
2016-04-202.HC02.stage20.0475 220 km Tour of the Alps M.Landa
2016-04-192.HC01.stage (TTT)19.04315 12.1 km Tour of the Alps V.Agnoli
2016-03-272.WT07.stage27.0386 136 km Volta Catalunya A.Tsatevitch
2016-03-262.WT06.stage26.03186 197 km Volta Catalunya D.Cimolai
2016-03-252.WT05.stage25.03166 187 km Volta Catalunya W.Poels
2016-03-242.WT04.stage24.0396 172 km Volta Catalunya T.De Gendt
2016-03-232.WT03.stage23.0333 172 km Volta Catalunya D.Martin
2016-03-222.WT02.stage22.032218 178 km Volta Catalunya N.Bouhanni
2016-03-212.WT01.stage21.032125 175 km Volta Catalunya N.Bouhanni
2016-03-132.WT07.stage13.0399 141 km Paris - Nice T.Wellens
2016-03-122.WT06.stage12.03810 177 km Paris - Nice I.Zakarin
2016-03-112.WT05.stage11.031623 198 km Paris - Nice A.Lutsenko
2016-03-102.WT04.stage10.033225 193.5 km Paris - Nice N.Bouhanni
2016-03-082.WT02.stage08.033727 214 km Paris - Nice M.Matthews
2016-03-072.WT01.stage07.031929 195 km Paris - Nice A.Démare
2016-03-062.WTPrologue06.035353 6.1 km Paris - Nice M.Matthews
2016-02-212.HC06.stage21.02242 130 km Tour of Oman A.Kristoff
2016-02-202.HC05.stage20.02142 119 km Tour of Oman E.Boasson Hagen
2016-02-192.HC04.stage19.0222 177 km Tour of Oman V.Nibali
2016-02-182.HC03.stage18.02614 176 km Tour of Oman A.Kristoff
2016-02-172.HC02.stage17.0284 162 km Tour of Oman E.Boasson Hagen
2016-02-162.HC01.stage16.0233 145 km Tour of Oman B.Jungels

Riding now..

Tour de France (07.07-29.07) Extra


Nation France

Born27 year, Nov 9th 1990


Height1.85 m


Classic sud Ardeche (2018)
La Drome Classic (2014)
Tour de l'Ain (2013)
Velo d'Or francais (2016, 2017)

Youth jerseys

X Tour of Beijing (2013)
Tour of Oman (2014)

Points jerseys

Tour de l'Ain (2013)
Tour de l'Avenir (2011)


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Skjelstadmark IL (season fantasy)