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Marzio Bruseghin

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2012 PRT Movistar Team 566(137 pts) 163(8 pts) 68 0 10649.6
2011 PRT Movistar Team - 108(26 pts) 62 0 9508.8
2010 PRT Caisse d'Epargne - 178(2 pts) 37 0 5747.7
2009 PRT Lampre - NGC - 88(39 pts) 49 0 8017.0
2008 PRT Lampre - 29(77 pts) 73 1 11481.5
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2012 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2012-10-071.1One-day race07.10DNF 196.0 km GP Bruno Beghelli N.Sørensen
2012-10-061.HCOne-day race06.10DNF 193.0 km Giro dell'Emilia N.Quintana
2012-10-041.1One-day race04.10DNF 198.0 km Coppa Sabatini F.Duarte
2012-09-291.WT1Monument29.09DNF 251.0 km Il Lombardia J.Rodríguez
2012-09-271.HCOne-day race27.09DNF 188.0 km Gran Piemonte R.Uran
2012-09-161.1One-day race16.09DNF 178.6 km GP Ind. & Com.di Prato E.Sella
2012-09-151.1One-day race15.099 183.7 km Memorial Pantani F.Felline
2012-08-181.HCOne-day race18.0828 198.4 km Tre Valli Varesine D.Veilleux
2012-08-171.1One-day race17.0833 196.5 km Coppa Agostoni E.Sella
2012-08-161.1One-day race16.0870 200.0 km Coppa Bernocchi S.Modolo
2012-08-112.1Stage race07.08-11.0871 Tour de l'Ain A.Talansky
2012-08-052.HCStage race01.08-05.0898 Vuelta a Burgos D.Moreno
2012-06-172.WTStage race09.06-17.0660 Tour de Suisse R.Costa
2012-05-27GT2Grand Tour05.05-27.0517 Giro d'Italia R.Hesjedal
2012-05-27GT2Mountains05.05-27.0562 Giro d'Italia M.Rabottini
2012-04-292.1Stage race27.04-29.0473 Vuelta a Asturias B.Intxausti
2012-04-081.1One-day race08.04DNF 171.6 km Klasika Primavera G.Visconti
2012-04-072.WTStage race02.04-07.04105 Vuelta Pais Vasco S.Sánchez
2012-03-252.WTStage race19.03-25.0389 Volta Catalunya M.Albasini
2012-03-171.WT1Monument17.03115 298.0 km Milano - Sanremo S.Gerrans
2012-02-192.1Stage race15.02-19.02128 Volta ao Algarve R.Porte
2012-08-112.106.stage11.0854 132 km Tour de l'Ain T.Pinot
2012-08-102.105.stage10.0885 157 km Tour de l'Ain A.Talansky
2012-08-092.104.stage09.0845 155 km Tour de l'Ain D.Navarro
2012-08-082.103.stage (TTT)08.087 11 km Tour de l'Ain N.Maes
2012-08-082.102.stage08.0851 84 km Tour de l'Ain Y.Hutarovich
2012-08-072.101.stage07.0854 157 km Tour de l'Ain Y.Hutarovich
2012-08-052.HC05.stage05.08100 170 km Vuelta a Burgos E.Chaves
2012-08-042.HC04.stage04.0881 170 km Vuelta a Burgos P.Martens
2012-08-032.HC03.stage03.08100 159 km Vuelta a Burgos M.Breschel
2012-08-022.HC02.stage02.08140 141 km Vuelta a Burgos D.Moreno
2012-08-012.HC01.stage01.08113 135 km Vuelta a Burgos D.Moreno
2012-06-172.WT09.stage17.0654 216 km Tour de Suisse T.Kangert
2012-06-162.WT08.stage16.0638 148 km Tour de Suisse M.Albasini
2012-06-152.WT07.stage15.0674 34 km Tour de Suisse F.Kessiakoff
2012-06-142.WT06.stage14.06112 199 km Tour de Suisse P.Sagan
2012-06-132.WT05.stage13.06132 193 km Tour de Suisse V.Isaichev
2012-06-122.WT04.stage12.06130 189 km Tour de Suisse P.Sagan
2012-06-112.WT03.stage11.0684 195 km Tour de Suisse P.Sagan
