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Hugh Carthy

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 PRT Team EF Education First - Drapac - - 0 0 0.0
2017 PRT Cannondale - Drapac Pro Cycling 510(181 p) 251(55 p) 71 0 11284.8
2016 PROF Caja Rural - Seguros RGA 207(426 p) - 65 2 10216.4
2015 PROF Caja Rural - Seguros RGA 582(158 p) - 61 0 9255.0
2014 CONT Rapha Condor JLT 691(118 p) - 39 2 5125.0
2013 CONT Rapha Condor JLT 3462(2 p) - 11 0 1646.0

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-10-242.WT3Stage race19.10-24.1015 Gree - Tour of Guangxi T.Wellens
2017-10-242.WT3Youth19.10-24.105 Gree - Tour of Guangxi J.Alaphilippe
2017-10-071.WT1Monument07.10DNF 245.0 km Il Lombardia V.Nibali
2017-10-051.HCOne-day race05.1052 186.0 km Milano - Torino R.Uran
2017-10-031.HCOne-day race03.1067 196.9 km Tre Valli Varesine A.Geniez
2017-10-011.HCOne-day race01.1093 198.9 km GP Bruno Beghelli L.Sánchez
2017-09-301.HCOne-day race30.0960 223.3 km Giro dell'Emilia G.Visconti
2017-09-102.HCStage race03.09-10.0951 Tour of Britain L.Boom
2017-08-201.WT2One-day race20.08148 220.9 km Cyclassics Hamburg E.Viviani
2017-08-132.HCStage race10.08-13.0815 Colorado Classic M.Senni
2017-08-132.HCPoints10.08-13.0827 Colorado Classic T.McCabe
2017-07-291.WT2One-day race29.0745 231.0 km CC San Sebastian M.Kwiatkowski
2017-06-182.WT1Stage race10.06-18.0656 Tour de Suisse S.Spilak
2017-05-28GT2Grand Tour05.05-28.0592 Giro d'Italia T.Dumoulin
2017-05-28GT2Youth05.05-28.0523 Giro d'Italia B.Jungels
2017-04-212.HCStage race17.04-21.0414 Tour of the Alps G.Thomas
2017-04-212.HCYouth17.04-21.042 Tour of the Alps E.Bernal
2017-04-212.HCMountains17.04-21.0416 Tour of the Alps A.Foliforov
2017-03-262.WT2Stage race20.03-26.0320 Volta Catalunya A.Valverde
2017-03-262.WT2Youth20.03-26.036 Volta Catalunya M.Soler
2017-03-262.WT2Mountains20.03-26.0319 Volta Catalunya A.Valverde
2017-02-192.HCStage race15.02-19.0242 Vuelta a Andalucía A.Valverde
2017-10-242.WT306.stage24.104915 168.1 km Gree - Tour of Guangxi F.Gaviria
2017-10-232.WT305.stage23.105615 212.2 km Gree - Tour of Guangxi D.Groenewegen
2017-10-222.WT304.stage22.101315 151 km Gree - Tour of Guangxi T.Wellens
2017-10-212.WT303.stage21.105760 125.4 km Gree - Tour of Guangxi F.Gaviria
2017-10-202.WT302.stage20.104258 156.7 km Gree - Tour of Guangxi F.Gaviria
2017-10-192.WT301.stage19.107071 107.4 km Gree - Tour of Guangxi F.Gaviria
2017-09-102.HC08.stage10.095451 180.2 km Tour of Britain E.Boasson Hagen
2017-09-092.HC07.stage09.095628 185.1 km Tour of Britain D.Groenewegen
2017-09-082.HC06.stage08.097033 186.9 km Tour of Britain C.Ewan
2017-09-072.HC05.stage07.094033 16.2 km Tour of Britain L.Boom
2017-09-062.HC04.stage06.097856 164.7 km Tour of Britain F.Gaviria
2017-09-052.HC03.stage05.094353 174.9 km Tour of Britain C.Ewan
2017-09-042.HC02.stage04.097459 211.7 km Tour of Britain E.Viviani
2017-09-032.HC01.stage03.095758 190.1 km Tour of Britain C.Ewan
2017-08-132.HC04.stage13.084615 120.1 km Colorado Classic M.Raim
2017-08-122.HC03.stage12.082414 130 km Colorado Classic S.Tvetcov
2017-08-112.HC02.stage11.081011 103 km Colorado Classic A.Howes
2017-08-102.HC01.stage10.082930 150.4 km Colorado Classic J.Murphy
2017-06-182.WT109.stage18.0611056 28.6 km Tour de Suisse R.Dennis
2017-06-172.WT108.stage17.065752 100 km Tour de Suisse P.Sagan
2017-06-162.WT107.stage16.0612352 160.8 km Tour de Suisse S.Spilak
