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David Muñoz

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2007 PROF Fuerteventura - Canarias 402(235 p) - 64 0 8802.5
2006 PROF Comunidad Valenciana 507(194 p) - 38 1 5471.9
2005 PROF Comunidad Valenciana 204(411 p) - 48 0 7006.5
2004 TT2 Comunidad Valenciana - Kelme - -
2003 TT1 Kelme - Costa Blanca - -
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2007 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2007-10-142.2Stage race07.10-14.1050 Vuelta a Chihuahua F.Mancebo
2007-09-152.1Stage race09.09-15.099 Tour of Britain R.Feillu
2007-08-312.1Stage race28.08-31.0811 Poitou-Charentes T.Voeckler
2007-08-261.1One-day race26.085 146.0 km Clasica de Guadarrama H.Guerra Garcia
2007-08-152.HCStage race04.08-15.0887 Volta a Portugal X.Tondó
2007-07-152.1Stage race11.07-15.07DNF GP Torres Vedras X.Tondó
2007-07-01CN Cuenca01.0797189.4 km CN Spain RR J.Rodríguez
2007-06-172.1Stage race14.06-17.06DNF GP Correios Portugal P.Cardoso
2007-05-132.1Stage race12.05-13.0515 Clasica a Alcobendas L.Pérez Rodríguez
2007-05-072.1Stage race03.05-07.058 Vuelta a Asturias K.Gil
2007-05-011.1One-day race01.0544 165.9 km Subida al Naranco K.Gil
2007-04-152.1Stage race11.04-15.0455 Volta ao Alentejo M.Vazquez
2007-04-071.HCOne-day race07.0448 198.6 km GP Miguel Indurain R.Nocentini
2007-03-112.1One-day race07.03-11.03101 Vuelta a Murcia A.Valverde
2007-03-041.1One-day race04.0396 186.0 km Clasica de Almeria G.Muraglia
2007-03-032.1Stage race27.02-03.03101 Comunitat Valenciana A.Valverde
2007-02-141.1One-day race14.02129 164.3 km Trofeo Soller A.Colom
2007-02-111.1One-day race11.0282 100.0 km Trofeo Palma Ó.Freire
2007-10-142.207.stage14.1052 84 km Vuelta a Chihuahua F.Cardoso
2007-10-132.206.stage13.1039 127.8 km Vuelta a Chihuahua S.Cozza
2007-10-122.205.stage12.1055 152.8 km Vuelta a Chihuahua K.Lacombe
2007-10-102.204.stage10.1048 157.3 km Vuelta a Chihuahua D.Moreno
2007-10-092.203.stage09.1061 198 km Vuelta a Chihuahua C.Lopez Gonzalez
2007-10-082.202.stage08.1093 147.8 km Vuelta a Chihuahua C.Hernandez Santana
2007-10-072.201.stage07.1089 82.6 km Vuelta a Chihuahua J.Mejias
2007-09-152.106.stage15.0924 156 km Tour of Britain P.Manning
2007-09-142.105.stage14.0914 170 km Tour of Britain A.Serov
2007-09-132.104.stage13.096 163 km Tour of Britain A.Palomares
2007-09-122.103.stage12.0978 152 km Tour of Britain M.Goss
2007-09-112.102.stage11.0927 169 km Tour of Britain N.Trusov
2007-09-102.101.stage10.0943 139 km Tour of Britain M.Cavendish
2007-09-092.1Prologue09.0937 3 km Tour of Britain M.Cavendish
2007-08-312.105.stage31.0827 105.8 km Poitou-Charentes J.Demaret
2007-08-312.104.stage31.0827 20 km Poitou-Charentes B.Wiggins
2007-08-302.103.stage30.086 183.9 km Poitou-Charentes S.Chavanel
2007-08-292.102.stage29.0819 173.1 km Poitou-Charentes Y.Hutarovich
