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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 PROF Gazprom - RusVelo 326(205 p) - 59 0 8635.9
2017 PROF Gazprom - RusVelo 634(136 p) - 64 0 10187.9
2016 PROF Gazprom - RusVelo 548(162 p) - 54 0 7765.6
2015 PROF RusVelo 963(75 p) - 42 0 5714.4
2014 CONT Russian Helicopters 905(82 p) - 34 0 4662.5
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-08-102.WT2Stage race04.08-10.0832 Tour de Pologne M.Kwiatkowski
2018-07-142.1Stage race07.07-14.0710 Österreich-Rundfahrt B.Hermans
2018-07-142.1Points07.07-14.0720 Österreich-Rundfahrt G.Visconti
2018-07-142.1Mountains07.07-14.0724 Österreich-Rundfahrt A.Gate
2018-07-01CN Kursk01.0729180.0 km CN Russia RR I.Rovny
2018-06-29CN Kursk29.066 CN Russia ITT A.Ovechkin
2018-06-242.1Stage race20.06-24.0611 Adriatica Ionica Race I.Sosa
2018-06-242.1Youth20.06-24.063 Adriatica Ionica Race I.Sosa
2018-06-172.1Stage race13.06-17.0644 Tour de Slovénie P.Roglic
2018-06-031.1One-day race03.0616 185.2 km Gran Premio di Lugano H.Pernsteiner
2018-05-011.WT3One-day race01.0535 212.5 km Eschborn-Frankfurt A.Kristoff
2018-04-292.1Stage race28.04-29.04105 Belgrade Banjaluka G.Katrasnik
2018-04-222.HCStage race17.04-22.047 Tour of Croatia K.Sivtsov
2018-04-222.HCPoints17.04-22.0431 Tour of Croatia E.Grosu
2018-03-252.1Stage race22.03-25.0320 Coppi e Bartali D.Rosa
2018-03-252.1Youth22.03-25.035 Coppi e Bartali P.Sivakov
2018-03-171.WT1Monument17.0372 294.0 km Milano - Sanremo V.Nibali
2018-03-132.WT1Stage race07.03-13.03129 Tirreno - Adriatico M.Kwiatkowski
2018-03-132.WT1Youth07.03-13.0324 Tirreno - Adriatico T.Benoot
2018-03-132.WT1Points07.03-13.0345 Tirreno - Adriatico J.Mosca
2018-03-132.WT1Mountains07.03-13.0319 Tirreno - Adriatico N.Bagioli
2018-03-041.HCOne-day race04.0358 199.2 km GP Industria & Artigianato M.Mohoric
2018-02-252.WT3Stage race21.02-25.0266 Abu Dhabi Tour A.Valverde
2018-02-252.WT3Youth21.02-25.0214 Abu Dhabi Tour M.Lopez
2018-02-111.HCOne-day race11.02DNF 203.0 km Trofeo Laigueglia M.Moser
2018-02-042.1Stage race31.01-04.02106 Comunitat Valenciana A.Valverde
2018-02-042.1Youth31.01-04.0233 Comunitat Valenciana K.Frankiny
2018-08-102.WT207.stage10.083732 136 km Tour de Pologne S.Yates
2018-08-092.WT206.stage09.083636 129 km Tour de Pologne G.Preidler
2018-08-082.WT205.stage08.085948 152 km Tour de Pologne M.Kwiatkowski
2018-08-072.WT204.stage07.085757 179 km Tour de Pologne M.Kwiatkowski
2018-08-062.WT203.stage06.0810093 139 km Tour de Pologne A.Hodeg
2018-08-052.WT202.stage05.088685 156 km Tour de Pologne P.Ackermann
2018-08-042.WT201.stage04.087679 134 km Tour de Pologne P.Ackermann
2018-07-142.108.stage14.074210 163.2 km Österreich-Rundfahrt G.Visconti
2018-07-132.107.stage13.07310 129.3 km Österreich-Rundfahrt A.Nibali
2018-07-122.106.stage12.072914 176.9 km Österreich-Rundfahrt A.Lutsenko
2018-07-112.105.stage11.071115 92.9 km Österreich-Rundfahrt P.Weening
2018-07-102.104.stage10.073622 143 km Österreich-Rundfahrt G.Visconti
