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Primoz Roglic

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 PRT Team LottoNL - Jumbo 6(1306 p) 10(1211 p) 42 7 6045.3
2017 PRT Team LottoNL - Jumbo 27(1524 p) 27(1191 p) 70 6 10825.1
2016 PRT Team LottoNL-Jumbo 116(626 p) 109(30 p) 70 1 10598.9
2015 CONT Adria Mobil 245(362 p) - 50 5 7569.9
2014 CONT Adria Mobil 590(146 p) - 43 2 5839.3
2013 CONT Adria Mobil 1705(25 p) - 27 0 3711.9
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2015 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2015-09-201.1One-day race20.09DNF 185.8 km GP Ind. & Com.di Prato D.Bennati
2015-09-191.1One-day race19.0936 199.5 km Memorial Pantani D.Ulissi
2015-09-131.1One-day race13.0983 182.1 km Velothon Stockholm M.Kump
2015-08-301.2One-day race30.0814 177.8 km Croatia-Slovenia M.Kump
2015-08-162.1Stage race13.08-16.0862 Czech Cycling Tour P.Vakoc
2015-07-182.HCStage race05.07-18.074 Tour of Qinghai Lake R.Rogina
2015-07-182.HCPoints05.07-18.0726 Tour of Qinghai Lake M.Kump
2015-07-182.HCMountains05.07-18.073 Tour of Qinghai Lake F.Colorado
2015-06-28CN Mirna Pec28.067178.3 km CN Slovenia RR L.Pibernik
2015-06-212.1Stage race18.06-21.061 Tour de Slovénie-
2015-06-212.1Points18.06-21.066 Tour de Slovénie D.Appollonio
2015-06-212.1Mountains18.06-21.062 Tour de Slovénie M.Finetto
2015-06-142.2Stage race12.06-14.0623 Tour of Malopolska M.Kump
2015-06-142.2Mountains12.06-14.0611 Tour of Malopolska M.Grøn
2015-06-071.2One-day race07.06DNF 170.0 km Coppa della Pace S.Velasco
2015-05-102.1Stage race06.05-10.051 Tour d'Azerbaïdjan-
2015-05-102.1Points06.05-10.057 Tour d'Azerbaïdjan M.Kump
2015-05-102.1Mountains06.05-10.052 Tour d'Azerbaïdjan O.Surutkovych
2015-04-262.2Stage race22.04-26.042 Tour of Croatia M.Paterski
2015-04-262.2Points22.04-26.0415 Tour of Croatia M.Paterski
2015-04-262.2Mountains22.04-26.044 Tour of Croatia M.Paterski
2015-04-051.2One-day race05.0478 168.3 km GP Adria Mobil M.Kump
2015-03-292.1Stage race26.03-29.0320 Coppi e Bartali L.Meintjes
2015-03-292.1Mountains26.03-29.031 Coppi e Bartali-
2015-03-152.2Stage race12.03-15.035 Istrian Spring Trophy M.Eibegger
2015-03-152.2Sprint12.03-15.034 Istrian Spring Trophy M.Otonicar
2015-03-071.2One-day race07.03135 143.0 km Porec Trophy M.Kump
2015-03-011.2One-day race01.032 160.3 km GP Izola G.Muhlberger
2015-02-151.2One-day race15.0225 160.0 km GP Laguna Porec M.Gogl
2015-08-162.104.stage16.087962 144.9 km Czech Cycling Tour Z.Stybar
2015-08-152.103.stage15.084064 199 km Czech Cycling Tour L.König
2015-08-142.102.stage14.0811696 178 km Czech Cycling Tour F.Gaviria
2015-08-132.101.stage (TTT)13.081584 20.4 km Czech Cycling Tour Z.Stybar
2015-07-182.HC13.stage18.07504 135 km Tour of Qinghai Lake M.Gavazzi
2015-07-172.HC12.stage17.07464 120 km Tour of Qinghai Lake M.Kump
2015-07-162.HC11.stage16.07364 235 km Tour of Qinghai Lake M.Gavazzi
2015-07-152.HC10.stage15.07314 100 km Tour of Qinghai Lake M.Gavazzi
2015-07-132.HC09.stage13.07354 203 km Tour of Qinghai Lake M.Kump
2015-07-122.HC08.stage12.07594 126 km Tour of Qinghai Lake M.Gavazzi
2015-07-112.HC07.stage11.07154 190 km Tour of Qinghai Lake I.Koshevoy
2015-07-102.HC06.stage10.07354 138 km Tour of Qinghai Lake M.Kump
2015-07-092.HC05.stage09.0714 133 km Tour of Qinghai Lake-
2015-07-082.HC04.stage08.073618 185 km Tour of Qinghai Lake I.Savitsky
2015-07-072.HC03.stage07.072118 148 km Tour of Qinghai Lake O.Polivoda
2015-07-062.HC02.stage06.074554 188 km Tour of Qinghai Lake M.Kump
2015-07-052.HC01.stage05.076871 121 km Tour of Qinghai Lake M.Kump
2015-06-212.104.stage21.06381 165.5 km Tour de Slovénie M.Kump
2015-06-202.103.stage20.0611 178.5 km Tour de Slovénie-
2015-06-192.102.stage19.063112 182 km Tour de Slovénie P.De Negri
2015-06-182.101.stage18.061616 8.8 km Tour de Slovénie A.Ovechkin
2015-06-142.203.stage14.064623 138 km Tour of Malopolska A.Kurek
2015-06-132.202.stage13.062223 149 km Tour of Malopolska M.Kump
2015-06-122.201.stage12.066060 136 km Tour of Malopolska M.Kump
2015-05-102.105.stage10.0591 144 km Tour d'Azerbaïdjan S.Firsanov
2015-05-092.104.stage09.05331 205 km Tour d'Azerbaïdjan D.Turek
2015-05-082.103.stage08.0591 177.2 km Tour d'Azerbaïdjan J.Edmondson
2015-05-072.102.stage07.0511 187 km Tour d'Azerbaïdjan-
2015-05-062.101.stage06.053939 154 km Tour d'Azerbaïdjan M.Kump
2015-04-262.205.stage26.04182 177 km Tour of Croatia M.Paterski
2015-04-252.204.stage25.04252 155 km Tour of Croatia D.Claeys
2015-04-242.203.stage24.0422 230 km Tour of Croatia M.Paterski
2015-04-232.202.stage23.042829 204 km Tour of Croatia M.Kump
2015-04-222.201.stage22.043943 156 km Tour of Croatia G.Bole
2015-03-292.105.stage29.031520 152.6 km Coppi e Bartali L.Meintjes
2015-03-282.104.stage28.0310434 173 km Coppi e Bartali F.Chicchi
2015-03-272.103.stage27.033735 156.2 km Coppi e Bartali B.Swift
2015-03-262.102.stage (TTT)26.031846 13.3 km Coppi e Bartali D.Rebellin
2015-03-262.101.stage26.039191 99.5 km Coppi e Bartali M.Belletti
2015-03-152.203.stage15.03595 156 km Istrian Spring Trophy M.Kump
2015-03-142.202.stage14.0344 157 km Istrian Spring Trophy M.Eibegger
2015-03-132.201.stage13.033410 158 km Istrian Spring Trophy S.Nikolaev
2015-03-122.2Prologue12.0388 2 km Istrian Spring Trophy L.Pöstlberger