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Edgar Nohales

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 CONT Ningxia Sports Lottery - Livall CT - - 3 0 500.7
2018 Ynghua Dong Nai - - 3 0 500.7
2017 CONT 7 Eleven - Roadbike Philippines 788(101 p) - 58 1 7692.4
2016 CONT 7 Eleven - Sava RBP 1559(31 p) - 48 0 7238.3
2015 CONT Qinghai Tianyoude Cycling Team 3535(2 p) - 30 0 4573.7
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2016 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2016-10-222.2Stage race18.10-22.106 Jelajah Malaysia A.Moazemi
2016-10-222.2Points18.10-22.1017 Jelajah Malaysia S.Park
2016-10-222.2Mountains18.10-22.1011 Jelajah Malaysia A.Kolahdozhagh
2016-08-142.2Stage race06.08-14.0838 Tour de Singkarak A.Kolahdozhagh
2016-07-301.2One-day race30.079 175.0 km Tour of Jakarta R.McCanally
2016-06-122.1Stage race05.06-12.0665 Tour de Korea G.Bole
2016-05-232.2Stage race19.05-23.0513 Tour de Flores D.Whitehouse
2016-05-232.2Mountains19.05-23.0518 Tour de Flores J.Crawford
2016-05-142.2Stage race11.05-14.0542 Banyuwangi Ijen J.Crawford
2016-05-142.2Points11.05-14.0511 Banyuwangi Ijen M.Guangtong
2016-04-24NEOne-day race24.041 Sual (Pangasinan)-
2016-04-062.2Stage race01.04-06.0441 Tour of Thailand B.Hill
2016-03-022.HCStage race24.02-02.0358 Tour de Langkawi R.Janse Van Rensburg
2016-02-212.2Stage race18.02-21.0222 Le Tour de Filipinas O.Zemlyakov
2016-01-09NEOne-day race09.01160.0 km San Jose-Tarlac-
2016-10-222.205.stage22.10316 142.7 km Jelajah Malaysia S.Park
2016-10-212.204.stage21.10456 125.2 km Jelajah Malaysia M.Azman
2016-10-202.203.stage20.10355 169.1 km Jelajah Malaysia M.Salleh
2016-10-192.202.stage19.1095 113.4 km Jelajah Malaysia A.Moazemi
2016-10-182.201.stage18.1033 206.5 km Jelajah Malaysia R.Emami
2016-08-142.208.stage14.082638 147 km Tour de Singkarak M.Mat Amin
2016-08-122.207.stage12.083839 133 km Tour de Singkarak S.Irvine
2016-08-112.206.stage11.082339 149 km Tour de Singkarak K.Jang
2016-08-102.205.stage10.086251 153 km Tour de Singkarak K.Changpad
2016-08-092.204.stage09.085351 150 km Tour de Singkarak A.Kolahdozhagh
2016-08-082.203.stage08.088053 123 km Tour de Singkarak R.Garcia Ambroa
2016-08-072.202.stage07.083832 120 km Tour de Singkarak R.Emami
2016-08-062.201.stage06.084444 97 km Tour de Singkarak D.Newbery
2016-06-122.108.stage12.068765 65 km Tour de Korea B.Jones
2016-06-112.107.stage11.067259 142.8 km Tour de Korea B.Evans
2016-06-102.106.stage10.067559 194.6 km Tour de Korea Z.Bizhigitov
2016-06-092.105.stage09.066463 170.7 km Tour de Korea K.Domagalski
2016-06-082.104.stage08.066866 85.8 km Tour de Korea B.Jones
2016-06-072.103.stage07.068366 145.8 km Tour de Korea K.Domagalski
2016-06-062.102.stage06.068262 235.2 km Tour de Korea C.Opie
2016-06-052.101.stage05.065454 189.1 km Tour de Korea J.Aberasturi Izaga
2016-05-232.205.stage23.051313 121.5 km Tour de Flores B.Prades
2016-05-222.204.stage22.052621 136.6 km Tour de Flores J.Liu
2016-05-212.203.stage21.053024 123.3 km Tour de Flores Y.Yeung
2016-05-202.202.stage20.051520 141.3 km Tour de Flores D.Whitehouse
2016-05-192.201.stage19.053636 138.8 km Tour de Flores J.Christie
2016-05-142.204.stage14.053042 123 km Banyuwangi Ijen J.Crawford
2016-05-132.203.stage13.05757 127.1 km Banyuwangi Ijen J.Christie
2016-05-122.202.stage12.058259 145.7 km Banyuwangi Ijen B.Prades
2016-05-112.201.stage11.055354 171.4 km Banyuwangi Ijen D.Shin
2016-04-062.206.stage06.046141 167.7 km Tour of Thailand O.Kim
2016-04-052.205.stage05.046534 231.2 km Tour of Thailand T.Nguyen
2016-04-042.204.stage04.046951 137 km Tour of Thailand M.Salleh
2016-04-032.203.stage03.047452 194 km Tour of Thailand M.Salleh
2016-04-022.202.stage02.047955 132 km Tour of Thailand T.Nguyen
2016-04-012.201.stage01.043939 187 km Tour of Thailand K.Joo
2016-03-022.HC08.stage02.0311958 119 km Tour de Langkawi A.Guardini
2016-03-012.HC07.stage01.037148 203 km Tour de Langkawi A.Guardini
2016-02-292.HC06.stage29.025249 146 km Tour de Langkawi J.Mareczko
2016-02-282.HC05.stage28.026550 149 km Tour de Langkawi A.Guardini
2016-02-272.HC04.stage27.025752 129 km Tour de Langkawi M.Lopez
2016-02-262.HC03.stage26.029156 107 km Tour de Langkawi J.Murphy
2016-02-252.HC02.stage25.025658 159 km Tour de Langkawi A.Palini
2016-02-242.HC01.stage24.028386 165 km Tour de Langkawi A.Guardini
2016-02-212.204.stage21.022522 160.2 km Le Tour de Filipinas T.Guy
2016-02-202.203.stage20.023122 185.8 km Le Tour de Filipinas W.Sulzberger
2016-02-192.202.stage19.022626 204.8 km Le Tour de Filipinas O.Zemlyakov


Nation Spain

Born32 year, Jul 28th 1986


San Jose-Tarlac (2016)
Sual (Pangasinan) (2016)

Stage victories

1x Tour de Flores

Mountain jerseys

Tour de Flores (2017)