2018-07-092.103.stage09.072323 133.7 km Österreich-Rundfahrt B.Hermans
2018-07-082.102.stage08.072031 180.5 km Österreich-Rundfahrt G.Visconti
2018-07-072.101.stage07.074949 149.8 km Österreich-Rundfahrt M.Mohoric
2018-06-242.105.stage24.063211 116.8 km Adriatica Ionica Race E.Viviani
2018-06-232.104.stage23.065911 223.2 km Adriatica Ionica Race E.Viviani
2018-06-222.103.stage22.061312 153 km Adriatica Ionica Race I.Sosa
2018-06-212.102.stage21.063212 152.5 km Adriatica Ionica Race E.Viviani
2018-06-202.101.stage (TTT)20.06526 23.3 km Adriatica Ionica Race E.Viviani
2018-06-172.105.stage17.062944 21.5 km Tour de Slovénie P.Roglic
2018-06-162.104.stage16.068349 155.2 km Tour de Slovénie P.Roglic
2018-06-152.103.stage15.063939 176 km Tour de Slovénie R.Uran
2018-06-142.102.stage14.0610885 152.7 km Tour de Slovénie D.Groenewegen
2018-06-132.101.stage13.065255 159 km Tour de Slovénie S.Consonni
2018-04-292.102.stage29.04109105 180 km Belgrade Banjaluka G.Katrasnik
2018-04-282.101.stage28.0496100 175.8 km Belgrade Banjaluka G.Katrasnik
2018-04-222.HC06.stage22.04317 151.5 km Tour of Croatia P.Simion
2018-04-212.HC05.stage21.04128 156.5 km Tour of Croatia M.Boaro
2018-04-202.HC04.stage20.04669 171 km Tour of Croatia A.Tonelli
2018-04-192.HC03.stage19.0499 134 km Tour of Croatia K.Sivtsov
2018-04-182.HC02.stage18.044337 234.5 km Tour of Croatia E.Grosu
2018-04-172.HC01.stage17.045657 227 km Tour of Croatia N.Bonifazio
2018-03-252.105.stage25.032420 12.5 km Coppi e Bartali J.Tratnik
2018-03-242.104.stage24.036122 171.4 km Coppi e Bartali C.Lawless
2018-03-232.103.stage23.032822 130 km Coppi e Bartali B.Mollema
2018-03-222.102.stage (TTT)22.03831 13.3 km Coppi e Bartali P.Sivakov
2018-03-222.101.stage22.038685 97.8 km Coppi e Bartali P.Eenkhoorn
2018-03-132.WT107.stage13.0374129 10 km Tirreno - Adriatico R.Dennis
2018-03-122.WT106.stage12.03137135 153 km Tirreno - Adriatico M.Kittel
2018-03-112.WT105.stage11.03132125 178 km Tirreno - Adriatico A.Yates
2018-03-102.WT104.stage10.03119123 219 km Tirreno - Adriatico M.Landa
2018-03-092.WT103.stage09.03140123 239 km Tirreno - Adriatico P.Roglic
2018-03-082.WT102.stage08.039082 172 km Tirreno - Adriatico M.Kittel
2018-03-072.WT101.stage (TTT)07.0319109 21.5 km Tirreno - Adriatico D.Caruso
2018-02-252.WT305.stage25.024166 199 km Abu Dhabi Tour A.Valverde
2018-02-242.WT304.stage24.0252114 12.6 km Abu Dhabi Tour R.Dennis
2018-02-232.WT303.stage23.02119128 133 km Abu Dhabi Tour P.Bauhaus
2018-02-222.WT302.stage22.02118120 148 km Abu Dhabi Tour E.Viviani
2018-02-212.WT301.stage21.027274 189 km Abu Dhabi Tour A.Kristoff
2018-02-042.105.stage04.02139106 135.2 km Comunitat Valenciana J.Roelandts
2018-02-032.104.stage03.0211493 184.2 km Comunitat Valenciana A.Valverde
2018-02-022.103.stage (TTT)02.02586 23.2 km Comunitat Valenciana G.Van Avermaet
2018-02-012.102.stage01.028886 154 km Comunitat Valenciana A.Valverde
2018-01-312.101.stage31.01101101 191.5 km Comunitat Valenciana D.Van Poppel

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