Killian Frankiny

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2019 PRT Groupama - FDJ - - 0 0 0.0
2018 PRT BMC Racing Team 610(125 p) 333(16 p) 57 0 8609.0
2017 PRT BMC Racing Team 1825(22 p) - 49 0 7665.8
2016 BMC Development Team 353(254 p) - 46 2 6431.0
2015 BMC Development Team 1123(57 p) - 47 0 6723.6
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-09-161.1One-day race16.0957 194.7 km Coppa Bernocchi S.Colbrelli
2018-09-151.1One-day race15.0938 199.9 km Coppa Agostoni G.Moscon
2018-09-091.WT1One-day race09.0976 195.2 km GP Montreal M.Matthews
2018-09-071.WT1One-day race07.09DNF 201.6 km GP Quebec M.Matthews
2018-08-262.1Stage race23.08-26.0821 Deutschland Tour M.Mohoric
2018-08-262.1Youth23.08-26.087 Deutschland Tour M.Mohoric
2018-08-122.HCStage race06.08-12.0828 Tour of Utah S.Kuss
2018-08-122.HCPoints06.08-12.0836 Tour of Utah T.McCabe
2018-08-122.HCMountains06.08-12.0815 Tour of Utah S.Kuss
2018-07-01CN Schneisingen01.0714200.4 km CN Switzerland RR S.Morabito
2018-06-242.2Stage race21.06-24.067 T.d.Savoie Mont Blanc R.Zoidl
2018-06-242.2Points21.06-24.065 T.d.Savoie Mont Blanc R.Zoidl
2018-06-242.2Mountains21.06-24.0612 T.d.Savoie Mont Blanc D.Orrico
2018-05-27GT2Grand Tour04.05-27.0543 Giro d'Italia C.Froome
2018-05-27GT2Youth04.05-27.0511 Giro d'Italia M.Lopez
2018-04-292.WT1Stage race24.04-29.0468 Tour de Romandie P.Roglic
2018-04-292.WT1Youth24.04-29.0413 Tour de Romandie E.Bernal
2018-04-181.WT2Ardenne18.04DNF 198.5 km La Flèche Wallonne J.Alaphilippe
2018-04-141.1One-day race14.0437 190.5 km Tour du Finistère J.Hivert
2018-04-111.HCOne-day race11.04DNF 201.9 km Brabantse Pijl T.Wellens
2018-02-252.WT3Stage race21.02-25.02104 Abu Dhabi Tour A.Valverde
2018-02-252.WT3Youth21.02-25.0226 Abu Dhabi Tour M.Lopez
2018-02-042.1Stage race31.01-04.029 Comunitat Valenciana A.Valverde
2018-02-042.1Youth31.01-04.021 Comunitat Valenciana-
2018-08-262.104.stage26.083021 207.5 km Deutschland Tour N.Politt
2018-08-252.103.stage25.082629 177 km Deutschland Tour M.Mohoric
2018-08-242.102.stage24.083434 196 km Deutschland Tour M.Schachmann
2018-08-232.101.stage23.085962 157 km Deutschland Tour A.Hodeg
2018-08-122.HC06.stage12.082528 126 km Tour of Utah S.Kuss
2018-08-112.HC05.stage11.081527 154.8 km Tour of Utah S.Kuss
2018-08-102.HC04.stage10.084331 114.3 km Tour of Utah J.Philipsen
2018-08-092.HC03.stage09.084132 188 km Tour of Utah T.McCabe
2018-08-082.HC02.stage08.083933 139.4 km Tour of Utah S.Kuss
2018-08-072.HC01.stage07.086134 168.3 km Tour of Utah T.McCabe
2018-08-062.HCPrologue06.084343 5.3 km Tour of Utah T.Van Garderen
2018-06-242.205.stage24.0657 137.9 km T.d.Savoie Mont Blanc Q.Pacher
2018-06-232.204.stage23.0629 189.1 km T.d.Savoie Mont Blanc P.Schelling
2018-06-222.203.stage22.063120 7.3 km T.d.Savoie Mont Blanc P.Schelling
