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Travis McCabe

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2017 PROF UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team 99(141 pts) - 14 3 2029.4
2016 CONT Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team 378(230 pts) - 36 3 4956.8
2015 CONT Team SmartStop 851(83 pts) - 40 0 5867.8
2014 CONT Team SmartStop 1321(33 pts) - 37 1 4871.4
2013 CONT Team SmartStop p/b Mountain Khakis 1070(49 pts) - 15 0 1623.0

2014 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2014-09-131.2One-day race13.0912 160.5 km The Reading 120 Z.Bell
2014-09-072.1Stage race02.09-07.0948 Tour of Alberta D.Impey
2014-08-242.HCStage race18.08-24.08DNF USA Challenge T.Van Garderen
2014-08-102.1Stage race04.08-10.08DNF Tour of Utah T.Danielson
2014-06-011.1One-day race01.0644 193.0 km Philly Cycling Classic K.Reijnen
2014-05-26CN Chattanooga26.052 165.0 km CN USA RR E.Marcotte
2014-05-042.2Stage race30.04-04.0529 Tour of the Gila C.Jones
2014-05-042.2Points30.04-04.054 Tour of the Gila L.Romero Amaran
2014-04-27NEStage race24.04-27.045 Joe Martin Stage Race I.Crane
2014-04-27NEPoints24.04-27.044 Joe Martin Stage Race I.Crane
2014-04-181.2One-day race18.041 171.0 km Winston Cycling Classic-
2014-04-06NEStage race02.04-06.043 Redlands Classic J.Rosskopf
2014-03-092.2Stage race04.03-09.0393 Vuelta a Mexico J.Villegas
2014-02-272.2Stage race20.02-27.0247 Vuelta Independencia E.Sanchez Anzola
2014-09-072.105.stage07.091948 124.1 km Tour of Alberta D.Impey
2014-09-062.104.stage06.091366 163.5 km Tour of Alberta T.Bos
2014-09-052.103.stage05.0910169 157.9 km Tour of Alberta S.Vanmarcke
2014-09-042.102.stage04.097850 145.3 km Tour of Alberta J.Ahlstrand
2014-09-032.101.stage03.095241 143 km Tour of Alberta R.Zepuntke
2014-09-022.1Prologue02.094343 4 km Tour of Alberta T.Dumoulin
2014-08-222.HC05.stage22.08DNF 168 km USA Challenge L.Didier
2014-08-212.HC04.stage21.086067 113 km USA Challenge E.Viviani
2014-08-202.HC03.stage20.0810079 155 km USA Challenge T.Van Garderen
2014-08-192.HC02.stage19.087875 169 km USA Challenge R.Carpenter
2014-08-182.HC01.stage18.087676 98 km USA Challenge K.Reijnen
2014-08-102.107.stage10.08DNF 125.5 km Tour of Utah C.Evans
2014-08-092.106.stage09.084155 172.5 km Tour of Utah C.Evans
2014-08-082.105.stage08.081755 163.1 km Tour of Utah E.Young
2014-08-072.104.stage07.085458 168.5 km Tour of Utah T.Danielson
2014-08-062.103.stage06.088162 190.3 km Tour of Utah M.Hofland
2014-08-052.102.stage05.086868 210.3 km Tour of Utah M.Schär
2014-08-042.101.stage04.082627 182.6 km Tour of Utah M.Hofland
2014-05-042.205.stage04.053729 161.9 km Tour of the Gila D.Jaramillo
2014-05-032.204.stage03.05625 69.5 km Tour of the Gila L.Romero Amaran
2014-05-022.203.stage02.053826 26 km Tour of the Gila S.Tvetcov
2014-05-012.202.stage01.05326 122.6 km Tour of the Gila N.Brøchner
2014-04-302.201.stage30.042929 148.1 km Tour of the Gila D.Jaramillo
2014-04-27NE04.stage27.04195 52 km Joe Martin Stage Race C.Huff
2014-04-26NE03.stage26.0416 175 km Joe Martin Stage Race-
2014-04-25NE02.stage25.04815 177 km Joe Martin Stage Race J.Haedo
2014-04-24NE01.stage24.041616 4 km Joe Martin Stage Race I.Crane
2014-04-06NE05.stage06.0473 151.4 km Redlands Classic J.Rosskopf
2014-04-05NE04.stage05.0471 60 km Redlands Classic P.Naud
2014-04-04NE03.stage04.0411 193.9 km Redlands Classic-
2014-04-03NE02.stage03.0473 12.6 km Redlands Classic T.Zirbel
2014-04-02NE01.stage02.0477 94.5 km Redlands Classic D.Smith
2014-03-092.206.stage09.0311593 101.2 km Vuelta a Mexico E.Young
2014-03-082.205.stage08.035595 2.5 km Vuelta a Mexico J.Villegas
2014-03-072.204.stage07.0310296 109.6 km Vuelta a Mexico J.Villegas
2014-03-062.203.stage06.037491 201.2 km Vuelta a Mexico D.Ochoa Camargo
2014-03-052.202.stage05.03100113 144.8 km Vuelta a Mexico I.Prado
2014-03-042.201.stage04.03147147 81.6 km Vuelta a Mexico J.Villegas
2014-02-262.208.stage26.0227 137 km Vuelta Independencia N.Kulimbetov
2014-02-252.207.stage25.0259 10 km Vuelta Independencia W.Marentes
2014-02-252.206.stage25.0256 111 km Vuelta Independencia J.Kocjan
2014-02-242.205.stage24.0252 112 km Vuelta Independencia C.Galviz
2014-02-222.203.stage22.0251 135.8 km Vuelta Independencia J.Kocjan
2014-02-212.202.stage21.0237 170 km Vuelta Independencia J.Dakteris
2014-02-202.201.stage20.0235 142 km Vuelta Independencia E.Marcotte


Nation USA

Born27 year, May 12th 1989

-Prescott, Arizona

Points jerseys

Tour of the Gila (2016)