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Koos Jeroen Kers

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 WP Groot Amsterdam 1309(27 p) - 8 0 1077.6
2017 CONT Baby Dump Cycling Team 1285(46 p) - 17 1 3157.0
2016 CONT Baby Dump Cycling Team 2435(9 p) - 16 0 2660.7
2015 CONT Baby Dump Cycling Team 1262(46 p) - 31 0 4238.3
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-07-10NEOne-day race10.07680.0 km Kermisronde Bergeijk J.De Laat
2018-06-28NEOne-day race28.06780.0 km Ronde van Honselersdijk I.Slik
2018-06-25NEOne-day race25.0612 Ronde van Luyksgestel M.Van Trijp
2018-06-23CN Philippine23.0619175.0 km CN Netherlands Elite z.c RR R.Pieters
2018-06-18NEOne-day race18.06390.0 km Ronde van Riethoven J.Koop
2018-06-14NEOne-day race14.06380.0 km Ronde van Rijsenhout M.Huenders
2018-06-11NEOne-day race11.064 Wielerronde van Numansdorp M.Meeuwisse
2018-05-26NEOne-day race26.05280.0 km Ronde van Westerhoven H.Dekkers
2018-05-20NEOne-day race20.0521 189.0 km Omloop der Kempen D.Van Sintmaartensdijk
2018-05-131.2One-day race13.0542 193.4 km Ronde v.Noord-Holland J.Van Den Berg
2018-05-10NEOne-day race10.053 Ronde van Lekkerkerk E.Gödde
2018-05-062.2Stage race02.05-06.0549 Five rings of Moscow A.Prostokishin
2018-05-062.2Points02.05-06.0514 Five rings of Moscow K.Pozdnyakov
2018-04-27NEOne-day race27.045 Grote Ronde van 's-Gravendeel S.Handgraaf
2018-04-221.2One-day race22.043 188.3 km Rutland - Melton Classic G.Cullaigh
2018-04-15NEOne-day race15.04780.0 km Ronde van Oud Gastel N.Van der Meer
2018-04-14NEOne-day race14.04990.0 km Ronde van lexmond P.Schulting
2018-04-02NEOne-day race02.04780.0 km Grote Ronde van Gerwen M.Van Trijp
2018-02-251.2One-day race25.0212 106.5 km GP Izola D.Rajovic
2018-02-18NEOne-day race18.0227119.0 km Trofeu Un Hivern a Mallorca-El Arenal P.Van der Duin
2018-05-062.204.stage06.056449 122.4 km Five rings of Moscow K.Pozdnyakov
2018-05-052.203.stage05.054510 156.8 km Five rings of Moscow V.Strokau
2018-05-042.202.stage04.05810 149.6 km Five rings of Moscow S.Bazhkou
2018-05-032.201.stage03.05912 156.8 km Five rings of Moscow A.Sazanov
2018-05-022.2Prologue02.054545 3.8 km Five rings of Moscow A.Vorobyev