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Stepan Astafyev

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 CONT Vino - Astana Motors 468(140 p) - 43 1 5949.0
2017 CONT Vino - Astana Motors 1445(36 p) - 47 1 6985.5
2016 CONT Vino4ever - SKO 1514(33 p) - 42 1 5803.0
2015 CONT Vino4ever 1203(51 p) - 65 0 8608.3
2014 CONT Vino4ever 768(103 p) - 35 0 4984.4
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-08-042.HCStage race22.07-04.0826 Tour of Qinghai Lake H.Aguirre
2018-07-01CN Almaty01.0719 CN Kazakhstan RR A.Lutsenko
2018-06-27CN Almaty27.067 50.0 km CN Kazakhstan ITT D.Fominykh
2018-06-032.1Stage race30.05-03.062 Tour de Korea S.Tvetcov
2018-06-032.1Points30.05-03.067 Tour de Korea R.Kreder
2018-06-032.1Mountains30.05-03.0615 Tour de Korea S.Kwon
2018-05-062.2Stage race04.05-06.052 Sri Lanka T-Cup Y.Nakajima
2018-05-062.2Points04.05-06.051 Sri Lanka T-Cup-
2018-04-062.1Stage race01.04-06.0472 Tour of Thailand B.Dyball
2018-04-062.1Points01.04-06.0419 Tour of Thailand M.Laas
2018-03-111.2One-day race11.031 183.2 km GP Side-
2018-03-042.2Stage race02.03-04.0331 Tour of Mediterrennean O.Balkan
2018-02-252.2Stage race22.02-25.0236 Tour of Antalya A.Ovechkin
2018-02-181.2One-day race18.0234 175.0 km GP Alanya K.Pozdnyakov
2018-02-12CCRR Naypyidaw12.027176.0 km CC Asia RR Y.Mirza
2018-02-10CCTT Naypyidaw10.025 42.0 km CC Asia ITT K.Cheung
2018-02-08CCTT Naypyidaw08.02570.0 km CC Asia TTT Y.Arashiro
2018-01-272.1Stage race24.01-27.0181 Sharjah Cycling Tour J.Moreno
2018-08-042.HC13.stage04.089826 108 km Tour of Qinghai Lake K.Groves
2018-08-032.HC12.stage03.082827 107 km Tour of Qinghai Lake D.Lopez Parada
2018-08-022.HC11.stage02.088027 110 km Tour of Qinghai Lake J.Tipper
2018-08-012.HC10.stage01.089227 124 km Tour of Qinghai Lake D.Rajovic
2018-07-302.HC09.stage30.076027 175 km Tour of Qinghai Lake O.Balkan
2018-07-292.HC08.stage29.075228 235 km Tour of Qinghai Lake E.Grosu
2018-07-282.HC07.stage28.078128 169 km Tour of Qinghai Lake E.Grosu
2018-07-272.HC06.stage27.073528 66 km Tour of Qinghai Lake H.Aguirre
2018-07-262.HC05.stage26.0711625 235 km Tour of Qinghai Lake C.Scott
2018-07-252.HC04.stage25.072624 100 km Tour of Qinghai Lake H.Aguirre
2018-07-242.HC03.stage24.073845 133 km Tour of Qinghai Lake E.Grosu
2018-07-232.HC02.stage23.0711677 115 km Tour of Qinghai Lake B.Jones
2018-07-222.HC01.stage22.075154 162 km Tour of Qinghai Lake G.Bouglas
2018-06-032.105.stage03.06252 65 km Tour de Korea R.Kreder
2018-06-022.104.stage02.06432 137 km Tour de Korea J.Cooper
2018-06-012.103.stage01.0622 192.4 km Tour de Korea S.Tvetcov
2018-05-312.102.stage31.05295 202.6 km Tour de Korea M.Raim
2018-05-302.101.stage30.0544 184.6 km Tour de Korea H.Choe
2018-05-062.203.stage06.0522 122 km Sri Lanka T-Cup M.Salleh
2018-05-052.202.stage05.0552 85.1 km Sri Lanka T-Cup Y.Nepomnyachshiy
2018-05-042.201.stage04.0522 124 km Sri Lanka T-Cup Y.Nakajima
2018-04-062.106.stage06.042872 110.7 km Tour of Thailand M.Laas
2018-04-052.105.stage05.041375 229 km Tour of Thailand M.Laas
2018-04-042.104.stage04.049176 183.4 km Tour of Thailand M.Laas
2018-04-032.103.stage03.049379 177.7 km Tour of Thailand B.Dyball
2018-04-022.102.stage02.042610 173 km Tour of Thailand S.Iribe
2018-04-012.101.stage01.0457 207.1 km Tour of Thailand R.Kreder
2018-03-042.203.stage04.033431 116 km Tour of Mediterrennean O.Balkan
2018-03-032.202.stage03.032142 122 km Tour of Mediterrennean O.Balkan
2018-03-022.201.stage02.037777 196 km Tour of Mediterrennean T.Maleiev
2018-02-252.204.stage25.029936 146.2 km Tour of Antalya M.Moschetti
2018-02-242.203.stage24.023939 32.5 km Tour of Antalya A.Ovechkin
2018-02-232.202.stage23.024653 121.3 km Tour of Antalya W.Kleiman
2018-02-222.201.stage22.02132132 158.6 km Tour of Antalya M.Moschetti
2018-01-272.104.stage27.017981 99.1 km Sharjah Cycling Tour J.Mareczko
2018-01-262.103.stage26.017582 116.7 km Sharjah Cycling Tour S.Kipkemboi
2018-01-252.102.stage25.013556 151.6 km Sharjah Cycling Tour J.Mareczko
2018-01-242.101.stage24.015858 10.2 km Sharjah Cycling Tour J.Morice

Riding now..

Minsk Cup (18.08) Extra


Nation Kazakhstan

Born24 year, Jan 27th 1994


GP Side (2018)

Stage victories

1x Tour de Taiwan, Tour of Ukraine

Points jerseys

Sri Lanka T-Cup (2018)