2018-06-222.202.stage22.061220 82.5 km T.d.Savoie Mont Blanc V.Lafay
2018-06-212.201.stage21.062828 150.8 km T.d.Savoie Mont Blanc M.Bouet
2018-05-27GT221.stage27.055643 115 km Giro d'Italia S.Bennett
2018-05-26GT220.stage26.052344 214 km Giro d'Italia M.Nieve
2018-05-25GT219.stage25.052351 185 km Giro d'Italia C.Froome
2018-05-24GT218.stage24.054361 196 km Giro d'Italia M.Schachmann
2018-05-23GT217.stage23.057066 149.5 km Giro d'Italia E.Viviani
2018-05-22GT216.stage22.0512070 34.2 km Giro d'Italia R.Dennis
2018-05-20GT215.stage20.053269 176 km Giro d'Italia S.Yates
2018-05-19GT214.stage19.056077 186 km Giro d'Italia C.Froome
2018-05-18GT213.stage18.058586 180 km Giro d'Italia E.Viviani
2018-05-17GT212.stage17.057088 214 km Giro d'Italia S.Bennett
2018-05-16GT211.stage16.0510290 156 km Giro d'Italia S.Yates
2018-05-15GT210.stage15.054688 244 km Giro d'Italia M.Mohoric
2018-05-13GT209.stage13.05119110 225 km Giro d'Italia S.Yates
2018-05-12GT208.stage12.05128107 209 km Giro d'Italia R.Carapaz
2018-05-11GT207.stage11.05112103 159 km Giro d'Italia S.Bennett
2018-05-10GT206.stage10.056499 169 km Giro d'Italia E.Chaves
2018-05-09GT205.stage09.05138154 153 km Giro d'Italia E.Battaglin
2018-05-08GT204.stage08.05158148 202 km Giro d'Italia T.Wellens
2018-05-06GT203.stage06.05103103 229 km Giro d'Italia E.Viviani
2018-05-05GT202.stage05.0511397 167 km Giro d'Italia E.Viviani
2018-05-04GT201.stage04.05127127 9.7 km Giro d'Italia T.Dumoulin
2018-04-292.WT105.stage29.047368 181.8 km Tour de Romandie P.Ackermann
2018-04-282.WT104.stage28.045369 149.2 km Tour de Romandie J.Fuglsang
2018-04-272.WT103.stage27.044585 9.9 km Tour de Romandie E.Bernal
2018-04-262.WT102.stage26.0410192 173.9 km Tour de Romandie T.De Gendt
2018-04-252.WT101.stage25.047474 166.6 km Tour de Romandie O.Fraile
2018-04-242.WT1Prologue24.04103103 4 km Tour de Romandie M.Matthews
2018-02-252.WT305.stage25.0280104 199 km Abu Dhabi Tour A.Valverde
2018-02-242.WT304.stage24.0270113 12.6 km Abu Dhabi Tour R.Dennis
2018-02-232.WT303.stage23.0290116 133 km Abu Dhabi Tour P.Bauhaus
2018-02-222.WT302.stage22.02107114 148 km Abu Dhabi Tour E.Viviani
2018-02-212.WT301.stage21.025053 189 km Abu Dhabi Tour A.Kristoff
2018-02-042.105.stage04.02459 135.2 km Comunitat Valenciana J.Roelandts
2018-02-032.104.stage03.0299 184.2 km Comunitat Valenciana A.Valverde
2018-02-022.103.stage (TTT)02.02124 23.2 km Comunitat Valenciana G.Van Avermaet
2018-02-012.102.stage01.022524 154 km Comunitat Valenciana A.Valverde
2018-01-312.101.stage31.01115115 191.5 km Comunitat Valenciana D.Van Poppel

Riding now..

World Championship (30.09) Extra


Nation Switzerland

Born24 year, Jan 26th 1994


Valle d'Aosta (U23) (2016)

Stage victories

1x Valle d'Aosta (U23)

Youth jerseys

Comunitat Valenciana (2018)


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Second Coming (season fantasy)