2012-06-102.WT02.stage10.0638 218 km Tour de Suisse R.Costa
2012-06-092.WT01.stage09.0648 7 km Tour de Suisse P.Sagan
2012-05-27GT221.stage27.055717 32 km Giro d'Italia M.Pinotti
2012-05-26GT220.stage26.052017 218 km Giro d'Italia T.De Gendt
2012-05-25GT219.stage25.051719 197 km Giro d'Italia R.Kreuziger
2012-05-24GT218.stage24.054221 139 km Giro d'Italia A.Guardini
2012-05-23GT217.stage23.051621 187 km Giro d'Italia J.Rodríguez
2012-05-22GT216.stage22.053632 174 km Giro d'Italia I.Izagirre
2012-05-20GT215.stage20.053733 172 km Giro d'Italia M.Rabottini
2012-05-19GT214.stage19.054937 205 km Giro d'Italia A.Amador
2012-05-18GT213.stage18.053330 121 km Giro d'Italia M.Cavendish
2012-05-17GT212.stage17.053630 157 km Giro d'Italia L.Bak
2012-05-16GT211.stage16.053228 243 km Giro d'Italia R.Ferrari
2012-05-15GT210.stage15.052128 187 km Giro d'Italia J.Rodríguez
2012-05-14GT209.stage14.053830 171 km Giro d'Italia F.Ventoso
2012-05-13GT208.stage13.054530 229 km Giro d'Italia D.Pozzovivo
2012-05-12GT207.stage12.054023 202 km Giro d'Italia P.Tiralongo
2012-05-11GT206.stage11.052435 207 km Giro d'Italia M.Rubiano
2012-05-10GT205.stage10.052745 199 km Giro d'Italia M.Cavendish
2012-05-09GT204.stage (TTT)09.051149 32 km Giro d'Italia R.Navardauskas
2012-05-07GT203.stage07.053944 190 km Giro d'Italia M.Goss
2012-05-06GT202.stage06.054044 206 km Giro d'Italia M.Cavendish
2012-05-05GT201.stage05.054343 9 km Giro d'Italia T.Phinney
2012-04-292.104.stage29.0461 168 km Vuelta a Asturias R.Di Gregorio
2012-04-282.103.stage28.0431 14 km Vuelta a Asturias I.Izagirre
2012-04-282.102.stage28.0493 93 km Vuelta a Asturias J.Herrada Lopez
2012-04-272.101.stage27.0482 163 km Vuelta a Asturias A.Marque Porto
2012-04-072.WT06.stage07.04101 19 km Vuelta Pais Vasco S.Sánchez
2012-04-062.WT05.stage06.0452 183 km Vuelta Pais Vasco J.Rodríguez
2012-04-052.WT04.stage05.04125 151 km Vuelta Pais Vasco J.Rodríguez
2012-04-042.WT03.stage04.04119 164 km Vuelta Pais Vasco S.Sánchez
2012-04-032.WT02.stage03.04156 166 km Vuelta Pais Vasco D.Impey
2012-04-022.WT01.stage02.0485 153 km Vuelta Pais Vasco J.Rojas
2012-03-252.WT07.stage25.0379 120 km Volta Catalunya J.Simon
2012-03-242.WT06.stage24.0374 169 km Volta Catalunya S.Sánchez
2012-03-232.WT05.stage23.0373 207 km Volta Catalunya J.Simon
2012-03-222.WT04.stage22.0378 199 km Volta Catalunya R.Uran
2012-03-212.WT03.stage21.0383 211 km Volta Catalunya J.Brajkovic
2012-03-202.WT02.stage20.03165 161 km Volta Catalunya M.Albasini
2012-03-192.WT01.stage19.03110 139 km Volta Catalunya M.Albasini
2012-02-192.105.stage19.02108 26 km Volta ao Algarve B.Wiggins
2012-02-182.104.stage18.02105 186 km Volta ao Algarve G.Ciolek
2012-02-172.103.stage17.02123 195 km Volta ao Algarve R.Porte
2012-02-162.102.stage16.02135 188 km Volta ao Algarve E.Boasson Hagen
2012-02-152.101.stage15.02150 151 km Volta ao Algarve G.Meersman


Nation Italy

Born42 year, Jun 15th 1974

Stage victories

2x Giro d'Italia

Mountain jerseys

Tour of the Alps (2003)

National championships

ITT (2006)