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Odd Christian Eiking

Info Calendar Team mates Grand ToursMonumentsVictories 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012


Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank UCI (CQ/old)
2017PRT FDJ 181(45 pts)--
2016PRT FDJ 311(271 pts)--
2015CONT Team Joker 391(224 pts)--
2014CONT Team Joker 638(120 pts)--
2013 Bergen CK 1294(32 pts)--

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-02-232.1Stage race21.02-23.02DNF Tour de Provence R.Dennis
2017-02-192.1Stage race18.02-19.0248 Tour du Haut Var A.Vichot
2017-02-192.1Youth18.02-19.024 Tour du Haut Var T.Bohli
2017-02-121.HCOne-day race12.0225 192.5 km Trofeo Laigueglia F.Felline
2017-02-04NEOne-day race04.02197.8 km Clasica del Murs-
2017-01-222.WTStage race17.01-22.0119 Tour Down Under R.Porte
2017-01-222.WTYouth17.01-22.014 Tour Down Under J.Restrepo
2017-01-151.CRTCriteritum15.0175 50.6 km Down Under Classic C.Ewan
2017-02-212.101.stage21.02DNF 205.9 km Tour de Provence J.Jules
2017-02-192.102.stage19.023848 206 km Tour du Haut Var J.Simon
2017-02-182.101.stage18.02100101 153 km Tour du Haut Var S.Dumoulin
2017-01-222.WT06.stage22.013619 90 km Tour Down Under C.Ewan
2017-01-212.WT05.stage21.011419 151.5 km Tour Down Under R.Porte
2017-01-202.WT04.stage20.014123 149.5 km Tour Down Under C.Ewan
2017-01-192.WT03.stage19.015823 144 km Tour Down Under C.Ewan
2017-01-182.WT02.stage18.012121 148.5 km Tour Down Under R.Porte
2017-01-172.WT01.stage17.015455 118.5 km Tour Down Under C.Ewan

Riding now..

Classic sud Ardeche (25.02) Extra


Nation Norway

Born22 year, Dec 28th 1994


Clasica del Murs (2017)

Stage victories

2x Norgescupen

1x Valle d'Aosta, U23

Youth jerseys

Tour of Norway (2015, 2016)

National championships

Road U23 (2015)


Danilo, goon1221, Kristian, letanders , Remi, Smågård, Trym
Team Protours.no (season fantasy)