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Dan Bowman

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank UCI (CQ/old)
2011CONT Kelly Benefit Strategies - Optum He ---
2010CONT Kelly Benefit Strategies ---
2009CONT Kelly Benefit Strategies ---
2008CONT Kelly Benefit Strategies - Medifast ---
2007CONT Kelly Benefit Strategies - Medifast ---
2006CONT Team TIAA - CREF ---
2005CONT Team TIAA - CREF ---

2011 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2011-09-041.1One-day race04.09DNF 196.6 km Tour du Doubs A.Vichot
2011-08-281.1One-day race28.0863 213.4 km Schaal Sels A.Kruopis
2011-08-142.1Stage race09.08-14.08DNF Tour of Utah L.Leipheimer
2011-06-051.HCOne-day race05.0671 Philly Cycling Classic A.Rasmussen
2011-05-222.HCStage race15.05-22.0587 Tour of California C.Horner
2011-03-282.2Stage race19.03-28.037 Tour de Taiwan M.Eibegger
2011-08-102.101.stage10.08DSQ 187 km Tour of Utah J.Anthony
2011-08-092.1Prologue09.0881 2 km Tour of Utah S.Henao
2011-05-222.HC08.stage22.0572 129 km Tour of California M.Goss
2011-05-212.HC07.stage21.0579 122 km Tour of California L.Leipheimer
2011-05-202.HC06.stage20.05128 24 km Tour of California D.Zabriskie
2011-05-192.HC05.stage19.0595 224 km Tour of California P.Sagan
2011-05-182.HC04.stage18.05115 132 km Tour of California C.Horner
2011-05-172.HC03.stage17.0599 196 km Tour of California G.Henderson
2011-05-162.HC02.stage16.05100 214 km Tour of California B.Swift
2011-03-282.209.stage28.0312 120.2 km Tour de Taiwan A.Semple
2011-03-272.208.stage27.0340 172.6 km Tour de Taiwan T.Nishitani
2011-03-262.207.stage26.0379 146 km Tour de Taiwan R.Rogers
2011-03-252.206.stage25.0338 146.6 km Tour de Taiwan A.Semple
2011-03-242.205.stage24.0340 125.1 km Tour de Taiwan S.Fukushima
2011-03-232.204.stage23.0325 194.4 km Tour de Taiwan F.Goesinnen
2011-03-222.203.stage22.0358 127.3 km Tour de Taiwan M.Eibegger
2011-03-212.202.stage21.0312 130 km Tour de Taiwan M.Sohrabi
2011-03-202.201.stage20.0333 60 km Tour de Taiwan S.Park
2011-03-192.2Prologue19.0331 2 km Tour de Taiwan A.Phelan


Nation USA

Born35 year, Jan 6th 1982