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Romain Bardet

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Year Date # What Km Race
2013-08-13201309.08-13.082.1GC Tour de l'Ain
2014-03-02201402.031.1One-day race 189.4 km Royal Bernard Drome Classic
2018-02-24201824.021.1One-day race 200.2 km Classic de l'Ardèche Rhône Crussol
2016-12-31201631.12-One-day race Velo d'Or francais
2017-12-31201731.12-One-day race Velo d'Or francais


Year Date # What Km Race
2011-09-11201104.09-11.092.NCPoints Tour de l'Avenir
2013-08-13201309.08-13.082.1Points Tour de l'Ain
2013-10-15201311.10-15.102.WTYouth Tour of Beijing
2014-02-23201418.02-23.022.HCYouth Tour of Oman

Stage victories

Year Date # What Km Race
2011-09-09201109.092.NC05.stage 172 km Tour de l'Avenir
2011-06-18201118.062.202.stage 152.2 km T.d.Savoie Mont Blanc
2011-06-19201119.062.203.stage 121.5 km T.d.Savoie Mont Blanc
2015-06-11201511.062.WT05.stage 161 km Critérium Dauphiné
2015-07-23201523.07GT118.stage 185 km Tour de France
2010-05-23201023.052.2U04.stage 163.8 km Ronde de l'Isard (U23)
2016-07-22201622.07GT119.stage 146 km Tour de France
2017-07-13201713.07GT112.stage 214.5 km Tour de France

Riding now..

Tour de France (07.07-29.07) Extra


Nation France

Born27 year, Nov 9th 1990


Height1.85 m


Classic sud Ardeche (2018)
La Drome Classic (2014)
Tour de l'Ain (2013)
Velo d'Or francais (2016, 2017)

Youth jerseys

X Tour of Beijing (2013)
Tour of Oman (2014)

Points jerseys

Tour de l'Ain (2013)
Tour de l'Avenir (2011)


Andy, goon1221, Maarten arens, Marian Meschede, sinal
Skjelstadmark IL (season fantasy)