Aleksey Rybalkin

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Year Date # What Km Race
2011-04-24201122.04-24.04J-2.NCGC Tour of Istria Juniors
2011-06-19201117.06-19.06J-2.1GC Vuelta al Besaya Juniors


Year Date # What Km Race
2014-07-20201417.07-20.072.2UMountains Volta a Portugal do Futuro U23
2015-05-10201509.05-10.052.1Youth Vuelta Ciclista Comunidad de Madrid
2015-08-09201529.07-09.082.1Youth Volta a Portugal em Bicicleta Santander Totta

Stage victories

Year Date # What Km Race
2011-04-22201122.04J-2.NC01.stage - Tour of Istria Juniors
2011-04-23201123.04J-2.NC02.stage - Tour of Istria Juniors
2011-06-17201117.06J-2.101.stage - Vuelta al Besaya Juniors
2011-06-18201118.06J-2.103.stage - Vuelta al Besaya Juniors

Riding now..

World Championship (30.09) Extra


Nation Russia

Born24 year, Nov 16th 1993

Youth jerseys

Volta a Portugal (2015)
Vuelta a Madrid (2015)

Mountain jerseys

Volta a Portugal U23 (2014)