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Greg Van Avermaet

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Year Date # What Km Race
2011-10-09201109.101.HCOne-day race 230.5 km Paris - Tours
2009-05-23200923.05NEOne-day race Heistse Pijl
2013-07-24201320.07-24.072.HCGC Tour de Wallonie
2007-08-04200704.081.1One-day race182.1 km Rund um die Hainleite
2006-03-12200612.03NEOne-day race Kattekoers
2006-06-28200628.061.2One-day race Wielertrofee Jong Maar
2006-04-16200616.04NEOne-day race Zellik - Galmaarden
2014-09-17201417.091.1One-day race 198.2 km GP de Wallonie
2005-05-05200505.05AmOne-day race Hasselt - Spa - Hasselt
2008-07-04200804.07NEOne-day race GP Stad Sint-Niklaas
2014-09-20201420.091.1One-day race 195.8 km GP Impanis - Van Petegem
2007-09-05200705.091.1One-day race201.0 km Memorial Rik Van Steenbergen
2011-07-27201123.07-27.072.HCGC Tour de Wallonie
2015-05-31201527.05-31.052.HCGC Baloise Belgium Tour
2016-02-27201627.021.HCOne-day race 200.8 km Omloop Het Nieuwsblad
2016-03-15201609.03-15.032.WTGC Tirreno Adriatico
2016-05-31201631.05KPOne-day race171.0 km Gullegem Koerse
2016-07-26201626.07KPOne-day race80.0 km Dovy Natourcriterium - Roeselare
2016-07-31201631.07KPOne-day race75.0 km International Naturcriterium Ninove
2016-08-06201606.08WCRROne-day race237.5 km Olympic Games
2015-08-02201502.08KPOne-day race75.0 km International Naturcriterium Ninove
2015-08-05201505.08KPGC Natour Dernycriterium Antwerpen
2016-09-05201605.09KPGC Dernycriterium Wetteren
2016-09-11201611.091.WT2One-day race 205.7 km Grand Prix Cycliste de Montreal
2015-07-29201529.07KPOne-day race85.0 km Profronde van Lommel
2015-07-30201530.07KPOne-day race100.0 km Herentals Fiets Critérium
2017-02-25201725.021.WT2One-day race 198.3 km Omloop Het Nieuwsblad
2017-03-24201724.031.WT2One-day race 206.1 km E3 Harelbeke


Year Date # What Km Race
2008-09-21200830.08-21.09GT2Points Vuelta a España
2008-02-01200827.01-01.022.1Youth Tour of Qatar
2008-06-01200828.05-01.062.1Points Baloise Belgium Tour
2007-06-03200730.05-03.062.1Points Baloise Belgium Tour
2011-07-10201103.07-10.072.HCPoints Österreich - Rundfahrt
2013-07-24201320.07-24.072.HCPoints Tour de Wallonie
2008-08-13200810.08-13.082.1Points Tour de l'Ain
2011-07-27201123.07-27.072.HCPoints Tour de Wallonie

Stage victories

Year Date # What Km Race
2008-09-08200808.09GT209.stage 200 km Vuelta a España
2011-07-08201108.072.HC06.stage 155 km Österreich-Rundfahrt
2013-07-22201322.072.HC03.stage 168 km Tour de Wallonie
2013-07-24201324.072.HC05.stage 145 km Tour de Wallonie
2013-08-06201306.082.101.stage 180 km Tour of Utah
2013-02-04201304.022.HC02.stage (TTT) 14 km Tour of Qatar
2014-08-15201415.082.WT05.stage 160.3 km Eneco Tour
0000-00-00200500.002.201.stage 174 km Triptyque des Barrages
2007-02-01200701.022.105.stage 160 km Tour of Qatar
2008-05-30200830.052.103.stage 184 km Belgium Tour
2008-08-11200811.082.102.stage 168 km Tour de l'Ain
2011-07-27201127.072.HC05.stage 154.4 km Tour de Wallonie
2008-07-28200828.072.HC03.stage 203.5 km Tour de Wallonie
2007-07-29200729.072.HC02.stage 156.9 km Tour de Wallonie
2015-03-13201513.032.WT03.stage 203 km Tirreno Adriatico
2015-05-31201531.052.HC04.stage 199.2 km Belgium Tour
2015-07-12201512.07GT109.stage (TTT) 28 km Tour de France
2015-07-17201517.07GT113.stage 200 km Tour de France
2016-03-09201609.032.WT01.stage (TTT) 23 km Tirreno Adriatico
2016-03-14201614.032.WT06.stage 210 km Tirreno Adriatico
2016-07-06201606.07GT105.stage 216 km Tour de France
2016-09-23201623.092.WT05.stage (TTT) 20.9 km Eneco Tour
2017-02-01201701.022.101.stage (TTT) 37.9 km Comunitat Valenciana
2017-03-08201708.032.WT01.stage (TTT) 23 km Tirreno Adriatico

Riding now..

E3 Harelbeke (24.03) Extra
Gent - Wevelgem (26.03) Extra
Ronde v. Vlaanderen (02.04) Extra


Nation Belgium

Born31 year, May 17th 1985


Height1.81 m

Youth jerseys

Tour of Qatar (2008)

Points jerseys

Belgium Tour (2007, 2008)
Tour de l'Ain (2008)
Tour de Wallonie (2011, 2013)
X Vuelta a España (2008)
Österreich-Rundfahrt (2011)

National championships

Road U23 (2006)


Baasim97, Beloki, Bst222, Cycloprins, DeathGod, Francisco, Kristian-K, Krokro, Marian Meschede, Pipo2187, Saltedslug, Viktor86
Green Bullet Cycling (season fantasy)