Rinaldo Nocentini

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 CONT Sporting Clube de Portugal - Tavira 1063(57 p) - 40 2 5503.8
2017 CONT Sporting Clube de Portugal - Tavira 249(337 p) - 38 1 5643.2
2016 CONT Sporting Clube de Portugal - Tavira 430(216 p) - 43 1 6480.3
2015 PRT AG2R La Mondiale 428(223 p) 196(1 p) 87 0 14110.8
2014 PRT AG2R La Mondiale 208(413 p) 104(24 p) 61 0 9757.9
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2001 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2001-09-161.1One-day race16.09DNF 210.0 km GP de Fourmies S.Sunderland
2001-09-092.3Stage race03.09-09.09DNF Tour de Pologne O.Sosenka
2001-08-26CDMOne-day race26.08DNF 248.0 km Championship of Zurich P.Bettini
2001-08-182.2Stage race14.08-18.0885 Danmark Rundt D.Millar
2001-07-311.4One-day race31.07OOT 175.0 km Circuito de Getxo A.Bertolini
2001-06-282.HCStage race19.06-28.0664 Tour de Suisse L.Armstrong
2001-06-10GTGrand Tour19.05-10.0666 Giro d'Italia G.Simoni
2001-05-132.HCStage race08.05-13.0561 Tour de Romandie D.Frigo
2001-05-061.1One-day race06.0516 196.0 km GP Kanton Aargau K.Kroon
2001-05-032.2Stage race30.04-03.0569 Tour of the Alps F.Casagrande
2001-04-222.2Stage race18.04-22.0427 Vuelta a Aragón J.Dominguez
2001-04-132.HCStage race09.04-13.0481 Vuelta Pais Vasco R.Rumsas
2001-03-302.1Stage race26.03-30.0393 Catalaanse Week M.Boogerd
2001-02-182.3Stage race06.02-18.0214 Tour de Langkawi P.Lanfranchi
2001-09-082.306.stage08.09DNF 150 km Tour de Pologne J.Voigt
2001-09-072.305.stage07.0912 161 km Tour de Pologne P.Chmielewski
2001-09-062.304.stage06.0954 256 km Tour de Pologne A.Petacchi
2001-09-052.303.stage05.0938 178 km Tour de Pologne B.Bondariev
2001-09-042.302.stage04.0974 247 km Tour de Pologne A.Furlan
2001-09-032.301.stage03.0935 178 km Tour de Pologne J.Kirsipuu
2001-08-182.206.stage18.0880 150 km Danmark Rundt J.Kirsipuu
2001-08-172.205.stage17.0899 17 km Danmark Rundt D.Millar
2001-08-172.204.stage17.08100 135 km Danmark Rundt G.Gardeyn
2001-08-162.203.stage16.08104 183 km Danmark Rundt S.Casagranda
2001-08-152.202.stage15.0896 193 km Danmark Rundt N.Eeckhout
2001-08-142.201.stage14.08107 200 km Danmark Rundt D.Hondo
2001-06-282.HC09.stage28.06102 176 km Tour de Suisse O.Camenzind
2001-06-272.HC08.stage27.0666 167 km Tour de Suisse E.Zabel
2001-06-262.HC07.stage26.0662 25 km Tour de Suisse L.Armstrong
2001-06-252.HC06.stage25.0663 157 km Tour de Suisse S.Garzelli
2001-06-242.HC05.stage24.0678 174 km Tour de Suisse S.Ivanov
2001-06-232.HC04.stage23.0686 221 km Tour de Suisse D.Konyshev
2001-06-222.HC03.stage22.0675 144 km Tour de Suisse A.Vinokourov
2001-06-212.HC02.stage21.06111 163 km Tour de Suisse G.Bortolami
2001-06-202.HC01.stage20.0669 179 km Tour de Suisse E.Zabel
2001-06-192.HCPrologue19.0698 8 km Tour de Suisse L.Armstrong
2001-06-10GT21.stage10.06100 125 km Giro d'Italia M.Cipollini
2001-06-09GT20.stage09.0652 181 km Giro d'Italia G.Simoni
2001-06-08GT19.stage08.0695 163 km Giro d'Italia M.Cipollini
2001-06-06GT17.stage06.06104 123 km Giro d'Italia P.Caucchioli
2001-06-04GT16.stage04.06127 142 km Giro d'Italia I.Quaranta
2001-06-03GT15.stage03.06123 56 km Giro d'Italia D.Frigo
2001-06-02GT14.stage02.06103 166 km Giro d'Italia C.Contreras
