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Aleh Ahiyevich

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2017 CONT Minsk Cycling Club 3491(2 p) - 23 0 2852.4
2016 CONT Minsk Cycling Club 1704(25 p) - 43 0 5594.3
2015 CONT Minsk Cycling Club 2392(10 p) - 16 0 1683.9

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-07-012.2Stage race28.06-01.07DNF Solidarnosc Champions M.Komar
2017-06-25CN Navahrudak25.06DNF182.0 km CN Belarus RR N.Shumov
2017-06-22CN Kaments22.066 40.0 km CN Belarus ITT S.Bazhkou
2017-06-042.1Stage race01.06-04.06DNF Szlakiem Hubala M.Paterski
2017-05-092.2Stage race05.05-09.05DNF Five rings of Moscow Y.Trofimov
2017-04-301.2One-day race30.0450 177.0 km Banja Luka Belgrade II N.Gaffurini
2017-04-291.2One-day race29.0439 128.0 km Banja Luka Belgrade I B.Peak
2017-04-232.2Stage race20.04-23.0435 Tour of Mersin S.Bazhkou
2017-04-232.2Points20.04-23.0427 Tour of Mersin S.Bazhkou
2017-04-021.2One-day race02.04DNF 183.0 km GP Adria Mobil A.Parrinello
2017-03-262.1Stage race23.03-26.03DNF Coppi e Bartali L.Calmejane
2017-03-122.2Stage race09.03-12.0398 Istrian Spring Trophy M.Mugerli
2017-03-041.2One-day race04.03DNF 152.0 km Porec Trophy M.Mugerli
2017-03-011.2One-day race01.03126 161.0 km Umag Trophy R.Korosec
2017-02-261.2One-day race26.02DNF 156.5 km GP Izola F.Fortin
2017-02-191.2One-day race19.0298 158.0 km GP Laguna Porec A.Toniatti
2017-02-051.1One-day race05.02DNS 190.6 km GP della Costa Etruschi D.Ulissi
2017-06-292.203.stage29.06DNF 211.1 km Solidarnosc Champions A.Kankovsky
2017-06-282.202.stage28.06100101 121.3 km Solidarnosc Champions A.Banaszek
2017-06-282.201.stage28.069393 86.8 km Solidarnosc Champions G.Stepniak
2017-06-042.105.stage04.06DNF 171.2 km Szlakiem Hubala T.Stewart
2017-06-032.104.stage03.067377 176.2 km Szlakiem Hubala G.Stepniak
2017-06-022.102.stage02.065475 14.7 km Szlakiem Hubala K.Zielinski
2017-06-012.101.stage01.067676 177.9 km Szlakiem Hubala M.Paterski
2017-05-082.203.stage08.05DNF 117.6 km Five rings of Moscow S.Rostovcev
2017-05-072.202.stage07.057917 149.5 km Five rings of Moscow M.Zubov
2017-05-062.201.stage06.051817 136 km Five rings of Moscow Y.Trofimov
2017-05-052.2Prologue05.052020 3.8 km Five rings of Moscow V.Duiunov
2017-04-222.203.stage22.045235 146.8 km Tour of Mersin J.Almeida
2017-04-212.202.stage21.044917 165.2 km Tour of Mersin S.Papok
2017-04-202.201.stage20.041616 132.7 km Tour of Mersin S.Bazhkou
2017-03-262.105.stage26.03DNF 152.5 km Coppi e Bartali L.Calmejane
2017-03-252.104.stage25.03171182 171.4 km Coppi e Bartali T.Boudat
2017-03-242.103.stage24.03181179 130 km Coppi e Bartali T.Skujins
2017-03-232.102.stage (TTT)23.0324165 13.3 km Coppi e Bartali B.Samoilau
2017-03-232.101.stage23.03163163 97.8 km Coppi e Bartali L.Pichon
2017-03-122.203.stage12.036898 156 km Istrian Spring Trophy A.Frame
2017-03-112.202.stage11.03114103 186 km Istrian Spring Trophy M.Mugerli
2017-03-102.201.stage10.039092 161 km Istrian Spring Trophy F.Giger
2017-03-092.2Prologue09.039494 2 km Istrian Spring Trophy A.Frame


Nation Belarus

Born24 year, Jun 28th 1993

Stage victories

1x Minsk-Arena 2