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Pierpaolo De Negri

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Year Date # What Km Race
2012-07-29201229.071.1One-day race 195.0 km Trofeo Matteotti
2008-07-20200820.071.2One-day race 155.5 km Giro del Casentino - Corsalone
2008-02-23200823.02AmOne-day race134.0 km Firenze - Empoli
2009-02-22200922.02AmOne-day race100.0 km GP la Torre
2009-05-12200912.05AmOne-day race134.0 km Coppa Cicogna
2009-03-22200922.03AmOne-day race144.0 km Coppa Giulio Burci - Seano
2007-09-27200727.09AmOne-day race137.6 km Trofeo Alvaro Bacci - Casciana Terme
2008-09-09200809.09AmOne-day race164.0 km Giro del Valdarno
2008-10-12200812.10AmOne-day race157.0 km Gp Somma - Somma Lombardo


Year Date # What Km Race
2013-05-26201319.05-26.052.1Points Tour of Japan
2016-06-05201629.05-05.062.1Points Tour of Japan
2016-09-03201601.09-03.092.2Points Tour de Hokkaido

Stage victories

Year Date # What Km Race
2013-05-22201322.052.102.stage 148 km Tour of Japan
2014-04-11201411.042.201.stage 173.6 km Circuit des Ardennes
2014-05-21201421.052.102.stage 148 km Tour of Japan
2015-06-19201519.062.102.stage 182 km Tour de Slovénie
2016-09-02201602.092.202.stage 180 km Tour de Hokkaido


Nation Italy

Born32 year, Jun 5th 1986

Points jerseys

Tour de Hokkaido (2016)
Tour of Japan (2013, 2016)