2017-06-152.WT106.stage15.064441 166.7 km Tour de Suisse D.Pozzovivo
2017-06-142.WT105.stage14.068646 222 km Tour de Suisse P.Sagan
2017-06-132.WT104.stage13.062249 150.2 km Tour de Suisse L.Warbasse
2017-06-122.WT103.stage12.065084 159.3 km Tour de Suisse M.Matthews
2017-06-112.WT102.stage11.06130122 172.7 km Tour de Suisse P.Gilbert
2017-06-102.WT101.stage10.06144144 6 km Tour de Suisse R.Dennis
2017-05-28GT221.stage28.0515792 29.3 km Giro d'Italia J.Van Emden
2017-05-27GT220.stage27.0516191 190 km Giro d'Italia T.Pinot
2017-05-26GT219.stage26.0514686 191 km Giro d'Italia M.Landa
2017-05-25GT218.stage25.0510185 137 km Giro d'Italia T.Van Garderen
2017-05-24GT217.stage24.0511884 219 km Giro d'Italia P.Rolland
2017-05-23GT216.stage23.0513283 222 km Giro d'Italia V.Nibali
2017-05-21GT215.stage21.0515878 199 km Giro d'Italia B.Jungels
2017-05-20GT214.stage20.053472 131 km Giro d'Italia T.Dumoulin
2017-05-19GT213.stage19.0516980 167 km Giro d'Italia F.Gaviria
2017-05-18GT212.stage18.0515678 229 km Giro d'Italia F.Gaviria
2017-05-17GT211.stage17.0511379 161 km Giro d'Italia O.Fraile
2017-05-16GT210.stage16.0513966 39.8 km Giro d'Italia T.Dumoulin
2017-05-14GT209.stage14.054164 149 km Giro d'Italia N.Quintana
2017-05-13GT208.stage13.056180 189 km Giro d'Italia G.Izagirre
2017-05-12GT207.stage12.0514387 224 km Giro d'Italia C.Ewan
2017-05-11GT206.stage11.0518588 217 km Giro d'Italia S.Dillier
2017-05-10GT205.stage10.0511646 159 km Giro d'Italia F.Gaviria
2017-05-09GT204.stage09.052147 181 km Giro d'Italia J.Polanc
2017-05-07GT203.stage07.05188167 148 km Giro d'Italia F.Gaviria
2017-05-06GT202.stage06.05150154 221 km Giro d'Italia A.Greipel
2017-05-05GT201.stage05.05156156 206 km Giro d'Italia L.Pöstlberger
2017-04-212.HC05.stage21.042014 192.5 km Tour of the Alps T.Pinot
2017-04-202.HC04.stage20.04477 172.1 km Tour of the Alps M.Montaguti
2017-04-192.HC03.stage19.0497 137.5 km Tour of the Alps G.Thomas
2017-04-182.HC02.stage18.04549 140.5 km Tour of the Alps R.Dennis
2017-04-172.HC01.stage17.0488 145.1 km Tour of the Alps M.Scarponi
2017-03-262.WT207.stage26.0310520 138.7 km Volta Catalunya A.Valverde
2017-03-252.WT206.stage25.033617 189.7 km Volta Catalunya D.Impey
2017-03-242.WT205.stage24.03831 182 km Volta Catalunya A.Valverde
2017-03-232.WT204.stage23.0312740 136.1 km Volta Catalunya N.Bouhanni
2017-03-222.WT203.stage22.032533 188.3 km Volta Catalunya A.Valverde
2017-03-212.WT202.stage (TTT)21.0318101 41.3 km Volta Catalunya R.Dennis
2017-03-202.WT201.stage20.03147147 178.9 km Volta Catalunya D.Cimolai
2017-02-192.HC05.stage19.027542 151.5 km Vuelta a Andalucía T.Wellens
2017-02-182.HC04.stage18.0212143 179.3 km Vuelta a Andalucía B.Coquard
2017-02-172.HC03.stage17.024942 11.9 km Vuelta a Andalucía V.Campenaerts
2017-02-162.HC02.stage16.026542 177.9 km Vuelta a Andalucía T.Pinot
2017-02-152.HC01.stage15.023232 155 km Vuelta a Andalucía A.Valverde

Riding now..

Colombia Oro y Paz (06.02-11.02) Extra


Nation Great Britain

Born23 year, Jul 9th 1994


Tour de Korea (2014)
Vuelta a Asturias (2016)

Stage victories

1x Tour de Korea, Vuelta a Asturias

Youth jerseys

Tour de Korea (2014)
Tour du Gévaudan (2015)
Tour of Japan (2014)
X Volta Catalunya (2016)
Vuelta a Madrid (2016)

Mountain jerseys

Tour of Japan (2014)


Armju, Cato, criskey, Marian Meschede, RoubaixKing
Troy The Trader (season fantasy)