2007-08-282.101.stage28.0810 187.9 km Poitou-Charentes C.Sutton
2007-08-152.HC10.stage15.0879 38.8 km Volta a Portugal H.Guerra Garcia
2007-08-142.HC09.stage14.0882 154.2 km Volta a Portugal E.Jiménez
2007-08-132.HC08.stage13.0818 157.1 km Volta a Portugal C.Barbosa
2007-08-122.HC07.stage12.0834 168 km Volta a Portugal P.Grillo
2007-08-112.HC06.stage11.0875 143 km Volta a Portugal E.Jiménez
2007-08-092.HC05.stage09.0873 167.7 km Volta a Portugal C.Barbosa
2007-08-082.HC04.stage08.08136 229.8 km Volta a Portugal C.Barbosa
2007-08-072.HC03.stage07.08113 17.6 km Volta a Portugal C.Barbosa
2007-08-062.HC02.stage06.0849 168.3 km Volta a Portugal F.Pacheco Torres
2007-08-052.HC01.stage05.0816 196.4 km Volta a Portugal P.Grillo
2007-08-042.HCPrologue04.0857 6.8 km Volta a Portugal M.Garrido
2007-07-132.102.stage13.07OOT 141.9 km GP Torres Vedras E.Jiménez
2007-07-122.101.stage12.07117 165 km GP Torres Vedras J.Benitez Pomares
2007-07-112.1Prologue11.0715 8 km GP Torres Vedras X.Tondó
2007-06-172.104.stage17.06DNF 156.9 km GP Correios Portugal J.Azevedo
2007-06-162.103.stage16.0692 153.2 km GP Correios Portugal A.Vital
2007-06-152.102.stage15.0611 196.1 km GP Correios Portugal T.Farrar
2007-06-142.101.stage14.0694 197.6 km GP Correios Portugal E.Degano
2007-05-132.103.stage13.0518 9.7 km Clasica a Alcobendas A.Valverde
2007-05-132.102.stage13.0513 79 km Clasica a Alcobendas R.Hunter
2007-05-122.101.stage12.0515 170 km Clasica a Alcobendas L.Pérez Rodríguez
2007-05-072.105.stage07.055 149.8 km Vuelta a Asturias R.Garcia Rena
2007-05-062.104.stage06.0523 158.4 km Vuelta a Asturias R.Garcia Rena
2007-05-052.103.stage05.0510 180.2 km Vuelta a Asturias A.Fernandez Puebla
2007-05-042.102.stage04.054 168 km Vuelta a Asturias A.Loddo
2007-05-032.101.stage03.056 150.6 km Vuelta a Asturias A.Vicioso
2007-04-152.106.stage15.04112 186.4 km Volta ao Alentejo J.Benitez Pomares
2007-04-142.105.stage14.0451 186.1 km Volta ao Alentejo B.Pires
2007-04-132.104.stage13.0426 25 km Volta ao Alentejo V.Karpets
2007-04-132.103.stage13.0429 73.5 km Volta ao Alentejo J.Benitez Pomares
2007-04-122.102.stage12.0412 153.5 km Volta ao Alentejo J.Benitez Pomares
2007-04-112.101.stage11.0428 150.8 km Volta ao Alentejo M.Vazquez
2007-03-112.105.stage11.0344 151 km Vuelta a Murcia D.Napolitano
2007-03-102.104.stage10.0386 23 km Vuelta a Murcia A.Valverde
2007-03-092.103.stage09.03103 146 km Vuelta a Murcia G.Brown
2007-03-072.101.stage07.0398 166 km Vuelta a Murcia J.Rojas
2007-03-032.105.stage03.0319 149.4 km Comunitat Valenciana D.Bennati
2007-03-022.104.stage02.03130 162 km Comunitat Valenciana A.Contador
2007-03-012.103.stage01.0387 151.8 km Comunitat Valenciana D.Bennati
2007-02-282.102.stage28.0256 148.2 km Comunitat Valenciana A.Petacchi
2007-02-272.101.stage27.0232 162.7 km Comunitat Valenciana D.Bennati


Nation Spain

Born39 year, Jun 9th 1979

Mountain jerseys

GP Correios Portugal (2002)