Colin Stüssi

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 CONT Amore & Vita - Prodir 1151(49 p) - 42 0 5465.4
2017 CONT Roth - Akros 208(384 p) - 62 2 9204.9
2016 PROF Team Roth 1559(31 p) - 41 0 6379.4
2015 CONT Roth - Skoda 1143(56 p) - 26 0 3955.0
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-09-151.1One-day race15.09DNF 199.9 km Coppa Agostoni G.Moscon
2018-09-021.HCOne-day race02.0949 205.0 km GP de Fourmies P.Ackermann
2018-08-122.1Stage race01.08-12.08DNF Volta a Portugal R.Alarcon
2018-07-082.1Stage race05.07-08.0712 Sibiu Cycling Tour I.Sosa
2018-07-082.1Points05.07-08.0719 Sibiu Cycling Tour I.Sosa
2018-07-082.1Mountains05.07-08.0710 Sibiu Cycling Tour I.Sosa
2018-07-01CN Schneisingen01.076200.4 km CN Switzerland RR S.Morabito
2018-06-242.2Stage race21.06-24.0632 T.d.Savoie Mont Blanc R.Zoidl
2018-06-242.2Points21.06-24.0616 T.d.Savoie Mont Blanc R.Zoidl
2018-06-071.HCOne-day race07.0631 185.9 km GP Kanton Aargau A.Kristoff
2018-06-031.1One-day race03.06DNF 185.2 km Gran Premio di Lugano H.Pernsteiner
2018-05-281.1One-day race28.0528 177.8 km Winston Cycling Classic S.Bassetti
2018-05-062.2Stage race03.05-06.05DNF Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour S.Rabitsch
2018-04-221.1One-day race22.0457 194.8 km Giro dell'Appennino G.Ciccone
2018-04-15NEOne-day race15.0420126.0 km L'Enfer du Chablais J.Freuler
2018-04-08NEOne-day race08.044162.0 km Prix des Vins Henri Valloton M.Schäppi
2018-03-252.1Stage race22.03-25.03124 Coppi e Bartali D.Rosa
2018-02-182.1Stage race17.02-18.0232 Tour du Haut Var J.Hivert
2018-02-112.1Stage race08.02-11.0220 Tour de Provence A.Geniez
2018-02-112.1Points08.02-11.0243 Tour de Provence C.Laporte
2018-02-042.1Stage race31.01-04.0292 Étoile de Bessèges T.Gallopin
2018-01-281.1One-day race28.0137 145.3 km GP la Marseillaise A.Geniez
2018-08-112.109.stage11.08DNF 155.2 km Volta a Portugal R.Alarcon
2018-08-102.108.stage10.082627 147.6 km Volta a Portugal V.Garcia de Mateos
2018-08-092.107.stage09.08730 165.5 km Volta a Portugal E.Sanz Unzue
2018-08-082.106.stage08.082531 165.4 km Volta a Portugal D.Goncalves
2018-08-062.105.stage06.082230 191.7 km Volta a Portugal R.Stacchiotti
2018-08-052.104.stage05.083530 144.3 km Volta a Portugal R.Alarcon
2018-08-042.103.stage04.084139 177.8 km Volta a Portugal R.Alarcon
2018-08-032.102.stage03.08833 203.6 km Volta a Portugal V.Garcia de Mateos
2018-08-022.101.stage02.081936 191.8 km Volta a Portugal R.Stacchiotti
2018-08-012.1Prologue01.084949 1.8 km Volta a Portugal R.Reis
2018-07-082.104.stage08.073812 152.8 km Sibiu Cycling Tour J.Van Dalen
2018-07-082.103.stage (TTT)08.071112 10 km Sibiu Cycling Tour K.Gradek
2018-07-062.101.stage06.07109 90 km Sibiu Cycling Tour I.Sosa
2018-07-052.1Prologue05.074444 2.2 km Sibiu Cycling Tour D.Ballerini
2018-06-242.205.stage24.065932 137.9 km T.d.Savoie Mont Blanc Q.Pacher
2018-06-232.204.stage23.064228 189.1 km T.d.Savoie Mont Blanc P.Schelling
2018-06-222.203.stage22.063511 7.3 km T.d.Savoie Mont Blanc P.Schelling
2018-06-222.202.stage22.062813 82.5 km T.d.Savoie Mont Blanc V.Lafay
2018-06-212.201.stage21.0655 150.8 km T.d.Savoie Mont Blanc M.Bouet
2018-05-062.204.stage06.05DNS 171.7 km Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour Y.Yssaad
2018-05-052.203.stage05.0510470 171.4 km Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour S.Rabitsch
2018-05-042.202.stage04.05124 142.2 km Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour F.Fortin
2018-05-032.201.stage03.0555 143.3 km Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour N.Larsen
2018-03-252.105.stage25.0396124 12.5 km Coppi e Bartali J.Tratnik
2018-03-242.104.stage24.03147124 171.4 km Coppi e Bartali C.Lawless
2018-03-232.103.stage23.03112113 130 km Coppi e Bartali B.Mollema
2018-03-222.102.stage (TTT)22.0324100 13.3 km Coppi e Bartali P.Sivakov
2018-03-222.101.stage22.037675 97.8 km Coppi e Bartali P.Eenkhoorn
2018-02-182.102.stage18.023732 188.5 km Tour du Haut Var J.Hivert
2018-02-172.101.stage17.023333 169.7 km Tour du Haut Var J.Hivert
2018-02-112.103.stage11.021520 166.7 km Tour de Provence C.Laporte
2018-02-102.102.stage10.021620 144.5 km Tour de Provence R.Di Gregorio
2018-02-092.101.stage09.021761 165.9 km Tour de Provence C.Laporte
2018-02-082.1Prologue08.026666 5.8 km Tour de Provence A.Geniez
2018-02-042.105.stage04.027792 10.7 km Étoile de Bessèges T.Gallopin
2018-02-032.104.stage03.026593 152.9 km Étoile de Bessèges S.De Bie
2018-02-022.103.stage02.027396 152.6 km Étoile de Bessèges M.Sarreau
2018-02-012.102.stage01.02121119 148.3 km Étoile de Bessèges C.Laporte
2018-01-312.101.stage31.018587 157 km Étoile de Bessèges M.Sarreau

Riding now..

Memorial Pantani (22.09) Extra


Nation Switzerland

Born25 year, Jun 4th 1993


Tour of Rhodes (2017)

Stage victories

1x Tour of Rhodes

Youth jerseys

Giro della Regione Friuli (2015)
Giro della Toscana (2016)


TORA TORA TORA (season fantasy)