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Matthias Legley

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2017 NaturaBlue Cycling Team 397(37 pts) - 13 1 1576.6
2016 CONT Veranclassic - Ago 1170(48 pts) - 37 1 5582.3
2015 ESEG Douai-Origine Cycles 4106(0 pts) - 2 0 361.3

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-03-192.2Stage race11.03-19.039 Tour du Cameroun N.Holler
2017-03-192.2Points11.03-19.039 Tour du Cameroun S.Mraouni
2017-03-051.IC2One-day race05.0330130.0 km Omloop van de Westhoek J.Touquet
2017-02-251.12BOne-day race25.0213121.2 km Villers le Temple R.Roelandts
2017-02-121.2One-day race12.022 133.5 km Trophee Maison Royale A.Galdoune
2017-02-111.2One-day race11.0215 122.4 km Trophee de l'Anniversaire U.Marengo
2017-02-091.2One-day race09.0217 120.0 km Trophee Princier T.Vaubourzeix
2017-02-061.2One-day race06.0229140.0 km GP Al Massira A.Orken
2017-02-051.2One-day race05.0226104.0 km GP Oued Eddahab I.Balykin
2017-02-031.2One-day race03.02OOT162.0 km GP Sakia El Hamra A.Galdoune
2017-03-192.208.stage19.03159 151.7 km Tour du Cameroun S.Mraouni
2017-03-182.207.stage18.0318 119 km Tour du Cameroun-
2017-03-162.206.stage16.032413 157 km Tour du Cameroun R.Roelandts
2017-03-152.205.stage15.031913 108 km Tour du Cameroun M.Teshome
2017-03-142.204.stage14.031313 98 km Tour du Cameroun S.Mraouni
2017-03-132.203.stage13.03712 101 km Tour du Cameroun M.Teshome
2017-03-122.202.stage12.031514 101 km Tour du Cameroun N.Holler
2017-03-112.201.stage11.0367 121 km Tour du Cameroun I.Cisse


Nation Belgium

Born26 year, Jan 15th 1991