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Travis McCabe

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Year Date # What Km Race
2014-04-18201418.041.2One-day race 171.0 km Winston Salem Cycling Classic
2017-03-19201717.03-19.03NEGC Tucson Bicycle Classic
2016-04-02201602.041.NCCOne-day race Sunny King Criterium
2017-07-02201702.07CNOne-day race 90.0 km CN USA Criterium


Year Date # What Km Race
2016-05-08201604.05-08.052.2Points Tour of the Gila
2017-04-23201719.04-23.042.2Points Tour of the Gila
2017-08-06201731.07-06.082.HCPoints The Larry H. Millar Tour of Utah
2017-08-13201710.08-13.082.HCPoints Colorado Classic

Stage victories

Year Date # What Km Race
2014-04-26201426.04NE03.stage 175 km Joe Martin Stage Race
2014-04-04201404.04NE03.stage 193.9 km Redlands Classic
2016-04-10201610.042.NRC05.stage 151.4 km Redlands Classic
2016-04-24201624.042.203.stage 64 km Joe Martin Stage Race
2016-05-05201605.052.202.stage 122.6 km Tour of the Gila
2016-08-04201604.082.HC04.stage 154 km Tour of Utah
2017-02-04201704.022.103.stage 167.7 km Herald Sun Tour
2017-02-23201723.022.HC02.stage 208.1 km Tour de Langkawi
2017-03-01201701.032.HC08.stage 121 km Tour de Langkawi
2017-03-18201718.03NE02.stage 131.9 km Tucson Bicycle Classic
2017-03-19201719.03NE03.stage 80.5 km Tucson Bicycle Classic
2017-08-04201704.082.HC05.stage 185.4 km Tour of Utah


Nation USA

Born28 year, May 12th 1989

-Prescott, Arizona

Points jerseys

Colorado Classic (2017)
Tour of the Gila (2016, 2017)
Tour of Utah (2017)


Cycling lions (season fantasy)