Christopher Jones

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2017 PROF UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team 756(107 p) - 52 0 6651.8
2016 PROF UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team 1728(24 p) - 48 0 6697.6
2015 PROF UnitedHealthcare 1058(62 p) - 57 0 8508.8
2014 PROF UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis 1542(29 p) - 59 0 8977.5
2013 PROF UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling 1254(46 p) - 66 0 9567.5
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-10-01CX: C2CX01.10DNS- CX - West Sacramento II L.Haidet
2017-09-30CX: C2CX30.09DNS- CX - West Sacramento I A.Clark
2017-09-042.1Stage race01.09-04.095 Tour of Alberta E.Huffman
2017-09-042.1Points01.09-04.0916 Tour of Alberta W.Wippert
2017-09-042.1Mountains01.09-04.0912 Tour of Alberta A.Cowan
2017-08-062.HCStage race31.07-06.0847 Tour of Utah R.Britton
2017-08-062.HCMountains31.07-06.0828 Tour of Utah J.Rathe
2017-07-232.2Stage race19.07-23.0741 Cascade Cycling Classic R.Carpenter
2017-07-232.2Sprint19.07-23.0712 Cascade Cycling Classic T.Shelden
2017-06-25CN Knoxville25.0630 179.0 km CN USA RR L.Warbasse
2017-06-182.2Stage race14.06-18.0623 Tour de Beauce A.Flaksis
2017-06-182.2Points14.06-18.0624 Tour de Beauce R.Carpenter
2017-06-182.2Mountains14.06-18.068 Tour de Beauce N.Ellsay
2017-05-282.1Stage race21.05-28.0522 Tour of Japan O.Pujol
2017-05-282.1Points21.05-28.0527 Tour of Japan M.Canola
2017-05-282.1Mountains21.05-28.0518 Tour of Japan S.Hatsuyama
2017-05-072.NRCStage race03.05-07.0526 Redlands Classic T.Eisenhart
2017-04-162.2Stage race07.04-16.042 Tour du Maroc A.Ait El Abdia
2017-04-162.2Points07.04-16.0425 Tour du Maroc A.Galdoune
2017-04-162.2Mountains07.04-16.0416 Tour du Maroc J.Rumac
2017-04-162.2Sprint07.04-16.0435 Tour du Maroc S.Mraouni
2017-02-192.HCStage race14.02-19.0254 Tour of Oman B.Hermans
2017-01-292.1Stage race23.01-29.01DNF Vuelta a San Juan B.Mollema
2017-09-042.104.stage04.09115 124.1 km Tour of Alberta W.Wippert
2017-09-032.103.stage03.09115 116 km Tour of Alberta A.Howes
2017-09-022.102.stage02.09124 139 km Tour of Alberta W.Wippert
2017-09-012.101.stage01.0944 162 km Tour of Alberta E.Huffman
2017-08-062.HC07.stage06.087647 117.8 km Tour of Utah M.Canola
2017-08-052.HC06.stage05.081649 97.8 km Tour of Utah G.Ciccone
2017-08-042.HC05.stage04.088685 185.4 km Tour of Utah T.McCabe
2017-08-032.HC04.stage03.08120100 201.1 km Tour of Utah J.Murphy
2017-08-022.HC03.stage02.085695 9 km Tour of Utah R.Britton
2017-08-012.HC02.stage01.08114100 151.1 km Tour of Utah B.Bookwalter
2017-07-312.HC01.stage31.0799100 212.3 km Tour of Utah T.Magner
2017-07-232.205.stage23.078341 131.3 km Cascade Cycling Classic A.Howes
2017-07-222.204.stage22.075940 48.9 km Cascade Cycling Classic S.Kline
2017-07-212.203.stage21.077443 172.7 km Cascade Cycling Classic P.Stetina
2017-07-202.202.stage20.073821 23 km Cascade Cycling Classic E.Huffman
2017-07-192.201.stage19.073232 174 km Cascade Cycling Classic A.Howes
2017-06-182.206.stage18.061723 122.4 km Tour de Beauce R.Britton
2017-06-172.205.stage17.065828 70 km Tour de Beauce I.Garrison
2017-06-162.204.stage16.067628 77 km Tour de Beauce C.Lawless
2017-06-162.203.stage16.062928 19.4 km Tour de Beauce A.Cowan
2017-06-152.202.stage15.06827 169 km Tour de Beauce M.Dal-Cin
2017-06-142.201.stage14.065556 185 km Tour de Beauce E.Jean
2017-05-282.107.stage28.056622 112.7 km Tour of Japan J.Insausti
2017-05-272.106.stage27.052322 122 km Tour of Japan M.Garcia
2017-05-262.105.stage26.051625 11.4 km Tour of Japan O.Pujol
2017-05-252.104.stage25.051131 123.6 km Tour of Japan M.Canola
2017-05-242.103.stage24.055952 139.4 km Tour of Japan J.Aberasturi Izaga
2017-05-232.102.stage23.055153 130.7 km Tour of Japan M.Canola
2017-05-222.101.stage22.055757 103.8 km Tour of Japan M.Canola
2017-05-212.1Prologue21.055454 2.7 km Tour of Japan D.Summerhill
2017-05-072.NRC05.stage07.0513 - Redlands Classic F.Mancebo
2017-04-162.210.stage16.04522 120 km Tour du Maroc A.Galdoune
2017-04-152.209.stage15.04312 138.2 km Tour du Maroc L.Keough
2017-04-142.208.stage14.04452 148.5 km Tour du Maroc P.Siskevicius
2017-04-132.207.stage13.04422 184.5 km Tour du Maroc E.Asadov
2017-04-122.206.stage12.04392 161 km Tour du Maroc S.Mraouni
2017-04-112.205.stage11.04272 155 km Tour du Maroc B.Hetherington
2017-04-102.204.stage10.0432 191.5 km Tour du Maroc K.Pozdnyakov
2017-04-092.203.stage09.041414 145.1 km Tour du Maroc L.Keough
2017-04-082.202.stage08.047462 146 km Tour du Maroc L.Keough
2017-04-072.201.stage07.045758 148.7 km Tour du Maroc K.Pozdnyakov
2017-02-192.HC06.stage19.024054 130.5 km Tour of Oman A.Kristoff
2017-02-182.HC05.stage18.025755 152 km Tour of Oman B.Hermans
2017-02-172.HC04.stage17.022160 118 km Tour of Oman A.Kristoff
2017-02-162.HC03.stage16.0211787 162 km Tour of Oman S.Andersen
2017-02-152.HC02.stage15.027669 145.5 km Tour of Oman B.Hermans
2017-02-142.HC01.stage14.025860 176.5 km Tour of Oman A.Kristoff
2017-01-292.107.stage29.01DNF 111.3 km Vuelta a San Juan M.Richeze
2017-01-282.106.stage28.015527 168.1 km Vuelta a San Juan M.Richeze
2017-01-272.105.stage27.013027 162.4 km Vuelta a San Juan R.Costa
2017-01-262.104.stage26.016447 160.5 km Vuelta a San Juan F.Gaviria
2017-01-252.103.stage25.018649 11.9 km Vuelta a San Juan R.Navardauskas
2017-01-242.102.stage24.012932 128.8 km Vuelta a San Juan T.Boonen
2017-01-232.101.stage23.01105105 142.5 km Vuelta a San Juan F.Gaviria


Nation USA

Born39 year, Aug 6th 1979

Stage victories

1x Joe Martin Stage Race