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Greg Van Avermaet

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank UCI (CQ/old)
2017PRT BMC Racing Team 114(74 pts)--
2016PRT BMC Racing Team 6(2146 pts)6(420 pts)-
2015PRT BMC Racing Team 9(1919 pts)8(324 pts)9(1685 pts)
2014PRT BMC Racing Team 14(1527 pts)23(210 pts)15(1330 pts)
2013PRT BMC Racing Team 17(1354 pts)17(230 pts)15(1311 pts)
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2006 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2006-10-081.2One-day race08.102 185.0 km Paris - Tours U23 H.Duyn
2006-09-23WCU Salzburg23.0957177.2 km World Champ. U23 G.Ciolek
2006-09-131.1One-day race13.0924 204.5 km GP de Wallonie P.Gilbert
2006-09-091.HCOne-day race09.0947 219.1 km Brussels Classic R.McEwen
2006-09-032.2Stage race29.08-03.0947 Valle d'Aosta, U23 A.Bisolti
2006-08-231.1One-day race23.089 199.0 km Druivenkoers Overijse R.Downing
2006-07-16CCU Valkenburg16.0764177.6 km CC Europe RR-U23 B.Sinner
2006-06-281.2One-day race28.061 Wielertrofee Jong Maar-
2006-05-282.1Stage race24.05-28.0541 Belgium Tour M.Tjallingii
2006-04-231.2One-day race23.0414 164.0 km RVV Espoirs (U23) K.Ista
2006-04-16NEOne-day race16.041 Zellik - Galmaarden-
2006-03-261.1One-day race26.0346 190.0 km Brabantse Pijl Ó.Freire
2006-03-12NEOne-day race12.031 Kattekoers-
2006-09-032.206.stage03.0971 10.1 km Valle d'Aosta, U23 D.Martin
2006-09-022.205.stage02.0922 116.1 km Valle d'Aosta, U23 T.Criel
2006-09-012.204.stage01.097 104.4 km Valle d'Aosta, U23 A.Zeits
2006-08-312.203.stage31.0868 133 km Valle d'Aosta, U23 A.Shchebelin
2006-08-302.202.stage30.0854 133.1 km Valle d'Aosta, U23 K.Seeldraeyers
2006-08-292.201.stage29.0888 127.3 km Valle d'Aosta, U23 Y.Sobal
2006-05-282.106.stage28.0526 183 km Belgium Tour G.Steegmans
2006-05-272.105.stage27.0528 204 km Belgium Tour N.Terpstra
2006-05-262.104.stage26.0565 112 km Belgium Tour T.Boonen
2006-05-262.103.stage26.0582 16 km Belgium Tour S.Devolder
2006-05-252.102.stage25.0519 181 km Belgium Tour T.Boonen
2006-05-242.101.stage24.0536 181 km Belgium Tour M.Tjallingii

Riding now..

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad (25.02) Extra
Tirreno-Adriatico (08.03-14.03) Extra


Nation Belgium

Born31 year, May 17th 1985


Height1.81 m

Youth jerseys

Tour of Qatar (2008)

Points jerseys

Belgium Tour (2007, 2008)
Tour de l'Ain (2008)
Tour de Wallonie (2011, 2013)
X Vuelta a España (2008)
Österreich-Rundfahrt (2011)

National championships

Road U23 (2006)


Baasim97, Beloki, DeathGod, Francisco, Kristian-K, Krokro, Marian Meschede, Pipo2187, Saltedslug, Viktor86
Green Bullet Cycling (season fantasy)