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Alvaro Mejia

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
1997 TT1 Petroleo Colombia - San Andresitos - -
1996 TT1 Motorola - -
1995 TT1 Motorola - -
1994 TT1 Motorola - -
1993 Prof. Motorola - -
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

1991 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
1991-09-122.1Stage race06.09-12.094 Volta Catalunya M.Indurain
1991-08-25WCRR Stuttgart25.084252.0 km World Championship G.Bugno
1991-08-18CDMOne-day race18.0862 240.0 km Championship of Zurich J.Museeuw
1991-08-162.2Stage race12.08-16.081 Volta a Galicia-
1991-07-28GTGrand Tour06.07-28.0719 Tour de France M.Indurain
1991-07-28GTYouth06.07-28.071 Tour de France-
1991-06-102.1Stage race03.06-10.0610 Critérium Dauphiné L.Herrera
1991-05-19GTGrand Tour29.04-19.0522 Vuelta a España M.Mauri
1991-09-112.107.stage11.096 158 km Volta Catalunya L.Herrera
1991-09-102.106.stage10.096 25 km Volta Catalunya M.Indurain
1991-09-062.101.stage (TTT)06.0913 17 km Volta Catalunya M.Lejarreta
1991-07-28GT22.stage28.0741 178 km Tour de France D.Konyshev
1991-07-27GT21.stage27.0711 57 km Tour de France M.Indurain
1991-07-26GT20.stage26.0775 160 km Tour de France V.Ekimov
1991-07-25GT19.stage25.0710 177 km Tour de France D.Konyshev
1991-07-24GT18.stage24.0714 255 km Tour de France T.Claveyrolat
1991-07-23GT17.stage23.0710 125 km Tour de France G.Bugno
1991-07-22GT16.stage22.0744 215 km Tour de France M.Lietti
1991-07-21GT15.stage21.0717 235 km Tour de France M.Argentin
1991-07-20GT14.stage20.0735 173 km Tour de France B.Cenghialta
1991-07-19GT13.stage19.0719 232 km Tour de France C.Chiappucci
1991-07-18GT12.stage18.0753 192 km Tour de France C.Mottet
1991-07-16GT11.stage16.0748 246 km Tour de France C.Mottet
1991-07-15GT10.stage15.0759 208 km Tour de France P.Anderson
1991-07-14GT09.stage14.0735 161 km Tour de France M.Ribeiro
1991-07-13GT08.stage13.0717 73 km Tour de France M.Indurain
1991-07-12GT07.stage12.0794 197 km Tour de France J.Van Poppel
1991-07-11GT06.stage11.0774 259 km Tour de France T.Marie
1991-07-10GT05.stage10.0761 150 km Tour de France J.Nijdam
1991-07-09GT04.stage09.0735 286 km Tour de France D.Abdoujaparov
1991-07-08GT03.stage08.0743 211 km Tour de France E.De Wilde
1991-07-07GT02.stage (TTT)07.0721 37 km Tour de France M.Argentin
1991-07-07GT01.stage07.0738 115 km Tour de France D.Abdoujaparov
1991-07-06GTPrologue06.0746 5 km Tour de France T.Marie
1991-06-092.107.stage09.0610 158 km Critérium Dauphiné L.Cubino
1991-06-082.106.stage08.0610 155 km Critérium Dauphiné L.Herrera


Nation Colombia

Born51 year, Jan 19th 1967


Clásico RCN (1988, 1989)
Route d'Occitanie (1994)
Volta a Galicia (1991)
X Volta Catalunya (1993)
Vuelta a Murcia (1992)
Vuelta Colombia, U23 (1988)

Stage victories

1x Critérium Dauphiné

Youth jerseys

X Critérium Dauphiné (1990)
X Tour de France (1991)