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Masahiko Yasui

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2013 CONT Shimano Racing Team 3462(2 p) - 24 0 2918.0
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2013 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2013-11-101.2One-day race10.1120 210.0 km Tour de Okinawa S.Hatsuyama
2013-08-041.2One-day race04.08DNF 183.5 km Antwerpse Havenpijl P.Van Hecke
2013-06-022.2Stage race30.05-02.0669 Tour de Kumano J.Arredondo
2013-05-262.1Stage race19.05-26.0569 Tour of Japan F.Baliani
2013-05-031.2One-day race03.05DNF 202.0 km Ronde van Overijssel T.Vermeer
2013-04-281.2One-day race28.04DNF 200.0 km Zuid Ost Drenthe Classic II B.Van Goethem
2013-04-271.2One-day race27.04DNF 200.0 km Zuid Ost Drenthe Classic I J.Vermeulen
2013-04-211.2One-day race21.04DNF 207.0 km Ronde v.Noord-Holland D.Groenewegen
2013-04-201.2One-day race20.04DNF 184.0 km Arno Wallaard Mem. C.Vermeltfoort
2013-04-062.2Stage race01.04-06.0458 Tour of Thailand K.Choi
2013-03-242.1Stage race18.03-24.0380 Tour de Taiwan B.Sulzberger
2013-06-022.203.stage02.0664 100 km Tour de Kumano M.Pozzo
2013-06-012.202.stage01.0661 109 km Tour de Kumano J.Arredondo
2013-05-312.201.stage31.0573 114 km Tour de Kumano M.Merlo
2013-05-302.2Prologue30.0552 1 km Tour de Kumano M.Pozzo
2013-05-262.105.stage26.0544 113 km Tour of Japan T.Nishitani
2013-05-252.104.stage25.0561 146 km Tour of Japan N.Earle
2013-05-242.103.stage24.0567 11 km Tour of Japan B.Dyball
2013-05-222.102.stage22.0567 148 km Tour of Japan P.De Negri
2013-05-212.101.stage21.0588 161 km Tour of Japan S.Park
2013-05-192.1Prologue19.0532 3 km Tour of Japan T.Nishitani
2013-04-062.206.stage06.0426 106 km Tour of Thailand K.Lee
2013-04-052.205.stage05.0491 195 km Tour of Thailand H.Cho
2013-04-042.204.stage04.0462 200 km Tour of Thailand T.Boonratanathanakorn
2013-04-032.203.stage03.0481 191 km Tour of Thailand H.Cho
2013-04-022.202.stage02.0486 112 km Tour of Thailand S.Loh
2013-04-012.201.stage01.0468 122 km Tour of Thailand R.Rogers
2013-03-242.107.stage24.0345 58 km Tour de Taiwan H.Yoshida
2013-03-232.106.stage23.0393 131 km Tour de Taiwan B.Giraud
2013-03-222.105.stage22.0375 142 km Tour de Taiwan T.Grmay
2013-03-212.104.stage21.0383 118 km Tour de Taiwan Z.Bell
2013-03-202.103.stage20.0367 150 km Tour de Taiwan M.Mat Amin
2013-03-192.102.stage19.0363 137 km Tour de Taiwan N.Earle
2013-03-182.101.stage18.0377 140 km Tour de Taiwan K.Pozdnyakov


Nation Japan

Born28 year, May 10th 1989