2001-06-01GT13.stage01.06106 225 km Giro d'Italia J.Perez Cuapio
2001-05-31GT12.stage31.0536 139 km Giro d'Italia M.Tosatto
2001-05-30GT11.stage30.0524 192 km Giro d'Italia P.Lastras
2001-05-29GT10.stage29.0538 212 km Giro d'Italia D.Zanette
2001-05-28GT09.stage28.0566 142 km Giro d'Italia M.Cipollini
2001-05-27GT08.stage27.0538 185 km Giro d'Italia P.Caucchioli
2001-05-26GT07.stage26.0510 239 km Giro d'Italia S.Zanini
2001-05-25GT06.stage25.0554 152 km Giro d'Italia M.Cipollini
2001-05-24GT05.stage24.0595 229 km Giro d'Italia I.Quaranta
2001-05-23GT04.stage23.0573 169 km Giro d'Italia D.Di Luca
2001-05-22GT03.stage22.0585 149 km Giro d'Italia D.Hondo
2001-05-21GT02.stage21.0579 163 km Giro d'Italia D.Hondo
2001-05-20GT01.stage20.05174 205 km Giro d'Italia E.Rastelli
2001-05-19GTPrologue19.05100 8 km Giro d'Italia R.Verbrugghe
2001-05-132.HC05.stage13.0581 178 km Tour de Romandie M.Cipollini
2001-05-122.HC04.stage12.0569 172 km Tour de Romandie G.Simoni
2001-05-112.HC03.stage11.05102 26 km Tour de Romandie D.Plaza Romero
2001-05-102.HC02.stage10.0592 172 km Tour de Romandie P.Savoldelli
2001-05-092.HC01.stage09.0543 166 km Tour de Romandie F.Guidi
2001-05-082.HCPrologue08.0568 7 km Tour de Romandie P.Savoldelli
2001-05-032.204.stage03.0531 165 km Tour of the Alps M.Cipollini
2001-04-302.201.stage30.04103 161 km Tour of the Alps F.Casagrande
2001-04-222.205.stage22.0444 137 km Vuelta a Aragón M.Cipollini
2001-04-212.204.stage21.0444 171 km Vuelta a Aragón J.Flecha
2001-04-202.203.stage20.0428 174 km Vuelta a Aragón J.Dominguez
2001-04-192.202.stage19.0456 159 km Vuelta a Aragón D.Casarotto
2001-04-182.201.stage18.0429 152 km Vuelta a Aragón M.Cipollini
2001-04-132.HC06.stage13.0485 10 km Vuelta Pais Vasco R.Rumsas
2001-04-122.HC04.stage12.04114 182 km Vuelta Pais Vasco A.Castresana del Val
2001-04-112.HC03.stage11.0495 162 km Vuelta Pais Vasco D.Rebellin
2001-04-102.HC02.stage10.04112 175 km Vuelta Pais Vasco S.Zanini
2001-04-092.HC01.stage09.04129 118 km Vuelta Pais Vasco D.Rebellin
2001-03-302.105.stage30.03116 152 km Catalaanse Week M.Zanotti
2001-03-292.104.stage29.0379 162 km Catalaanse Week D.Di Luca
2001-03-282.103.stage28.03138 173 km Catalaanse Week A.Silloniz
2001-03-272.102.stage27.0378 159 km Catalaanse Week S.Smetanine
2001-03-262.101.stage26.03133 143 km Catalaanse Week Á.Edo
2001-02-182.312.stage18.0254 76 km Tour de Langkawi F.Colonna
2001-02-172.311.stage17.0245 163 km Tour de Langkawi P.Bettini
2001-02-162.310.stage16.0220 27 km Tour de Langkawi N.O'Neill
2001-02-152.309.stage15.0217 132 km Tour de Langkawi P.Lanfranchi
2001-02-142.308.stage14.028 154 km Tour de Langkawi P.Lanfranchi
2001-02-132.307.stage13.0231 172 km Tour de Langkawi I.Quaranta
2001-02-112.306.stage11.0224 150 km Tour de Langkawi J.Koerts
2001-02-102.305.stage10.0271 241 km Tour de Langkawi E.Degano
2001-02-092.304.stage09.0268 136 km Tour de Langkawi J.Koerts
2001-02-082.303.stage08.02146 177 km Tour de Langkawi P.Bettini
2001-02-072.302.stage07.0257 226 km Tour de Langkawi E.Degano
2001-02-062.301.stage06.0218 182 km Tour de Langkawi G.Fraser

Riding now..

Tour of China II (17.09-23.09) Extra


Nation Italy

Born40 year, Sep 25th 1977


Height1.73 m

Mountain jerseys

Österreich-Rundfahrt (2003)


Gøran, Letissier