Jonas Elmiger

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2012 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2012-06-25CN Messen25.0613 25.0 km CN Switzerland ITT-U23 S.Dillier
2012-06-172.2Stage race15.06-17.0674 Oberösterreichrundfahrt R.Vrecer
2012-05-011.2UOne-day race01.05101 140.0 km Eschborn-Frankfurt (U23) S.Bystrøm
2012-06-172.203.stage17.0675 141 km Oberösterreichrundfahrt R.Zoidl
2012-06-162.202.stage16.0689 192 km Oberösterreichrundfahrt F.Schnaidt
2012-06-152.201.stage15.0677 145 km Oberösterreichrundfahrt R.Vrecer


Nation Switzerland

Born26 year, Sep 29th 1991

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1.May 2012-18.Apr 2014
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