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Manuel Fernández Ginés

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2000 TT1 Mapei - Quick Step - -
1999 TT1 Mapei - Quick Step - -
1998 TT1 Banesto - -
1997 TT1 Banesto - -
1996 TT1 Mapei - GB - -
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2000 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2000-06-222.HCStage race15.06-22.06DNF Volta Catalunya J.Jiménez
2000-05-072.HCStage race02.05-07.05DNF Tour de Romandie P.Savoldelli
2000-04-272.2Stage race24.04-27.04DNF Tour of the Alps S.Borgheresi
2000-04-162.2Stage race12.04-16.0419 Vuelta a Aragón L.Piepoli
2000-03-242.1Stage race20.03-24.0335 Catalaanse Week L.Jalabert
2000-03-052.3One-day race01.03-05.0344 Vuelta a Murcia D.Canada
2000-02-262.3Stage race22.02-26.0277 Comunitat Valenciana A.Olano
2000-02-201.2One-day race20.0230 182.0 km Trofeo Luis Puig E.Zabel
2000-02-081.4One-day race08.0273 158.0 km Trofeo Soller R.McEwen
2000-02-071.4One-day race07.02108 147.0 km Trofeo Andratx F.Cabello
2000-06-172.HC03.stage17.06DNF 154 km Volta Catalunya E.Zabel
2000-06-162.HC02.stage16.06114 160 km Volta Catalunya E.Zabel
2000-06-152.HC01.stage (TTT)15.063 22 km Volta Catalunya D.Canada
2000-05-032.HC01.stage03.05DNF 224 km Tour de Romandie M.Cipollini
2000-05-022.HCPrologue02.0558 7 km Tour de Romandie P.Savoldelli
2000-04-272.205.stage27.04DNF 166 km Tour of the Alps D.Frigo
2000-04-242.202.stage24.04151 70 km Tour of the Alps J.Svorada
2000-04-242.201.stage24.0467 11 km Tour of the Alps S.Borgheresi
2000-04-162.205.stage16.0454 121 km Vuelta a Aragón G.Lombardi
2000-04-142.203.stage14.049 159 km Vuelta a Aragón Ó.Freire
2000-04-132.202.stage13.0434 170 km Vuelta a Aragón L.Piepoli
2000-04-122.201.stage12.042 175 km Vuelta a Aragón M.Wüst
2000-03-242.106.stage24.0348 12 km Catalaanse Week L.Jalabert
2000-03-242.105.stage24.03100 76 km Catalaanse Week J.Kirsipuu
2000-03-232.104.stage23.0363 156 km Catalaanse Week E.Zabel
2000-03-222.103.stage22.032 171 km Catalaanse Week E.Zabel
2000-03-212.102.stage21.039 171 km Catalaanse Week G.Colombo
2000-03-202.101.stage20.0330 144 km Catalaanse Week U.Etxebarria Arana
2000-03-052.305.stage05.0357 13 km Vuelta a Murcia D.Canada
2000-03-042.304.stage04.0334 157 km Vuelta a Murcia D.Canada
2000-03-032.303.stage03.0363 185 km Vuelta a Murcia E.Leoni
2000-03-022.302.stage02.0358 156 km Vuelta a Murcia F.Cabello
2000-03-012.301.stage01.03104 200 km Vuelta a Murcia H.Van Dijck
2000-02-262.306.stage26.0292 20 km Comunitat Valenciana A.Olano
2000-02-262.305.stage26.02106 68 km Comunitat Valenciana M.Cipollini
2000-02-252.304.stage25.02113 187 km Comunitat Valenciana E.Zabel
2000-02-242.303.stage24.0263 186 km Comunitat Valenciana Ó.Freire
2000-02-232.302.stage23.0289 183 km Comunitat Valenciana R.Galvañ Manchon
2000-02-222.301.stage22.02120 154 km Comunitat Valenciana J.Pascual Llorente


Nation Spain

Born47 year, Feb 25th 1971


Vuelta a Asturias (1997)