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Jonas Engel

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 0711-Cycling - - 0 0 0.0
2017 CONT 0711-Cycling - - 21 0 3454.9
2016 Team Jäger und Keppel - Wipotec - - 0 0 0.0
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-10-132.1Stage race08.10-13.10DNF Tour of Iran R.Ruygh
2017-10-051.1One-day race05.10DNS 193.7 km Paris - Bourges R.Barbier
2017-10-012.1Stage race30.09-01.1066 Tour of Almaty A.Lutsenko
2017-07-092.1Stage race05.07-09.0774 Sibiu Cycling Tour E.Bernal
2017-06-25CN Chemnitz25.06DNF213.4 km CN Germany RR M.Burghardt
2017-06-112.1Stage race07.06-11.0693 Okolo Slovenska J.Tratnik
2017-05-282.2Stage race27.05-28.0555 Tour du Jura T.Degand
2017-05-061.2One-day race06.05DNF 202.0 km Ronde van Overijssel N.Brøchner
2017-05-011.2One-day race01.0564 182.4 km Circuit de Wallonie M.Van Trijp
2017-04-291.2One-day race29.04DNF 197.4 km PWZ Zuidenveld Tour R.Ottema
2017-04-17NEOne-day race17.0423144.0 km Rund um Schönaich C.Hatz
2017-04-091.1One-day race09.04DNF 199.0 km Giro dell'Appennino D.Celano
2017-03-051.HCOne-day race05.03DNF 199.2 km GP Industria & Artigianato A.Yates
2017-02-051.1One-day race05.0251 190.6 km GP della Costa Etruschi D.Ulissi
2017-10-132.106.stage13.10DNF 114 km Tour of Iran T.Yates
2017-10-122.105.stage12.106370 191.7 km Tour of Iran D.Rebellin
2017-10-112.104.stage11.107172 196.2 km Tour of Iran A.Kolahdozhagh
2017-10-102.103.stage10.107475 155.1 km Tour of Iran S.Safarzadeh
2017-10-092.102.stage09.106272 209.4 km Tour of Iran A.Voloshin
2017-10-082.101.stage08.107575 144.1 km Tour of Iran K.Kers
2017-10-012.102.stage01.106666 160 km Tour of Almaty J.Fuglsang
2017-09-302.101.stage30.096968 171.2 km Tour of Almaty A.Lutsenko
2017-07-092.104.stage09.078174 148.4 km Sibiu Cycling Tour E.Grosu
2017-07-082.103.stage08.075376 211.5 km Sibiu Cycling Tour E.Bernal
2017-07-072.102.stage07.078685 160 km Sibiu Cycling Tour E.Bernal
2017-07-062.101.stage06.078886 211.8 km Sibiu Cycling Tour E.Avila
2017-07-052.1Prologue05.079797 2.3 km Sibiu Cycling Tour A.Palini
2017-06-112.104.stage11.067293 152.5 km Okolo Slovenska I.Savitsky
2017-06-102.103.stage10.063490 222.1 km Okolo Slovenska M.Mugerli
2017-06-092.102.stage09.0675105 172 km Okolo Slovenska M.Malucelli
2017-06-082.101.stage08.06123110 211.8 km Okolo Slovenska M.Raim
2017-06-072.1Prologue07.069494 3.7 km Okolo Slovenska J.Tratnik
2017-05-282.202.stage28.055855 193 km Tour du Jura P.Ficara
2017-05-272.201.stage27.056868 165.1 km Tour du Jura M.Frapporti


Nation Germany

Born23 year, Aug 26th 1994